90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Premiere Recap – Home Sweet Home?

by Julia Comments

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap - Home Sweet Home Nicole and Mom

“Six foreigners gave up everything for a shot at love….” Some of these returning couples prevailed, but most are struggling to figure out this thing called love on the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After season 3 premiere.

Jorge and Anfisa:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap - Home Sweet Home Jorge and Anfisa

The episode opens with a 27 year old Jorge housing a fast food sandwich in what appears to be a hotel, which can only mean one thing: Anfisa kicked him out again! Anfisa is/was Jorge’s Russian love interest and Jorge explains that the reason he searched for love outside of the States is because, “I felt that American girls were just crazy.” Turns out, Russians are just as nuts, Jorge. Right from the get-go, Anfisa proved her excessive craziness (see: keying “idiot” into the driver side door of Jorge’s car), excessive rudeness towards Jorge’s family, and excessive neediness (did you forget about her shrieking into the phone anytime Jorge left for more than 12 seconds?). Things have certainly been rocky for the couple, yet despite it all, they decided to take the plunge and become husband and wife.

Post nuptials, Jorge comes clean about why Anfisa appears to be forever angry with Jorge. “I may have given Anfisa the idea that I was a millionaire.” Well, well, well. It all becomes SO clear why this Russian hottie came to the U S of A for Jorge. Due to the lies (and lack of looove), Anfisa and Jorge (thankfully) broke up and Anfisa has kicked Jorge out of his OWN apartment. Again. Since the break up, Jorge states he “Wants revenge.”

Seems like Anfisa is prepping for that revenge, as she boxes and jabs at punching bags. She shares that, “I moved across the world under the impression that he was going to financially take care of me.” Anfisa’s anger at Jorge further builds because he “basically implied” that she was a prostitute at the tell-all. Since the separation, Anfisa states that Jorge is not giving her any money (I call BS), and that her “promotional gigs” have been keeping her afloat. Can we expand on what that means please?

Jorge is not joking when it comes to this divorce with Anfisa. He meets with a lawyer so he can be done and the lawyers explain that because Anfisa’s change of heart and her reception of her green card happened so close together, perhaps there is more to this coincidence…I don’t need a law degree to agree with that one. Did the lawyer just say “peacing out of the marriage?” The lawyers know that Anfisa can be “very combative,” so they are aware that this paperwork needs to be filed ASAP. Jorge is just “resentful” now and is “over it.”

Jorge meets up with his “buddy,” Ramone. It’s been “a minute” since these two have hung out and it doesn’t take long for “the guy time” to turn into Anfisa bashing. Based off the tell-all, Ramone “read between the lines” and thinks Jorge called Anfisa a “ho.” Turns out our man Jorge was just spewing out lies at the tell-all only because he wanted to hurt Anfisa. In reality though, Ramone has some hot gossip. “There’s a buzz going around the city right now that Anfisa is involved in some web-cam” activities and stripping. Seems like all the lies Jorge stated at the tell-all has started more and more rumors, but even Jorge’s friend can’t imagine WHY Jorge would go that low to make up nasty lies about Anfisa… unless some of it were true.

Chantel and Pedro:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap - Home Sweet Home Chantel and Pedro

Seems like not much has changed since Pedro and Chantel have tied the knot. He’s still super bossy and she’s still super annoying. These two fell in love while Pedro was teaching Chantel Spanish. Chantel lied to her folks and said that Pedro was in the states on a student visa…but the truth was that he was here on a K1 visa. Surprise- we’re having a wedding, ya’ll!! After having a pretty lame wedding in the US, Chantel shares how the couple decided to have a second wedding in the Dominican Republic so that Pedro AND Chantel’s family could both be there. Yea, that was a disaster.

Evidently, the “Chantel family” did not enjoy Pedro’s mom’s chicken feet nor did they like Pedro’s grandma’s house…too may wild dogs roaming out front for their taste. On top of all that, Chantel and Pedro do NOT get along with each other’s families. Chantel clashed with Pedro’s mom and sister: “You are f*ckin poor and you will not disrespect me. Goodbye!” and stated that, “Everything in the Dominican Republic was awful. The only good thing about it was our wedding.”

