90 Day Fiance Recap: Fernanda Loses It After Jonathan Dances With Another Woman at Club

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90 Day Fiance Recap I Know What You Did Fernanda and Jonathan

The clock is ticking for these couples as they try to navigate their relationships through tears, tension, and troubles on this episode of 90 Day Fiancé.

Colt & Larissa:

90 Day Fiance Recap I Know What You Did Larissa and Colt Friends

While Colt is away at work, Larissa is stuck hanging with Debbie, Colt’s mother. The strain between the women is palpable, as the previous night’s introduction didn’t go over well. Larissa tries to keep things light with Debbie and suggests that the ladies head out for a new sofa. Deb explains that she likes “old fashioned” furniture and Larissa, in her scandalous jumpsuit, scoffs at Deb’s taste. The duo cannot agree on anything- not the color, not the style, not the material. They are butting heads and Debbie refuses to purchase anything without Colt’s approval. It turns out that Debbie is a huge part of Colt’s finances: “Colt and I have a joint back account and a joint credit card.” HOW. WHY. I have SO many questions. SO STRANGE.

I love how Larissa pronounces cute like “cutie.” For instance, when Debbie picks Colt up from work (yes, you read that right), she thinks it is “cutie.” Larissa wastes no time and lets Colt know she found a “cutie” sofa and Colt is happy she didn’t purchase something without him seeing it. Debbie smiles smugly because she knew her Coltie wouldn’t be pleased with a blind purchase. Larissa claims she is learning “the rules” of this household, but deep down you can tell she is dying inside.

Today Larissa is meeting Colt’s cousin, John, and his wife. John had expressed concern about Larissa’s intentions prior to Larissa’s arrival, and now that he is meeting her for the first time, tensions are high. The couple sits down to talk about how they are getting along here in Vegas. John asks Larissa if she loves him and she says, yes. She further explains that “Colt has a big sexual drive. Colt wants to spend time together in the bed all day.” Larissa states they need their own space and the cousins find this behavior questionable. John feels like Colt is just excited to have someone pay attention to him and questions Larissa’s motive for dating Colt. Larissa does her best to squash John’s statements and Colt clarifies that any relationship has some risk. After an awkward chat, Larissa and Colt head out. John is still not sold on Larissa and Larissa thinks that John was a “bit rude.”

Steven & Olga:

90 Day Fiance Recap I Know What You Did Steven Olga

It’s go time in Russia. Olga is having contractions and Steven is doing his best to be the calming force. The couple calls a cab and Steven is so clueless that he says dumb things to Olga like, “Is it still coming?” Through the pain, Olga manages to tell Steven “you annoy me” and he brushes off her words. He is more concerned about this Russian hospital. It’s pretty basic and dare I say, dirty?? Steven is baffled when Olga tells him he cannot go with her to the hospital room. Steven becomes very dramatic and makes this whole birth about him. Olga has about had it and tells him, “Don’t mess with me, Steven.” Steven thinks it is “very absurd” that he cannot be with Olga in the emergency room to see the birth of his son. Poor Steven gets forced to leave the hospital by the nurses and he promises all hell will break loose if he isn’t able to get in there with her.

Steven has to go speak to the chief of the “entire hospital” to try and get into the room with Olga. He is signing paperwork and jumping through hoops …and after 6 hours of waiting, Steven gets permitted into Olga’s room. Because the baby’s head is 11 centimeters, the doctor recommends a C-section. Olga is fa-reaking out because she doesn’t like “any operation.” Olga has to WALK to the C-section operating room and the rest is history.

Eric & Leida:

90 Day Fiance Recap I Know What You Did Leida

Leida’s family is here in the United States and Eric is driving the whole gang back to his rental condo in Pennsy. Leida’s hoping Eric will “impress” her family, but something tells me that he’s not gonna live up to their standards. Leida lets Eric know that her family thinks Eric looks older than he actually is. Ouch. I mean, Leida is only 8 years older than his oldest daughter, but Eric claims, “I’m not totally robbing the cradle.” Riiiiiiiiight.

