90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Recap – Seeds of Doubt

by Julia Comments

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Seeds of Doubt Recap Karine and Paul

Trust is key to any relationship…especially ones forged from online relationships like these couples on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. It’s only a matter of time before trust is tested for this crew.

Jon & Rachel:

So playing “Daddy” seems to be going quite well for  Jon, but dark secrets still linger in the shadows of this relationship. I love how Jon’s mom is gonna be watching Lucy…ya know, her grandma-to-be. Jon and Rachel head out to hang with Jon’s buddies. Meeting Jon’s friends is rather questionable. These are NOT the dudes Jon was chatting with before Rachel’s arrival. It’s like he hired a new set of English blokes to stand in. Evidently, Jon was always quite the ladies man, according to his boys. His friends cannot get over the fact that Jon and Rachel met on an “international karaoke app” and make it clear that they “personally think he’s an absolute mental case.” Some backing from his friends!

Hold up-Rachel has TWO kids?! This is more of a bombshell than finding out that Jon could never come to America due to his criminal record. Speaking of criminal records, Jon’s buddies don’t shy away from that topic. Nor do they sugarcoat Jon’s past of “womanizing.” Man, don’t these guys know the word “loyalty?”

It’s time for Rachel to get to the bottom of Jon’s past. Before her time in England runs out, Rachel begins the awkward process of getting the truth about Jon’s criminal record. Jon explains that he “acted” and therefore has been brought up on “assault” charges. “I ended up punching a group of guys in the face” and therefore “was convicted of bodily harm without intent.” One of the men even “sustained an eye injury.” Because of this, he got kicked out of college, but never spent time in the slammer. PHEW. Rachel asks Jon to “leave the past in the past” and Jon stares at her with that dumb smile that always seems to be pasted on his face. He promises he won’t get in trouble and I actually believe the guy. After all, he is “not a violent person,” he’s “protective.”

Paul & Karine:

Time to wedding plan, ya’ll! These two lovebirds are on the fast track to the chapel. As the couple strolls casually through the slums of Brazil, they take a break to talk through the translator app about relationship struggles. Just the usual things… Housework, chores, social media strife. Sounds like a totally healthy relationship. According to Paul, Karine is lazy and is nowhere near becoming a wife and mother. He even questions if Karine would change diapers for their baby. Karine gets annoyed and says, “I’ll take care of the baby and I think you’re an idiot.” Priceless. Karine is fed up with Paul’s insecurities and worries. Based on Paul’s past, yelling is a way better way to rid of his frustrations than lighting houses on fire like he has, so Karine should just deal with his screaming. HEYO.

Later, Karine and Paul meet up with Karine’s parents. Paul has realized that it is difficult to communicate with Karine’s parents, so he decided to learn the language of his soon-to-be-wife. SIKE. He hired an interpreter. Because he is lazy. And because he doesn’t want messages to get confused. Karine explains to her parents that she’s only happy when the couple does not fight (obviously) and she becomes emotional when she tells her parents that Paul is different when they are alone. He is mean and “bans” her from talking to different people. Karine’s parents very clearly look concerned and her mom keeps shooting a side eye to the camera. I’m almost positive Karine’s dad is silently planning Paul’s murder. After hearing all of this, Paul states, “There’s a good chance there’s not gonna be a wedding.”

When Karine and Paul are alone, Paul apologizes and asks Karine how he can be a better version of himself. Paul realizes he needs to correct his vocal and “angry” behavior, but I think he’s pretty set in his ways. After a lot of dramatic back and forth through the translator app (HA!), Paul and Karine decide to give their relationship another shot.

Despite the ups and downs Paul and Karine go through, they are still forging ahead and getting married. Karine goes wedding dress shopping with her mom, even though her mom has reservations about the nuptials. It appears as though Karine has fallen in love with the second dress she tries on. This girl would be ZERO fun on an episode of Say Yes to the Dress… Karine lets her mom know that Paul has promised to do better, but her mom’s face shows her concern and doubt. She makes Karine promise that if it goes bad, Karine will come back to her. Her mom cries and cries and all Karine cares about is her strapless, bedazzled gown.


90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 Days Ricky and Ximena

Our man Ricky is trooping it out in Colombia. His “girlfriend” Melissa blew him off after meeting him on the first night of his trip. Poor Ricky feels “stupid.” BUT. Ricky isn’t gonna let this trip bring him down. Oh no. He is gonna make lemonade out of lemons and get right back into the scene. It turns out that Ricky has been stringing along another lady on Colombian Cupid WHILE TALKING TO MELISSA. Wouldn’t you know that Ximena Parra, the “other” Colombian woman, is DTH- down to hang. It seems as though this trip wasn’t taken all for naught. Ricky is hopping right back on the horse and states, “I guess you can call me a hopeless romantic.” No, Ricky. You’re a true playaaaa.

