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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Brandi Glanville Slams Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis and Reignites Feud, Labels Him a ‘Liar’ and a ‘Loser’! See Her Deleted Tweets

Brandi Glanville vs Jeff Lewis Twitter Feud

Brandi Glanville and Jeff Lewis‘ feud was rebooted earlier this month when he appeared on Jenny McCarthy’s podcast show and spoke about the 2015 episode of Watch What Happens Live in which Brandi infamously tossed a glass of wine at him.

Years after the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star reacted badly to Jeff suggesting she may have STDs, Jeff insisted for the umpteenth time that the wine toss was never planned ahead of time, and that it was solely Brandi’s idea to throw the wine at him. He added that he was “completely shocked” at the incident. Following that WWHL episode, Brandi had claimed she and Jeff had planned the wine toss ahead of the show.

In response to Jeff’s comments, Brandi shared a series of tweets, labeling the Flipping Out cast member as a “f**king liar” and a “loser.”

“So here is some more BS please understand @JennyMcCarthy @Andy this person @JLJeffLewis is a f**king liar on every level!!! I’m pretty sure our texts will prove it! Jeff LOSER/ LIAR Lewis,” she tweeted.

RHOBH Brandi Glanville Deleted Tweet To Jef Lewis

A short time later, Brandi deleted the post and told her fans and followers on Twitter that she did so because she was “so over” their feud.

“Deleted my last tweet because I’m so over it at this point. Time to move on! I’m tired of hearing about it and tired of being tagged in articles about it! #Done,” she wrote.

After seeing what Brandi had written, in both her deleted tweet and her remaining tweet, which can be seen above, he shared a message of his own.

“What are we fighting about now @BrandiGlanville?” he asked, along with a screenshot of her tweets. “I thought we worked out our differences years ago?”

Jeff Lewis Responds To Brandi Tweet

“I’m not fighting with anyone @JLJeffLewis,” Brandi replied. “I just don’t understand why you keep addressing the incident and not telling the truth. Why can’t you be truthful about it? We were joking, you said you were going to come at me hard & you did. It was your idea for me to throw the wine!”

When one fan suggested Brandi should move the hell on from her ongoing feud with Jeff, she suggested she’s been trying to do so for years.

“Arent u tired? Nobody cares! Say your peace and move thé h### on!” the fan wrote.

“I’ve tried,” Brandi said, “but I keep getting mentioned with this years old BS. Trust me, I’m over it too!”

Flipping Out season 11 airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Bravo TV.

Photos Credit: Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com, Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com


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