Judge Rules RHOBH Star Paul PK Kemsley Will Have His Wages Garnished in $2 Million Casino Debt Case

by Tiffany Brown Comments

RHOBH's PK Kemsley Wages to be Garnished to Pay $2 Million Casino Gambling Debt

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley’s husband, Paul “PK” Kemsley, may soon discover his pockets are a little lighter, as a Las Vegas judge has ruled that the Bellagio casino can begin garnishing his wages to pay back his massive $2 million gambling debt.

According to court documents, the judge granted the casino’s plea for a judgement after PK, 51, defaulted on a previous settlement agreement related to the $3.6 million casino debt he’s been working to pay off for years.

The court order, dated Sep. 6 and obtained by The Blast, states that “garnishment and execution” can begin, meaning that the Bellagio can now start going after income and assets in his possession.

The legal drama started in 2013 after PK was sued by the casino for failing to pay his $3.6 million debt. A year earlier, in 2012, he filed for bankruptcy in the U.K. and tried to get his debt wiped clean. At that point, he had made payments totalling $875,000.

The casino however fought that bankruptcy ruling, claiming they were never notified and that the order from the U.K. was invalid.  PK then made a few more payments totaling $575,000, but with interest, he still owed a whopping $2 million.

The two parties managed to reach a settlement, which required PK to make regular payments, which he then stopped making in May, leaving a large outstanding balance.  Following the default, the casino asked the court to order a judgement in the outstanding balance so that they can go after PK’s income and assets to recoup their money.

Of course, PK isn’t the only RHOBH star with financial messiness to clean up, or even the only one in his family.  As previously reported, Dorit is facing a lawsuit over her swimsuit line.  Her business partner, Ryan Horne, is seeking $200,000 amid claims he invested in the swimwear line, only for Dorit to take off with the profits.

That lawsuit recently added to the usual RHOBH drama, as a woman named Jasmine Lennard, who claims to be a friend of Dorit’s business partner, ran into Dorit and her co-stars during the cast’s trip to the Bahamas, and boldly confronted her about not paying the debt.

“You’re Dorit, yeah? Why don’t you pay back Ryan the money that you owe him you cheap b***h?” Jasmine fired at Dorit. “Why don’t you do that? You have money to come to Nassau, no? Why don’t you pay back the hundreds of thousands of dollars that you owe? All that money that you owe! How much is it… $300,000 that you owe? Why don’t you give me the money back?”

PK and Dorit have yet to publicly comment on their legal battles.

Photo Credit:  Milla Cochran/startraksphoto.com