Bravo’s Andy Cohen Fires Back at Jillian Michaels After She Claims ‘Real Housewives’ Franchise Is Proof He Hates Women!

by Lindsay Cronin

Andy Cohen vs Jillian Michaels

Andy Cohen was recently put on blast by The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels.

During an interview last month, Jillian took vicious aim at “a**hole” Andy, claiming that his super-successful Real Housewives franchise is proof that he hates women.

“I hate that s**t. I never watch it,” Jillian told Life & Style of the Real Housewives franchise last month. “I hate watching women tear each other apart. Anybody who watches it, shame on you.”

“It’s like [the franchise] was created by someone that hates women!” she continued. “I mean, the guy hates them. He’s an a**hole.”

In response to the diss, Andy offered some comments of his own.

“I love women,” Andy insisted to The Hollywood Reporter. “Housewives is a show about women and it’s predominately for women, even though so many men watch it so I think that’s a really good question for the millions of women who watch the shows. … It’s a show about friendship. It’s a show about being a wife. It’s a show about being a mother. It’s a show about being a sister. And sometimes the experience of being a friend and a mother and a wife and a sister isn’t pleasant and sometimes it’s wonderful.

“I think [Michaels] probably never watched it,” he reasoned. “I think she’s probably seen a clip of Teresa flipping a table.”

Andy then took aim at Jillian’s own behavior, reminding people that she gained fame for screaming at overweight people on her own reality show.

“By the way, this is the woman who screamed at people for a living on The Biggest Loser,” he noted. “She should stay in her own lane.”

Back in 2013, Andy admitted that Jillian was one of the worst guests he’d ever had on Watch What Happens Live.

“Jillian Michaels was on and she was so mean,” he said during an #AskAndy segment for The Daily Dish. “She freaked out after the show and she was so mean to my staff. She was yelling at them like they were on The Biggest Loser. We re-watched the episode trying to figure out what set her off or what she was unhappy with. We never figured it out.”

“I never want to see her again,” he added.

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