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Real Housewives of Potomac

RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant Slams Costars! Calls Out Karen for Not Being Honest On Taxes & Shades Candiace for Having a ‘Broke’ Fiance, Karen Responds!

RHOP Gizelle Bryant Slams Karen and Candiace

Real Housewives of Potomac star, Gizelle Bryant always tells it like it is…or at least the way she sees it. And during an interview with The Breakfast Club on Power 105, she spilled her true feelings about her some of her cast mates. Let’s just say that with friends like her, these ladies don’t need any enemies!

She was particularly hard on new housewife, Candiace Dillard, whom she says she doesn’t know very well, but is already her “least favorite” of all the ladies, and the only one she’d “vote off the island”, if she had to choose.

Gizelle explained, that Candiace just “doesn’t quite fit” with the show because  “she’s never been married, her fiancé is broke, and her mother still pays all her bills.

”It’s like, who are you?! You’ve got no skin in the game. Like, when you have kids, that’s a layer of skin; when you get married, that’s a layer of skin; when you have a job, that’s a layer of skin. She has none of these things,” she said.

Ouch, right?! But that was nothing compared to what she had to say about Monique Samuels, who she described as “interesting” and far too concerned with other people’s business.

”Monique needs to get out of her own way. She’s one of those people who’s very consumed with what everybody else is doing. If she would concentrate on herself, she’d be in a much better position, and a much happier person,” she shared.

As far as Monique’s assessment of Gizelle as being the type of person who “only likes people who are beneath them”, Gizelle said that’s simply “not true”.

”I don’t view people that way. Now, she views people that way. I’m always about everybody winning. That means you’re happy for people. She’s not capable of being happy for other people,” she explained.

See, I told  you…harsh! But Gizelle wasn’t finished. She had some choice comments about Ashley Darby too, although she insisted  she actually likes her. Her main issue is the way she’s been coming for her bff, Robyn Dixon about her unorthodox relationship with her ex, Juan.

”Ashley came for Robyn’s neck, and for no reason. She was bringing up things that happened between her and Juan 20 years ago. What kind of friend is THAT?!”, she snarked.

Um…I think the real question is what kind of friend is GIZELLE?! She continued trashing Ashley, saying she was really good at being “messy nice”,  and always “has a reason for her messiness”.

And I know what you’re all thinking: why was Karen Huger spared? Oh, trust me, she wasn’t!

Gizelle said she “loved” Karen, but that they have “a strange relationship”, and “like to get under each other’s skin”.

I’ll say! No one’s likely to forget that homemade T-shirt Gizelle wore to Karen’s “press conference with no press” anytime soon! But Gizelle laughed it off and said she felt the press conference was a bunch of “silliness”, and decided she’d be “silly” too.

Karen wasn’t particularly amused, and Gizelle later apologized, but she’s still not buying Karen’s story about her finances being separate from her husbands, and that she’d been in the dark about her husband’s tax debt.

“I don’t believe that. That’s just my opinion. When I was married, I knew every dime coming in, and I knew every dime going out”. Gizelle explained.

She also added that Karen “has no money to pay her millions”. This last part was said in a pitch perfect imitation of the haughty voice Karen used when she explained that one must “make millions to owe millions”. It was hilarious!

Now, The Breakfast Club is a pretty popular radio show, but perhaps  Monique, Ashley, and Candiace haven’t heard it yet because they haven’t commented. But the Grande Dame wasted no time getting her own digs in on her Twitter account.

”So sad and conflicted! Make up your mind. R U sorry, or not? Better yet, I don’t care, you’ll just lie! You’re CRAZY but I love you”. Karen tweeted.

They really DO have a strange relationship…and a strange interpretation of “love”, but hey, we probably wouldn’t watch if they were completely sane.

The drama  continues to unfold tonight at 8/7c on Bravo. You can view the full Gizelle interview here.

Photos Credit: Joe Seer/, Bravo


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