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Real Housewives of Orange County

RHOC’s Kelly Dodd and Tamra Judge Call On Vicki Gunvalson to Stop Her Friend from Harassing Them! Kelly Thinks Vicki “Set Him Up to Do It”

RHOC Kelly Dodd Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson has been accused in the past by some of her castmates and Bravo’s Jeff Lewis of having people do her dirty work when it comes to attacking those she doesn’t like in the press.

And overnight, Kelly Dodd and Tamra Judge took to social media to call out Vicki for continuing to associate with someone who they both claim has been harassing them.

The person in question is Cory Larrabee, who is very close to Vicki. Earlier this morning, Kelly took to Instagram to call out both Cory and Vicki.

She wrote, “This guy is harassing me & making false accusations!! He needs to be stopped this lunatic! Stop stalking me!! He is best friends with @vickigunvalson. I met him once, he was so unmemorable I forgot meeting this whack job! #GetALife #Loser #Lunatic @Whacko #Satan… @Jljefflewis and @tamrajudge will testify this guy is Wacko Jacko!”

The post that set Kelly off was one made by Cory two weeks ago in which he accused her of being an ‘alcoholic’ and implored her to “check herself into rehab.” Cory made his post after Kelly appeared on Watch What Happens Live and dissed Vicki’s boyfriend Steve Lodge when she called on him to get a backbone.

Below is a screenshot of Cory’s posts via his Twitter.

Cory Tweets about Kelly

Kelly then further commented under her original post, accusing Vicki of putting the battery in Cory’s back. She wrote, “[Vicki] continues to allow her friends to say lies about me on her page. She is deflecting because she’s getting backlash for her behavior it’s sad.”

Kelly added, “[He] is best friends with @vickigunvalson and he is saying terrible things about me on her page… like she set him up to do it.”

Kelly Vicki post 1

Shortly after Kelly put up her post, Tamra also commented as she accused Cory of harassing her as well, while she wondered why Vicki continues to associate with him despite his actions.

Tamra wrote, “This guy has been harassing me for years. Feeding fake stories to the press about my family!! He has done some horrible things. In my opinion he should be arrested! Who spends that much time trying to harass people they don’t even know ? The worst thing is he’s Vicki’s friend!!!! WHY WHY WHY????”

During an appearance on Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live show back in June, Tamra didn’t mince her words as she accused Vicki of having Cory plant negative stories about her and others in the past.

“A big part of the issue in the past few years [with Vicki], it wasn’t only that she was repeating a rumor, she was having Cory plant stories,” said Tamra. “Like right after her birthday party, he planted a story with all these bloggers. He actually did a post where he did a petition to get Eddie out of the closet. An actual petition. And this is her good friend.”

She continued, “The thing is it’s really hard to be friends with somebody that’s friends with a guy like this, that’s doing stuff that’s very destructive. He does not make her look good.”

So far, Vicki has yet to respond to Tamra and Kelly’s comments. Below is a photo of Vicki and Cory –

Cory Larrabee and Vicki Gunvalson

Cory Larrabee and Vicki Gunvalson

Photos Credit: Sara De Boer/, Kristin Callahan/ACE/


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