RHOC Star Vicki Gunvalson’s Boyfriend Steve Lodge’s Past Two Messy Divorces Uncovered, Accused of Hiding Assets From the Court

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Steve Lodge and Vicki Gunvalson News

Vicki Gunvalson wants to marry boyfriend Steve Lodge but according to a new report, the Real Housewives of Orange County cast member may want to think long and hard before agreeing to tie the knot.

Before striking up a relationship with Vicki two-and-a-half-years ago, Steve was involved in two messy divorces and during each, his former wives accused him of dragging out the court process.

On October 26, Radar Online obtained court documents from the Superior Court of California in Orange County from March 2013 in which Steve filed for divorce from Tonya Compton after just under three years of marriage. The outlet also revealed Tonya filed response documents, requesting Steve’s right for spousal support be terminated.

In her documents Tonya requested Steve pay her spousal support as well as her attorney fees.

Months after their documents were filed, Steve filed a motion to split their marital status from all other divorce-related issues, including spousal support and the division of their property.

“The divorce filing was in March of 2013 so it has been over six months through the legal process,” he wrote in the filing. “I would request the court to terminate my marriage so that I can emotionally and psychologically move on in that relationship. A continued legal bond causes me both emotional anxiety and public humiliation. I ask the court to immediately dissolve this marriage.”

Tonya’s lawyer then responded to the request by claiming Steve refused to provide proper paperwork.

“On or about June 10, 2013, Steven sent our office an Income and Expense Declaration dated June 10, 2013, which had no substantiating documents attached, such as paystubs, profit and loss statements or tax returns,” her filing claimed.

In addition, Steve was accused of failing to turn in accurate documentation and complete written disclosure of investment opportunities, business opportunities, and any other income-producing opportunities he took part in after he and Tonya separated.

“I have made numerous attempts to amicably settle our divorce since January 2013, over two months before the date Steven filed for divorce,” Tonya said in court documents. “He has refused all offers presented and has refused to negotiate. He has continued to deliberately delay any type of settlement by his failure to provide even the minimum documentation requested.”

According to Tonya, Steve failed to provide documents requested because he was attempting “to drag out this litigation as long as possible.”

“He gets the benefit of residing in our marital home, the community’s largest asset, refusing to sell it, while forcing me to live in a rental unit because my equity is locked in the marital home,” she wrote. “There is no question that the marital home is the community’s largest asset and has to be sold, which is puzzling as to why he wouldn’t agree to list it during the last 7 months of his failure to comply with discovery.”

Tonya also spoke of Steve’s first divorce, during which he was accused of “[dragging] his feet with regard to the remaining issues for years.” In turn, Steve’s first wife, Karla Frazee, filed a declaration of support made in defense of Tonya.

“When Petitioner and I commended our dissolution proceeding, Petitioner demanded that we bifurcate the issue of status,” her filing read. “I understood that I would become ‘single’ after the dissolution was completed, so I stipulated to bifurcate the issue of status as petitioner required.”

Also in her statement, she said Steve took “every opportunity” to “delay” their litigation process, which ultimately put her in a “very precarious financial position.”

In April 2014, both Steve and Tonya filed Settlement Conference Briefs. In Tonya’s statement, she said Steve was making $15,724 monthly.

“[Lodge] intentionally frustrated Respondent’s ability to ascertain his actual income,” she stated. “It is assumed that his actual income is, in fact, higher. From this income, Petitioner has the ability to pay spousal support.”

Meanwhile, in Steve’s Settlement Conference Brief, he said Tonya had been “self sustaining” since they began living separately and argued that she doesn’t need his support.

“Respondent cohabitates with her current boyfriend and shares in paying for living expenses for her residence,” he claimed. “[Respondent] makes a stated $10,833 per month in income.

When Steve and Tonya settled, both parties waived their right to spousal support and agreed to pay their own attorney’s fees. Steve was also required to sell their home and to pay the mortgage and taxes until it sold.

Steve and Tonya’s divorce was finalized on May 15, 2014.

Earlier this month, a source told Radar Online that Vicki is pressuring Steve to propose.

“Vicki has done everything she can to get Steve to propose to her, and she thinks that it is going to happen because she is really leaving him with no other choice,” a source told Radar Online on October 9. “Vicki is demanding they tie the knot! She is not going to stop until she gets her way.”

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