Bethenny Frankel Gets Into Twitter War With The View Host Sunny Hostin Over Accusation That Charity Publicity Is “Self Serving”

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Bethenny Frankel and Sunny Hostin Twitter Feud

The same day we reported that Carole Radziwill completely eviscerated her former friend Bethenny Frankel in her blog, Bethenny was also involved in a Twitter war with The View host Sunny Hostin!

It all started on Friday, May 18 when Sunny slammed Bethenny, star of the Real Housewives of New York City, for being “self-serving” over the way she was publicizing her charity efforts for Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico. 

Sunny, 49, felt that Bethenny, 47, was helping out in order to garner some “self-serving publicity” for herself after she took Bravo cameras along to document her relief efforts with her B Strong charity in both Houston and Puerto Rico.

“I think that the work that she has done there is helpful and I think that has been wonderful,” said Sunny on The View. “But for me, that is just not the true meaning of charity. I don’t think you go to a disaster area with personal photographers and videographers following you, watching you hug people.”

It didn’t take long for Bethenny to fire back on Twitter! Thanking guest co-host Alyssa Milano who defended her on the show, and insisting to Sunny that she only documented one trip, she wrote: “@sunny FYI- I’ve been there 6x, 1x on my bday & sent 54 planes & 50 mil in relief & 1 mil cash & only 1 trip was documented.”

Sunny responded right away, accusing Bethenny of not being honest about the number of times she has documented her relief efforts.

Sunny tweeted: “Well, that’s not really accurate @Bethenny. Your efforts were documented by you & personal photographer/videographer & then distributed to media outlets & on social media. I thank you for the important charitable work you do but question the need for the self serving publicity.”

Bethenny then took aim at Sunny for stating she had silently supported the Hurricane Maria victims.

She wrote, “#Silentsupport oh yes… If someone was supporting that island in a substantial way, my team there knows about it. It is a small island.”

“Your team must be really impressive if it knows all the support being given to over 3 million people,” responded Sunny. “Savior much @Bethenny?”

In response, Bethenny asked Sunny to contact government officials in Puerto Rico to get the correct information.  Sunny responded:  “Hmnn. I see I’ve struck a nerve.”

Sunny wasn’t going to have the last word in this feud as Bethenny promptly tweeted back, “I think you have struck many…”

Not surprisingly, there is a back story to this. See, back in 2016, Sunny rented a house in the Hamptons next to Bethenny’s home. Sunny then revealed on The View that Bethenny once yelled at Sunny’s son for being too loud while Bethenny’s daughter Bryn was apparently trying to take a nap.

“I told her that adults speak to adults — and adults that want to try to intimidate kids are just bullies,” said Sunny back then.

Safe to say this latest feud will be addressed on Monday’s episode of The View! So, we have to ask…

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