Before the 90 Days Angela and Michael Bio and Photos, Read All About the TLC Couple

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Before the 90 Days Angela and Michael Update

Bringing you a special update today ahead of the season two premiere of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

Without a doubt, Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi will be one of the most talked about couples this season, all thanks to their major age difference! Below, read all about this couple plus find out if they are still together today.

For starters, Angela is a 52-yr-old grandmother of six who hails from Hazlehurst, Georgia, while Michael is a 30-yr-old Nigerian native.

Michael reached out to Angelia via social media, and she apparently found his confidence attractive which led to a connection for these two crazy kids. While the TLC series will follow Angela as she heads to Nigeria to visit Michael for the first time, her friends and family are a bit more on the skeptical side, and aren’t shy about letting her know that they have doubts about this relationship.

UPDATE – Michael and Angela are definitely still going strong as Angela changed her Facebook profile photo into an image of herself and Michael kissing on October 7. A screenshot of Angela’s post is below.

90 Day Fiance Angela and Michael Update

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When it comes to the couple’s relationship status now, well that is a bit more confusing. It appears they are still together as just six days ago, on July 29, Michael posted, “Angel send me the pics pls ??” under a photo of Angela on her personal Facebook page.

Angela however responded to him: “Michael get off my pg.”

In another exchange from five weeks ago, on June 27, Michael wrote: “Haha lovely ??” under one of Angela’s photos. And she responded: “Haha nothing.” However, Angela did like Michael’s post with a heart so it appears her responses to him are just in jest. A screenshot of that exchange is below.

Angela herself is no stranger to TV as footage of her appearance on the Maury talk show in 2016 has been uncovered. Below is a clip of Angela on the show. Get this, Angela was actually on the show so that her daughter Scottie could get a paternity test for her kid, as Angela believed the wrong man was claiming paternity for Scottie’s child.

The last thing we uncovered about Angela is a mugshot from a recent arrest in 2015. Arrest records show she was arrested in Georgia on February 2, 2015 for driving with a suspended license and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.  Her mugshot is below.

Before the 90 days Angela mugshot

For the time being, viewers will get to see Angela and Michael’s relationship play out Sunday nights on TLC’s Before the 90 Days series. Also feel free to keep checking back here as we will include any new updates about this couple that we come across.

Photo Credit: TLC