My 600 Lb Life Star Schenee Murry’s PHOTOS Update: Has She Lost Any Weight? Find Out!

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My 600 Lb Life Schenee Update, Did She Lose Weight

Schenee Murry appeared on the latest episode of My 600 Lb Life, and similar to past participant Lisa Fleming, Schenee’s inability to drop her extra pounds plus her refusal to follow the Doctor’s instructions frustrated many viewers of the show.

Schenee, a 27-yr-old from Indianapolis, Indiana, weighed 665 lbs as she revealed she had struggled with her weight most her life.

She experienced some trauma in her childhood when she was molested at the age of five by a cousin. This led to her turning to food to deal with her pain, and by the age of seven, she weighed over 130 pounds. She weighed 430 lbs  by age 20.

Ready to get her weight under control, Schenee made the journey to Houston, TX, alongside her husband Freddy Hawkins, to see weight loss surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

During her first doctor visit, Dr. Now put her on a strict 1,200 calorie diet and called on her to lose some weight on her own in order to be approved for the gastric bypass surgery. Dr. Now also referred to her husband Freddy as her enabler.

Unfortunately for Schenee, she ended up gaining weight instead of losing any as she continued to consume more than 10,000 calories a day.  In fact, she ended up gaining 47 lbs in her first few months causing her weight to balloon to 712lbs.

By the end of the episode, Schenee was pretty much right back to where she started from, weighing 664 lbs. She never got approved for weight loss surgery. She continued to make excuses, at one point, even blaming her weight of over 600 pounds on water retention.

So how is Schenee doing today, months after her episode was filmed? Well, below are recent photos of Schenee that we could find and as you can see, she doesn’t appear to have lost any significant amount of weight.

UPDATE: Schenee recently created a GoFundMe page in an attempt to raise $50,000 to help with her weight loss journey. She has slammed the show on her social media pages and blamed the process for her failure. Her fundraising efforts seem to be a failure as well thus far, as she had only raised $85 as of April 16.

UPDATE 2: Schenee shared a new photo on her Instagram page in August 2018. She claims to have lost some weight writing, “Can you see me team schenee diet plan.”

My 600 lb life Schenee Murry

A photo of Schenee from October, 2017

My 600 Lb Life Schenee Update

A photo of Schenee from November, 2017

Schenee Murry photo update weight loss

The most recent photo of Schenee we could find from March 2018

You can keep up with Schenee on her Instagram page.

Photos Credit: Instagram/Facebook