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Teen Mom

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’s Ashley Jones Shares Shocking Suicidal Thoughts On Twitter, Bakari’s Mom Responds

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones spoke to her fans and followers on Twitter on Wednesday about suicide.

In a series of concerning tweets, the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant cast member told her online audience she was being bullied and suggested it was this kind of bullying that can lead a person to kill themselves.

“Sometimes I think people won’t be happy until I leave bar and disappear. And sometimes I wonder if that would be the best option to stop all the drama,” Ashley wrote on November 8. “And sometimes I wonder if people wish to humiliate me and talk down on me so bad that I just say f**k it and end my whole life.”

“But then I think like, if those people were happy with themselves they Pilsner be trying to break up a family or bully and humiliate someone. So even if I did kill myself, they wouldn’t be happy. Cause it’s deeper than me. It’s them. Their anger, their hate, their pain,” she continued.

“This won’t be the story of the girl who folded under pressure. This will be the story of a women, who held her head high through all the obstacles facing her, and has came out stronger,” Ashley wrote.

As Ashley’s tweets continued, Shenandoah Williams, the mother of her daughter’s father, Bariki Smith, called her out for allegedly planning a “fake suicide” and slammed her for reaching a “whole new low.”

According to Shenandoah, Ashley’s tweets followed a stream of fake behavior, including fake claims of domestic violence and a fake police report.

Shenandoah Williams Comments To Ashley Jones

In response to the statements of Bariki’s mom, Ashley suggested it was her haters’ mean words and bullying that could ultimately lead her to chose suicide.

“But when I blow my f**king brains out, everyones gonna cry,” she said. “Everyone’s gonna have wished me the best. Everyone’s gonna wanna put me on their shirt, come to my funeral. Nah , just keep that same energy. The energy that drew me to suicide in the first place.”

After receiving plenty of well-wishes from her fans and followers who were understandably worried about the reality star, Ashley confirmed she did not actually have plans to kill herself. Instead, she explained, she was trying to make a point.

“Thanks for all the well wishes guys. Never said I wanted to or was going to kill myself. I was making a point about how people indirectly negatively affect people’s life’s. So watch what you say. And watch who you say things to.”

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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