Chantel confesses that things are currently very tense with the couple, especially when it comes to money, and that makes the “family Chantel” even more suspicious of Pedro’s intentions. Pedro insists that he feels like he needs to provide for his mother and sister by ya know, sending big screen TVs that cost $1,000 to ship. So much for saving for a house, Chantel.

“How much it gonna be?” Chantel shares that money has been tight and it doesn’t help that Pedro is spending all of his money on his fam in the DR. Seems to me that Pedro takes “treat yo-self” to the next level. I mean, the guy has QUITE the set-up with his video games. Looks like a real struggling couple to me. And don’t even try to explain money issues to Pedro’s fam. When Pedro’s mom says, “Send me the money and I will buy the television because you owe it to me” we really see the truth come out. It doesn’t help that his mom clearly dislikes Chantel. The tension is so thick, especially when his sister and mother gossip about Chantel’s family.

Nicole and Azan:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap - Home Sweet Home Nicole home

Over in Florida, Nicole still refers to herself as a “single mom” to her four year old daughter, May. Nicole explains that she “was hooked immediately” when she went online and found Azan and even shared that she didn’t even know where Morocco was. Nicole took the romance to the next level when she traveled to Morocco, but it didn’t go quite the way Nicole hoped it would. Azan slammed her for her bod and put her through the ringer. Despite it all, love conquered and Azan proposed to Nicole.

Even though Nicole brought her daughter May to Morocco and allows her child to call Azan “dad,” the couples’ trust issues continued to resurface. Because these two clearly have a very healthy relationship, Nicole’s father agreed to sponsor Azan so he could come to the USA. However, it was embarrassing and devastating when “no one has been able to get in touch with Azan” during the tell-all reunion filming.

“Since the tell-all, things have really turned around.” And just like that, Nicole is falling back under Azan’s spell. Nicole meets up with her best friend to share some news: tomorrow Azan has his visa interview. Let’s hope he’s been studying! We learn that technically, Azan could be in Florida by the end of the week if it all goes well, but even Nicole’s best friend questions Azan’s intentions.

On Azan’s interview day, Nicole wakes up at her mom’s house so she “doesn’t oversleep.” OMG. How is this girl a real human?! Ever heard of setting an alarm?! Nicole shares her anxiety (and sleepiness) with her mom and her mom feigns interest. Nicole’s mom wants to know “the plan” and Nicole refuses to hear about any type of realistic scenario that could occur. I mean, Azan hasn’t even texted Nicole to let her know he was going in for the interview…I’m afraid she may be getting ghosted again.

Nicole and May talk about “Daddy” and wait to hear ANYTHING from Azan. Nicole has high hopes that she may actually hear from her fiancé (I know, crazy right?!), but as time ticks on, Nicole can barely keep herself awake (cuz she’s had SUCH a busy day) and has to break the news to her mom: she has not heard from Azan all day. Finally, Nicole phones Azan herself and “her world,” as Azan is called on her cell phone, stops spinning since he does not answer. When the 7 hour mark rolls around and Nicole STILL hasn’t heard from Azan, she begins to lose it…but then he FaceTimes her! Nicole explains that she “is dying” and demands to know what happened…and just as Azan begins to give the details, his connection cuts off. Timing, huh?

Molly and Luis:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap - Home Sweet Home Molly and Luis

Because Molly is a boss b*tch running her lingerie line, she never thought a relationship was possible. That is until she met Luis whilst on vaca. Luis was the bartender and “he was serving up a whole lotta sexy.” After two months, Luis proposed to Molly and the K1 process began for the love birds. Molly explains that her daughters were not interested in having Luis as a step-dad and from there, the wheels fell off. We all remember the creepiness Luis served to Molly’s older daughter and the lack of respect he gave to Molly as he questioned her “Buddha” figurines. Because of Luis’s crazy talk amongst other things, Molly cancelled the wedding and Luis left…buuuuuut, Molly dropped the bombshell that she was already married to Luis legally. Woopsie. Naïve Molly thought for sure that Luis was “gonna fall right into place,” but alas, he wasn’t digging the suburban life…until now.