Melissa who??????? It’s time for the back-up plan. Ximena is on her way to meet Ricky. She has NO IDEA that she is the second string for Ricky. Meanwhile, Ricky, trying to be romantic, gets Ximena THREE bottles of wine (is he trying to get her wasted?!) and explains that she will be staying with him for a few days. Move over, Melissa. Ximena is taking over. Maybe she will appreciate Ricky’s rose petals and passion for love! Now, when is Ximena going to realize that Ricky didn’t come to see her originally? The poor girl really likes Ricky and his “sexy bad boy face,” but I am cringing just thinking about her finding out Ricky’s truth. He will probably tell her AFTER they sleep together the first time, since Ximena insisted they share the bed.

Michael & Angela:

90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 Days Seeds of Doubt Angela and Michael

If the lady wants to smoke a cig, let her smoke a damn cig. I mean, Michael just called Angela fat and now homegirl is beyond angry, stressed, and hurt. Whilst Angela’s hair hangs from the hotel light fixture, Angela asks Michael if her outfit is appropriate for their planned night out with friends. Angela changes and throws on an ever-classy cold shouldered top with “FLAWLESS” on it…cuz that’s what she is. Duh. Michael helps straighten Angela’s hair and Angela seems to be unraveling completely. She is losing her marbles over every single thing that Michael does or doesn’t do. I mean, half of Angela’s problem is that she SAYS literally anything that comes to mind. Michael is left in the dust of the Angela tornado and he’s totally scratching his head about this lady. Can you say cultural differences??

The couple ventures out for a night out with Michael’s buddies after much ado. Angela’s ready to meet some of his posse. She has her phone tucked into her breasts and begins the interrogation. Angela dives right in and asks about Michael’s lady situation. It turns out that he has paid his friends well and they do not disclose any of Michael’s secrets. Angela makes no effort to welcome any part of the African culture and makes it clear that Michael will not be wearing the pants. When Angela leaves to use the restroom, his buddy asks him “what is it about Angela that turns you on?” Michael responds that Angela will “take care of him.” Hmmmm…

With one week left in Nigeria, Angela hopes to work on the trust this relationship lacks. The couple decides to spend some quality time together at the nature reserve, where the animals are not caged. Nothing quite like having a heart to heart while monkeys jump to and fro inches from your face. Angela relates the canopy walks in the park with the relationship, but Michael brings her back down when he says Angela needs to work on her “snapping.” Holy awkward for the canopy tour guide who is witnessing this bickering firsthand. Michael promises “everything will be changed” and that he will take it easy on her.

Jesse & Darcey:

90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 Days Recap Darcey and Jesse Fight

I am no relationship expert, but I don’t think a quiet Connecticut weekend can save this couple. Jesse looks pensively around the Airbnb that Darcey booked for their stay and Darcey second guesses everything Jesse does. She continuously pushes Jesse and makes him do “normal couple things,” like make a grocery list. Everything these two do causes a fight! Anyone else LOLing at Darcey’s grocery shopping outfit? Mini leather shorts AND combat boots, plus a faux Ariana Grande pony? It’s all too much. Everything she does is too much, especially when she says things like, “let’s please. For the kids’ sake.” Lady , you’re not a married couple on the cusp of a divorce. YET. Jesse behaves bipolar-y towards Darcey. One minute they’re making out at the butcher counter, the next they’re bickering in the diaper aisle. I can’t keep up.

Jesse and Darcey scoop up “the kids” and they head off to the rental for a nice family dinner. The girls look utterly confused to be eating all together and Jesse acts as abnormally as possible. Is Jesse a robot? He cooks the steak on the electric stove and takes directions from Darcey until he doesn’t. He loses it on her and storms out to b*tch to the cameras on the front porch. He explains he gets mixed messages from Darcey and feels like it is all just “madness.” Even Darcey’s kids see how dramatic Jesse and Darcey can be. All over a steak…

Tarik & Hazel:

Post the 15 hour church service, Hazel apologizes and Tarik asks for some “lips.” She looks at him with disgust, but manages to lend some sugar to Tarik. Just as the couple begins to warm up to each other, Tarik gets the text from his brother, Dean. Dean has arrived in the Philippines because he wants to be sure Hazel loves Tarik for Tarik, and not for a ticket to the US. In preparation for the big intro, Tarik switches into his black mesh ensemble and I can’t stop laughing. He does his best to alleviate any fears Hazel may have going into this meeting, but Hazel is beyond nervous. Mainly because she knows Dean is going to call her bluff. Dean knows Hazel’s motive 100%.

You can tell that Dean hates Hazel before he even opens his mouth. Dean is being a protective brother and wants to know all about Hazel’s past- aka: find out about her ex-boyfriend. Detective Dean speaks in long English sentences and it seems like it is hard for Hazel to follow…either that or she’s playing dumb on purpose. Dean keeps probing and bashes Hazel’s character because she does not live with her son. Tarik puts this conversation to bed after Dean goes too far in his Hazel investigation. Tarik explains that having Dean come to the Philippines was the worst decision he ever made, but I’m gonna have to disagree. Perhaps wearing that mesh get-up was a worse choice…

After the Dean bashing, Hazel does not even want to be comforted by Tarik. She tells him to go to his brother and runs off. RED FLAG. Tarik is now actually chasing after Hazel and it seems like that mesh might actually be helpful for Tarik at this point…