RHOP’s Ashley Darby Talks Karen Huger’s Living Conditions, Her ‘Lies’ and Gizelle’s Accusation About Ray

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RHOP's Ashley Darby Slams Karen Huger

The Real Housewives of Potomac star, Ashley Darby, just loves to dig for dirt, and one of her favorite targets is her co-star, Karen Huger, and it’s not difficult to understand why. 

For starters, she believes that Karen is no longer living in the home in Great Falls that she moved to with her husband Ray Huger, and that, instead the couple is residing in Ray’s bachelor pad. She got that scoop straight form Karen’s ubiquitous friend/assistant, Matt, and when she confronted Karen, she denied it. But Ashley’s got plenty of other sources, as well, and they all say Matt is right on the money!

“I had my suspicions about Matt and his Houdidni appearing act from the very beginning,” she explained in her Bravo blog post. “So when this news came to, there were two thoughts. First, it’s not cool for someone to take advantage of during this time in her life. Secondly, there were already rumors whirling around the DMV, (DC, Maryland, Virginia) and hearing this from someone close to the source, herself was confirming.”

The next issue, of course, is Karen’s marriage.  She’s admitted that her husband, Ray, once asked for a divorce, but said it was “years ago” and that everything is now fine and dandy in Huberville.  But the other ladies weren’t quite buying that, especially after Gizelle Bryant’s explosive revelations about Ray’s alleged massive crush on her business partner, Erika Liles!

Karen brushed the allegations about her husband off, but Ashley was there when Ray and Erika met, and she thinks it’s totally possible that he’s crushing on her.

“As for what transpired between Gizelle and Karen, I was intrigued!” she wrote. “I also attended said Christmas party, and distinctly remember seeing Ray and Karen, as well as Gizelle and Erika.  While I didn’t witness the interaction between Ray and Erika, Karen’s previous comments about her husband deem it’s not implausible.”

After last week’s episode, there were more revelations, including the conspicuous absence of Karen’s wedding ring, and Ashley’s claim that Ray has said that he’s moving to Florida with or without his wife! Karen continued to deny any trouble, but Ashley revealed that she’s simply fed up with the lies, and that she confronted Karen with the claims to give her a chance to come clean, for once.

“At that point in time that we were sitting at that restaurant in Cannes, I had about all I could take of Karen’s fables,” she explained.  It’s hard enough for me to sit next to someone who doesn’t value truth, yet claims she ‘walks’ in it–she first needs to learn to crawl toward authenticity.  By no means do I aim to contribute to Karen and Ray’s issues; however, I firmly believe that Karen could be capable of actually understanding how fed up people are with being lied to. Because I think we can be genuine friends, it is worth confronting her for truthfulness. I gave her the option to step out of her comfort zone and build genuine relationships, yet access was again denied.”

Well, I suspect we’ll get to the bottom of this very soon.  The ladies will be back with more confrontations and truth digging tonight at 8/7c! Stay tuned!

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