90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Tell All Part I Recap: Everyone vs Anfisa

by Julia Comments

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Tell All Part I Recap

The couples gather in NYC to relive the most shocking, most surprising, and most jaw-dropping events of the season for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.

Seems like every couple is a little bit tentative, anxious, and nervous for this reunion. Many couples are struggling with communication and there are a lot of fears about bringing up the past events that occurred over the course of the season. During hair and makeup, Molly and Pao talk about Luis’s potential surprise pop-in and many cast members wonder if Jorge and Anfisa will even show face considering Jorge is in trouble with the law. #marijuanaproblems. Turns out, the duo show up and now Paola is stuck facing the one cast member who she outright beefs with: Anfisa. Pao refuses to apologize and states that “she hates that b*tch.” Should make for an incredibly awkward time for Shaun Robinson… All of the cast is on the sofa, except for Luis, Molly’s ex, and Nicole and Azan, as they are in Morocco.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Tell All Part I Recap Chantel and Pedro

To kick off this reunion, Shaun does a quick and rather cringe-worthy review of the past season and you can actually see the people on the sofa tense up. It’s not a good move going back because it tears open old wounds and solidifies issues further. For instance, it took Chantel this season in review to realize that her hubby, Pedro, was truly the aggressor in the infamous fight and that Jorge is with Anfisa because of the “love that they share.” I can’t… Shaun delves deeper when she asks Pedro if he has talked to Luis. Even David steps in and shares that Luis told them that Molly hit him. WOW. Perhaps she used her voodoo devil dolls to “domestic bully” him? Molly claims that because Luis watches porn she slammed him. I mean, she really loved Luis and he straight-up used her.

On the topic of intimacy and sex: naturally, Russ and Pao are still kicking it on the reg, Anfisa and Jorge claim it has gotten better, but Jorge states “it’s nobody’s business.” Puh-lease- didn’t your wife surface on some sort of “video,” Jorge? Annie and David remind us that it became very difficult to have sex when David’s son moved in, but nothing could be as difficult as Nicole and Azan’s relationship. Azan states that he is “sure that everything changed.” The couple cannot disclose their sexual escapades, but Azan promises that after marriage, we will know more. Uh, please do not share ANY more of this topic with us, Azan. Please.

The first couple in the hot seat is Pedro and Chantel. Chantel blames Pedro for many of the issues that occurred over the course of the season because the family Chantel did try to get to know him. Pao shares some advice with the couple: “you can’t force the situation.” Pedro makes it clear that he “sacrificed himself for” Chantel, but Chantel claims that she has given up. I mean, the girl even put the idea of having a baby on hold because of the current familial issues. Pedro does NOT like having the focus on him, particularly because all of the things are “the family Chantel fault.”

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Tell All Part I Recap Jorge and Anfisa

“Explosive fights” are nothing new for Jorge and Anfisa, BUT a secret baby-momma is an absolute bombshell! Jorge SWEARS he is not the father, but only a DNA test can tell the truth…and we all know Jorge is allergic to telling the truth. Anfisa reminds the viewers of the “back story” and shares that Jorge’s ex got in touch with Anfisa regarding Jorge’s child. I would love to believe Jorge, but because of his history with lying, I can hardly take him seriously. Jorge’s ex-girlfriend phones into the tell all and wants to know why Jorge has yet to contact her regarding the DNA test.

The ex claims that Jorge was in high school when she became pregnant and that she has asked him for “a gallon of milk, some bread, and some meat” when she was “struggling.” The ex really wants Jorge to take a paternity test…10 years later, and Jorge states, “I wanna do it as soon as possible to get this done and over with.” Andddd Jorge’s pants are 100% on fire. Anfisa lets everyone know that if this does wind up being Jorge’s child, she would divorce him and Jorge says, “I kinda don’t blame her.” WHAT. Molly loses it on Anfisa and even Russ cannot get over the absurdity of this topic…

So, as it turns out, Azan was engaged to another woman and that is what caused the hang-up in Azan’s K1 Visa. Azan is a total player who stayed in Belarus for a couple of months on a “TOURIST VISA” and all of the couch chuckles and mutters under their breath. Azan swears he stopped talking to his ex, not everyone is buying it, but you better believe that Nicole is eating up all of his BS.

Switching gears, David’s daughter, Ashley, gets brought into the conversation via Skype. Ashley makes it clear that she does not appreciate the fact that Annie is younger than she is, yet her father makes no effort to bridge the gap and make their relationship better. Ashley states that her father is only around when he “needs something.” Ouch. Talk about a role reversal. Isn’t it usually the KID asking the PARENT for money?! Ashley continues to claim that she “knows how Annie met dad…” and insinuates that Annie met David in some sort of “sex bar.” Turns out that David’s best friend’s wife told Jacob, David’s son, the day of DAVID and ANNIE’S WEDDING, that David met Annie in a sex bar. Talk about a low blow. Ashley finally states that she does “appreciate” Annie’s friendship and David becomes a blubbering penguin who cannot hold himself together. What else is new?