After spending a few weeks apart, Luis was invited back to Molly’s house. He’s come back to “fix the relationship with Molly.” Molly explains she is not a “quitter,” but is still trying to get Luis on board for being a dad. Even though Luis calls Molly’s children “wild,” Molly desperately wants this perfect life with Luis.

Luis attempts to apologize to Molly’s daughters, but the “girls don’t think he’s the super greatest now.” Olivia and Kensley, her girls, stare blankly at Luis, but Olivia breaks the silence. She reminds Luis that he is the “adult” and although he his back, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s ready to “pick up some of the slack” for Molly because “she doesn’t need another child.” You tell him, Olivia! Luis takes another jab at Kensley when she doesn’t talk to Luis. Luis says, “it would be nice if you could be like this (quiet) all of the time.” This guy needs to learn when to stop and learn that HE is the disrespectful one in this bunch.

Paola and Russ:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap - Home Sweet Home Russ and Paola

Pao’s got a new do, everyone! She is a red-head now and is whipping around Miami in some sporty convertible. Is it me or does Russ look way more “Oklahoma-ish” than ever? These two fell in love in Colombia where Russ worked and locked eyes with Pao, the beauty. Since getting married in Oklahoma, Pao became incredibly depressed and talked Russ into moving to Miami. Russ is not very thrilled with Pao’s Miami “vibe” and really does not appreciate Pao’s Colombian friends disrespecting him. Pao’s “career” as a model and actress continues to thrive, despite p*ssing off her husband and “crossing lines” by modeling lingerie. The couple has been trying to move past the situation, but it appears as though Russ has just given up. I mean, have you seen his hair?! Is he even trying anymore?!

Paola shares that she has gotten a text from her aunt in Colombia and so when she calls her to catch up, she hears that her grandmother has gotten worse and she is back in the hospital because of her brain cancer. Seems to me that Russ and Pao are gonna need to make a trip to Colombia so Pao can see her deteriorating grandmother. Russ agrees and knows that Pao needs to go.

You better BELIEVE Pao packs up her yellow heels for their Colombian trip. Seems like Pao is a little nervous to return back home because she hasn’t been there for four years. Pao thinks that her family is going to want to blame someone for this lack of visiting, and that someone is Russ. Poor Russ. He can’t even communicate with her family and now Russ finds out Pao’s bestie, Juan, is going to be in Colombia, too. Pao warns to “Please just don’t take anything personal” and we all know that means that Russ is just gonna get chewed up and spit out by Pao’s fam.

David and Annie:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap - Home Sweet Home David and Annie

Ah, the broke couple has arrived! Enter: David and Annie. They waste no time pawning anything they’ve got…including Annie’s Thailand engagement jewelry.

David reminds us how he went to Thailand to rebuild himself after hitting rock bottom in Louisville. David claims he wasn’t looking for love, but then Annie came into his life. The whirlwind relationship ended with a proposal…but that isn’t how the story stopped. In Thailand, the engagement party is HUGE and requires a dowry to be paid to Annie’s parents (this included gold, money, and of course, water buffalo). Thank GOD for David’s pal, Chris. Essentially Chris hooked David up big time and that makes Chris’s wife Nikki displeased. Nikki does not keep her opinion to herself and that spilled over when David and Annie arrived in the US. David’s boozy escapades spiraled out of control, particularly when Nikki’s brother got into an argument with him. It appears as though everything David touched in America fell to sh*t, up to and including his relationship with his children. It turns out that David’s daughter Ashley has been filling Annie in on David’s past, but despite it all, Annie and David tied the knot and moved into their firehouse apartment (which Chris supplied, rent-free).

Evidently 90 Day Fiance doesn’t pay a whole lot. Now that Chris has cut David off completely, trying to make ends meet has been a struggle. “The cozy, comfortable firehouse is growing on us,” but David gets slammed with a lease letter from Chris. Chris is demanding $1,000 a month from David to stay in the firehouse and suddenly, it doesn’t feel so comfy, cozy anymore.