Once at the destination, Eric explains that “Leida’s family is pretty high class” and therefore, Eric stands NO chance winning this family over. Eric gives a tour of the pathetic looking rental condo (all while Leida’s son Alless sleeps in the car). Does anyone else find that odd? Leida is blunt and not really helping out the whole situation. Things are not looking great for this couple’s future.

They’ve made it! Everyone is FINALLY in Wisconsin and Eric has a secret planned. His family is surprising the whole gang and they are sort of like an awkward Brady bunch. Ex-wife and fiancé are meeting and the families are blending. They all pile into the living room and look around uncomfortably as they are crushed like sardines. Eric’s ex breaks the ice by asking about their wedding planning and Leida’s sister asks them to support Leida’s doctoral career in the US. It’s going as well as it could be going, until Leida realizes two of Eric’s daughters are missing from the welcome party. Evidently they are “working,” but Leida isn’t buying it.

After a few more awkward exchanges, Eric and Leida head out. It’s time for Leida to see her new home: aka Eric’s shoebox of an apartment. Leida is trying to mentally prepare herself for this new crib, but is immediately disgusted by the lack of elevator right off the bat. She looks absolutely repulsed. Not only is the space small, but it’s FILTHY. Eric blames the mess on Tasha, his roommate daughter. It is an absolute pig sty and Leida is “p*ssed already.” Leida can’t get over Eric’s twin bed and it is clear that Eric hasn’t done a thing to prepare for the big arrival. Eric remains stoic and does his best to justify things like his “air couch.” Like, what? Eric totally disappointed his bride-to-be and looks defeated as she berates him about the situation.

Ashley & Jay:

90 Day Fiance Recap I Know What You Did Jay

These two have 89 days to wed. To celebrate Jay’s first morning in the US, Ashley has whipped up a breakfast for her man. Jay shares that he is afraid of being around Ashley 24/7 even though she is doing her best to make him comfortable. Later that night, Ashley has set up a surprise party for Jay at her friend’s house. Ashley wants to introduce Jay to her peeps so he can make his own friends, too. Ashley further shares her fears about Jay being around her bestie, Natalie. Natalie and Jay butt heads because Natalie knows Jay has cheated on Ashley in the past. That dog!

After being successfully surprised, Jay makes a speech and ends it with, “I love you guys.” This guy moves fast, huh?! The drinks are flowing and Jay is dancing like a madman in the teeny tiny kitchen. Jay takes a dance break and Natalie follows Jay outside to chat with him about their tense relationship. Jay is still not over Natalie’s claim that Jay cheated on Ashley, but Natalie is not letting it go. Jay denies it all and questions, “with what?? *******, sucking, drinking?” Ew. Jay claims that “the past is the past,” but Natalie is not happy with that blanket statement. She is baffled that her best friend remains with this “child” of a guy and she doesn’t want to have to go through the drama again.

The next morning, Ashley wants to know about the conversation Jay had with Natalie. Jay claims Natalie is “all about that drama” and continues to deny the cheating stories. Ashley seems to think her friend “doesn’t want this marriage to work out,” but I think Natalie is just trying to be a good friend. Two days later, Ashley has cut Natalie out of her wedding …and her life. She explains that it’s “extremely stressful” that her “friend” isn’t supporting their relationship. Well that’s a bit extreme.

It’s time for Ashley to focus on the fun wedding planning stuff. “All my bridesmaids in this wedding were gonna be my bridesmaids in my other wedding.” Woops. Ashley swears this time she is “finally doing this” and you can tell her friends are still calling BS on this runaway bride. Ashley has to explain her reasoning for cutting Natalie out and states that Natalie is jealous/”all about that drama.” Ashley felt attacked and feels better after distancing herself from Natalie. Do you, boo.