Despite the positivity as David rambles on and on, Paola gets flipped the bird by Anfisa. A camera crew member was calling Jorge and Pao saw it from her spot on the sofa. Therefore, Pao tried to catch Jorge’s attention by waving to him and naturally, Anfisa thought Pao was trying to start something with her so she gave Pao the middle finger. Anfisa wants to know why Pao is “provoking me” and we are about THIS close to an actual cat fight breaking out. Pao states to Anfisa, “girl, I can take you down” and Pao is beyond annoyed by the “little girl wanting to hit” her. Anfisa is still annoyed by Pao’s cruel words from last season and cannot move past her rude comments. Anfisa further states that she doesn’t like “snakes” like Pao, but interestingly enough, she is married to the slimiest snake in all the land, Jorge.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Tell All Part I Recap Paola and Russ

Once a break is called in order to cool off all the cast members, everyone heads off of the set to eat. When Jorge and Anfisa ask for their own space, Pao shouts, “Can we have like diva moments, too?” The tension between the girls is building more and more, but Chantel takes a moment to stand up to Pao regarding her comments to Anfisa from last year’s tell all. Pao brushes Chantel off and another dramatic scene unfolds. While eating, Molly demands to know when Luis called David. The penguin offers to call Luis personally in order to find out if he would be attending the tell all (because I am sure NONE of the shows’ producers tried this) and as expected, Luis does not answer David’s call. This further solidifies Molly’s “truth” about Luis’s intentions.

After the shakeup, Shaun brings the attention to everyone’s favorite Moroccan couple, Nicole and Azan. Upon being grilled about his unemployment status, Azan states, “How can I work if I have to make time for her?” Uh, what?! So…what you’re trying to say, Azan, is that you couldn’t have a job because your “job” was chasing Nicole?! My goodness. Azan sounds like the laziest person ever, next to David, of course. Nicole is crossing her fingers that their wedding can be in the next two weeks and Azan is certain that he can find a job in America to support Nicole. I think it’s time David and Azan sit down and have a meeting of the lazy minds.

To add insult to injury, Shaun plays back THE voice recordings…you know the ones that any person with half a brain would run, not walk, away from Azan? There are TONS of stories and theories about Azan’s true intentions with Nicole and I am having total déjà vu. This couple is totally like Danielle and Mohammed and something tells me, in a few short years, Azan is going to “remember” who he was talking to on the recordings and run away with that chick.

Oh snap…Juan is in the house…well is Skyping in. And, in true Juan fashion, this guy gives the finger in the bottom left hand corner of the screen as we get a recap of Juan and Russ’s relationship this season. #typicalJuan. Juan finds ALL of this drama hilarious and that just makes me want to punch his face even harder. Juan claims he wanted to “make peace” the night of the fight and that Russ and Pao will “get a divorce. I’m sure of it.” Who knew that David would be the voice of reason? He states that anyone Pao is with will make Juan jealous; however, Juan wishes Pao would marry her ex boyfriend as he did not have a problem with that dude. Sooo awkward. Pao should step in and tell him to stop talking, yet she eggs him on and allows Juan to badmouth her relationship. I mean, when Juan asks if Russ is financially stable enough to support a baby, it’s time to end the Skype session. Pao does not stand up for husband and states she “doesn’t wanna go there now” when asked about her friendship with Juan.

Re-watching the Molly vs. Luis escapades this season makes me cringe. Poor Molly. She felt like she was a “prisoner in her own home.” Molly explains that she really loved Luis, but Pedro claims that Luis told HIM that Molly never really loved him and that she was abusive to him. This is outrageous. David and Pedro state that they received a video from Luis where Molly was going off and David wishes that Luis was here to explain his side of the story. Pedro lets Molly know that as soon as Luis finishes his paperwork, he’s heading back to the DR.

Thank goodness because Molly is still trying to repair her relationship with her eldest daughter, Olivia, post break up. Livi was the only one who had a brain and saw Luis for who he was: a con artist troll. She left the house and “immediately felt like” her relationship with her mother changed because of Luis. The mother/daughter duo look like they are on much better terms and are currently trying to mend the relationship, but Livi is in no rush to move back home. BUT-Speaking of relationships, Molly has a NEW MAN: “somebody that I like. We have fun. He’s younger, too.” When is this lady gonna learn?!

Looking back at last year’s tell all, we viewers get reminded off Jorge’s major lie: “Ask Anfisa what she does for a living?” From that lie, he continued more anti-truths THIS season by denying to Anfisa that he went to a divorce attorney. Not only is Jorge a liar, but he’s dumb as hell considering that he forgets what he does is on a filmed television show and then says that he never did x, y, and z. Stupid liars are the worst kind of liars out there. Jorge claims he “forgot” about going to the divorce attorney and David, relationship expert, tells the couple that they are always vindictive and rude.

Jorge face is 100% flushed because he knows he is so caught in a lie and Pao reminds Jorge that they tried to defend him last season. Anfisa reminds Pao to “stay in her lane.” The blows are getting lower and lower between these two and Pao makes it clear that she has no intention of apologizing to Anfisa. Once Russ gets involved, Jorge decides to step up and tell Russ stop talking to his wife like that. These people should allllll just worry about their own relationships, considering no one seems to have their own sh*t together…