90 Day Fiance Recap: Ready to Run (Do They Even Like Each Other?)

by Julia Comments

90 Day Fiance Ready to Run Recap - Kalani tries on wedding dress

On this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé, as per usual, the question is, DO ANY OF THESE PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIKE EACH OTHER?

Colt & Larissa:

90 Day Fiance Ready to Run Larissa and ColtEveryone’s favorite awkward duo is on their way to check out a one bedroom apartment. Colt is desperate to make his bride-to-be-happy, but it’s clear that his mom (and roomie) Debbie, is not gonna like this at all. All I know is that there better be air conditioning in this apartment…for Larissa’s sake. The apartment shown to Colt and Larissa is new and modern and you can literally see Larissa’s heart emoji eyes. Colt’s shirt is busting open and he’s sweating about the potential costs of his “complicated” situation. Colt makes it clear, “I take care of my mother. You know that.” I am proud of him for standing up to Larissa, but she tempts him to choose her or his mother. Not nice. Colt is baffled about Larissa’s change of heart regarding Debbie, as she knew Colt was his mom’s caretaker BEFORE she even came to Vegas.

I am loving Colt-E’s new shades. I wonder if those are a gift from Larissa? Once the couple returns back home, Colt breaks the news to Deb that they looked at houses. Larissa, too excitedly, explains that they found the perfect one bedroom apartment, and Deb feels blindsided. Debbie shares that she would find a “senior place,” but you can tell that her heart is broken. She has lived with Colt for 33 years, but Larissa insists it is time Colt “cuts the umbilical cord.” Ouch

Ashley & Jay:

90 Day Fiance Ready to Run AshleyThese two only have 30 days to wed and Ashley is upset. She is having “a lot of issues trusting” Jay right now because he simply up and leaves the house, taking Ashley’s car. RED FLAG. Ashley, ever the optimist, is “hoping” Jay understands why she could be upset, but he doesn’t seem to get the message. Twenty year old Jay may start thinking his fiancé is behaving more like his mother at this point. I think he is just straight up rude, despite his lame apology to Ashley. Ashley sees this as a clean slate, but I’m not quite sure she should believe all of the words coming out of Jay’s mouth. He’s a smooth talker who knows just what to say to keep Ashley happy. His sudden change of heart proves that he knew he was on thin ice and desperately didn’t wanna be shipped back to Jamaica.

Ashley has brought Jay to the “rustic barn” venue, so he can see what it all looks like. Jay appears as though he could care less because Americans “make a big deal about weddings.” The couple head back home and all seems to be going well until Ashley’s phone starts blowing up. It turns out that people have trolled Ashley and Jay’s wedding website and have left absolutely horrible comments about Jay. It is NOT ok. The anonymous comments have shaken the couple and the things that these people have written are absolutely disgusting. There are threats about showing up to the wedding bearing arms and it is such a horrible thing for Ashley and Jay to have to deal with. Ashley tells Jay that he needs to “go out and comfortable, but he needs to be on alert.” That is no way to live. Jay wants to go back to Jamaica and that could spell heartbreak for Ashley.

Jonathan & Fernanda:

It’s a wedding dress shopping day for Fernanda! She is trying on gowns with Jonathan’s sister, Jackie, but Jonathan’s mom is nowhere to be found, despite receiving an invite. Fernanda feels “hurt” by his mom’s actions, as she doesn’t have any other family here in America. I like how Jonathan’s sister stepped up to the plate during this stressful time. After a few tense minutes, Jonathan’s mom makes her grand entrance, shocking Fernanda completely. His mom states that “she should be here to support her” and it’s the right thing for her to do, for sure.

Fernanda begins the process of searching for her dress. She models a long-sleeved beauty first and it makes her look “very, very mature,” according to Jonathan’s sister. The second dress Fernanda comes out in is “like a princess” and Fernanda is glowing. Jonathan’s mom suggests that this dress is “more age appropriate” and she seems to be having an absolute meltdown until Fernanda comes out in the “Jackie O” dress. Everyone is all smiles over this dress until someone brings up Fernanda’s mom. The tears start flowing and you can’t help but feel bad for Fernanda. It appears as though Jonathan’s mom is coming around until she says “God knows what the future holds, but this is happening.”

Steven & Olga:

90 Day Fiance Ready to Run Olga and StevenOver in Russia, Steven’s still being a total troll and Olga’s still dealing with his outburst AND a newborn baby. Steven admits, “We don’t know how to be parents,” so the couple is struggling to get along. In an attempt to make sparks fly and the “family” to feel more like a “family,” they have decided to drive to “the fancy park.” Naturally, the arguing begins as soon as they get out of the car because of #carseatproblems. Olga suggests to just take the baby home, and Steven loses his cool, yet again. Poor Olga is still healing from her C-section and it appears as though Steven is oblivious to this fact. He is throwing a fit about not going to “the fancy park” and feels like Olga doesn’t understand him. What a mess.

Steven is overwhelmed as he is the one running the errands, but he cannot understand the language. He doesn’t feel like Olga appreciates “all that he is doing for her.” Steven has decided that everything has changed between him and Olga and he is demanding to know what happened. “You’re not even excited I’m here.” “You should be appreciating all that I am doing for you.” Steven asks Olga for ONE thank you and states that “the kid can’t be before him, we both have to come equally.” Whatever that means… Maybe Steven is jealous of the baby? He wants to know what Olga does for HIM. He wants to know why Olga won’t lay with him. He is demanding she show him appreciation, not just say it.

