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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kim Richards’ Dog Attack Victim Says Kim Refuses to Pay Her the $60K Judgement Awarded to Her Last Year

rhobh Kim Richards

Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards needs to get her dog under control…or, at the very least, pay his many victims!  As reported last week, Kim was ordered to pay $266,000 in damages to Kelly Crossley, who was viciously attacked by her pit bull, Kingsley.  But Kingsley is a repeat offender, and his last victim says that Kelly may never get her money.

Kay Rozario, who was awarded $59,000 last year, following an attack by the same dog, says she’s still waiting for the cash, and doubts that Kelly will ever get paid.

“This woman will not see a penny of the money,” Kay told Radar Online. “Kim will never pay Kelly and I feel so bad about it.”

Kay, 82, added that Kelly suffered far worse injuries than she did.

“I feel so bad for this poor girl because she suffered more than me when I was attacked, which is hard to believe considering my flesh was hanging off my bones,” she said.

It sounds pretty grisly, and Kay said that she still ‘gets pain’ from the attack. She added said that Kingsley should be “put down,” as she has no doubt that the dog  will “eventually kill someone.”

She added that her own judgment didn’t come easily, as Kim did her best to avoid taking responsibility.

“I had to sue her for the damages,” Kay recalled. “I couldn’t comprehend how Kim didn’t take responsibility after the first two dog attacks.  She doesn’t follow up with anything. She doesn’t ever come through for anyone. She has lost everything and she deserves nothing.”

Bill Zhudi, Kay’s attorney in the case, confirmed that his client has gotten nada!

“I knew collection from Kim would be very hard. Since she won the case, Kay has not received a penny from Kim. We are still trying to collect the judgment and pursuing Kim to pay,” he explained.

Unfortunately, Kay and Kelly aren’t Kingsley’s only victims.  Back in 2015, the dog attacked Kim’s neice, Alexia Umansky, whose injuries were so severe that she had to take time off from college to recover.

Well, that certainly bites!  It sounds like this serial attacking dog needs to be taken off the streets ASAP!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com


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