Jonathan & Fernanda:

90 Day Fiance Recap I Know What You Did Fernanda Jonathan

With only 60 days to wed, Fernanda shares her frustrations about feeling alone. She’s having a hard time making friends and she is constantly bored while Jonathan is working. To make up for his absenteeism, Jonathan has decided to take his fiancé to Myrtle Beach for the weekend in hopes of making Fernanda feel more “at home.” Sure there’s a beach and sand, but it’s no Cancun, Jonathan.

Jonathan force feeds Fernanda and starts talking about wedding planning. Jonathan hopes to get married in Chicago, as that is where his whole family lives. Fernanda has some trepidation about this whole ordeal, since she would have never met the family UNTIL THE WEDDING DAY. Jon retorts, “You’re not marrying my family.” Luckily, Fernanda sees red flags about this and states that she doesn’t feel comfortable about the situation. Fernanda makes it clear that if his family does not support their marriage, she will not marry Jon. She also makes an ultimatum and insists on meeting his fam prior to the wedding day. Jonathan is a bit nervous about this meeting. Evidently, Jon’s mom found out that he was engaged on social media AND she called him asking if he was having a mid-life crisis. This doesn’t look like a great scenario. As Jonathan puts it, his mom “is a jealous person” so I am praying Fernanda gets out of this relationship before she has to meet that lady!

Later that evening, Jonathan and Fernanda prep for club night. Fernanda takes forever getting ready, but eventually the duo head into the club. Because Fernanda is underage, Jonathan can get wasted, while she stands by sober. They work it on the dance floor and are having a great time until Jonathan starts making some “bad decisions.” Jonathan’s behavior begins to spiral out of control and then some blonde chick starts grinding on him while Fernanda is in the bathroom. Jonathan does his best to push the girl away, but Fernanda doesn’t see that side of the confrontation. She wigs out and storms away from the club. Jonathan chases after her and she is p*ssed. He tries to explain the scenario to her, but Fernanda is not listening. She demands Jon to give her the car key and she straight up leaves him on the street. I am not even sure she has an American license, and I am also 100% sure that Jon shouldn’t be driving right now. The couple continue screaming in the parking lot where Fernanda demands Jonathan show her that he wants to marry her…but then the yelling subsides justttttt as a cop pulls up to the fight. Uh-oh.

Kalani & Asuelo:

90 Day Fiance Recap I Know What You Did Kalani Sister Kolini and Asuelu

Asuelu still has a lot of work to do to win my family over.” Ugh. Enough Kalani. Do you like this guy? Do you want a future with him? All I see her do is judge Asuelu and NOT teach him the proper ways to “father.” She is snobby and judgmental, even though she is currently jobless. The couple will be moving to her family’s 2nd home in Utah, where Kalani’s brother Nick permanently lives. The duo discuss “sex” and Asuelu claims that Kalani can’t keep her hands off of him. “You think I’m too sexy. You can’t stop yourself…Because I’m sexy moves.” Gross. Kalani shares that she is sad to leave California …and her sister. Things are still not good with Kalani’s sister and Asuelu. Kalani is the one who messed up the relationship with her sister. SHE lied about the “cheating.”

Before the couple leaves for Utah, Kalani puts together a little sit down with Kolini, Kalani’s angry sister. Poor Asuelu has no idea why Kolini dislikes him so, but he should prepare himself to get angry with his fiancé, the rumor spreader. Kalani doesn’t want to leave on a bad note and Kolini says it is rough that “you and MY baby are not gonna be close to me.” This is all too much. Kolini finally comes out and says it: she was under the impression that Asuelu cheated on Kalani. She asks to hear from Asuelo directly, who states that he wasn’t very serious with Kalani at first. I don’t really blame him one bit. When Kalani went back to visit Asuelu, the relationship became the real deal. “They are both fully committed. They are both fully in the relationship.”

After hearing allllllll of that, Kolini is still having a hard time believing Asuelo. She continues to question the guy until he cries and eventually, Kolini finally decides to believe and accept Asuelu. Hallelujah!