When Steven leaves to “clear his mind,” Olga looks relieved. But when he returns, even the baby starts wailing. Olga, unnecessarily, apologizes to Steven and Steven tells Olga that he is “giving her a chance to fix things.” Steven is so weird and so needy. He needs to understand he is not gonna get laid after Olga just had surgery. I love how he always says, “WE’RE just stressing each other out.” No, Steven, you’re the stressor here. You’re the one who has the anger problems. Maybe those problems are not as “deep inside” of Steven as he thinks…

Eric & Leida:

90 Day Fiance Ready to Run Eric and LeidaEric and Leida are on their way to see the wedding venue, even though their relationship is on the rocks on account of Eric’s daughter/roommate. Leida has decided to focus on wedding planning because they only have two months to get married. Eric informs Leida that THIS wedding is not gonna be as snazzy as Leida’s first one, but I don’t think she understands just how #basic this wedding is gonna be. The “venue” is a “ballroom” aka a hotel conference room. You can FEEL Leida’s disappointment, but Eric “believes she is ok with it.” Eric informs Leida that she can bring stuff in from Party Central to jazz up the ballroom. Of course, Leida is displeased and borderline disgusted by this upcoming event.

Despite all of the warning signs, Leida is still going through with this. According to Eric, “the venue is the canvas, and the florist is the artist.” Leida’s disappointment grows when she learns that she cannot have the flowers she was hoping for. The sweet florist talks about the couple’s “modest budget” and brings Leida back to reality about her desires. When is Leida going to realize that this life with Eric is not what she expects?! Leida begins to suspect that if Eric wasn’t paying for child support, they would be able to spend more on their wedding… Clearly, Eric is afraid of losing Leida, as he doubles the flower budget just to simply stop her from whining.

It’s another beautiful day in Eric and Leida’s apartment…just kidding. Leida feels as though the current living situation is “unacceptable,” but Eric explains that his lifestyle is “simplistic.” Taking Leida furniture shopping is not a good idea for “frugal, Spartan Eric.” I am concerned who is watching Leida’s son while the couple try out sofas, but that’s just me. Leida is insisting that they get a “couch right now” and she becomes frustrated with Eric when he tells her everything is too expensive. Leida needs “Eric to do better” and is annoyed that Eric turned down the money Leida’s father offered.

Eric tells Leida “there are things that” she “just needs to accept” and thus begins this relationship’s downfall. Leida storms out and feels “like she has been lied to.” Eric chases after Leida and she cannot understand why he can’t make what she wants happen. She is “finally understanding” that he doesn’t earn enough money to support her and her son. Obviously, Leida brings up the child support and questions what she is doing here with Eric. To be honest, I am shocked she has lasted this long with Eric as all she does is tear into Eric for his lack of financial support. She yells that she “is never gonna be happy” and this fight is absolutely ridiculous. Leida finally states that she “doesn’t wanna get married” and “let’s just end this.” All because of money.

Kalani & Asuelo:

After a few weeks, Kalani and Asuelo are still getting comfortable and moving into their Utah digs. Kalani explains that it’s hard with Asuelo, as he doesn’t have “the same type of parenting skills” as she does, but LUCKILY, Kalani’s sister Kolini is coming to Utah. Kolini’s always caused a bit of angst in the relationship, but Kalani is pushing for a fight. She reminds Asuelo that things haven’t always been good between Kolini and Asuelo, and sweet Asuelo just brushes it off.

Once “Lini” arrives, the girls head out for a wedding dress. Kalani also brings along her mother and baby Oliver because every opinion matters to this chick. Kalani looks less than pleased as she peruses the gowns and tells her mom and sister that “this feels so weird.” I think THAT’S so weird! (Sidenote: did anyone else see Kolini nearly drop baby Oliver?! And Kalani thinks ASUELO is bad at this?!) Despite her reservations, Kalani dons a lace dress and models for the crowd. She explains that “she is scared to commit to a dress 100% now,” and Kalani’s mom senses an issue regarding the upcoming nuptials.

Over brunch with Asuelo, Kalani, and Kolini, detective Kolini decides that she needs to find out Asuelo’s true motives. She is totally looking for a problem and a reason to hate Asuelo. She asks him loaded questions like, “Did you like that Kalani is from America?” Of course, Asuelo loved that. He wants “a better life, better future.” Asuelo explains that he likes Kalani’s personality and you could tell that Kolini is angry that he didn’t fall into her trap. Asuelo feels like Kalani doesn’t like his family, but Kalani explains that she doesn’t like his brother because he said “something gross to her.” She told us what his brother said. It WAS pretty gross, but Kalani and Kolini need to give this guy a chance. Kalani is always the victim and always looking for an issue. And she always seems to find JUST what she is looking for. After Kalani’s monologue, Asuelo states that he wants to go home. Kalani feels “embarrassed that her sister is here to see how dysfunctional their relationship is,” but she needs to understand that she continuously pushes Asuelo to his breaking point. Asuelo thinks this is it- Kalani will be sending him back to Samoa.