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RHONY’s Bethenny Frankel Tried to Break Up with Dennis Shields a Week Before His Death, Talks Pressures of Staying in Relationship

RHONY's Bethenny Frankel Tried to Break Up with Dennis Shields a Week Before His Death

RHONY's Bethenny Frankel Tried to Break Up with Dennis Shields a Week Before His Death

Bethenny Frankel is sharing more details about her relationship with Dennis Shields on next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York

Bethenny has already revealed that Dennis proposed to her on April 25, 2018, but now she’s sharing that she tried to leave the engagement a week before his death.

“I mean, it’s really brutal. He was really someone that I went to for everything. So him being gone is just a massive void and I really can’t believe he’s gone,” Bethenny reveals in a confessional interview during the RHONY episode that will air on April 3.

Part of the information will be shared in confessional interviews, while other facts will be shared in a conversation she has with a therapist.

“He had such a powerful force in my life and [was] such a loving person and my daughter loved him that it was this whole thing that was hard to extricate myself from,” she reveals to her therapist on camera as she tries to make sense of his death.

“But I had just said though that week, I haven’t told anybody this, I had just said the Saturday before [he died], ‘I have to exit this dynamic.’ So then it was a lot on my mind about him dying right after that. I could not get off the ride and I feel guilty that the only way I got off the ride is that he’s dead.”

She tells her therapist that she feels better but that she does feel guilty about his death. She believes he would want her to feel better about everything.

Bethenny also talks about the pressures of staying in a relationship with Dennis, as he told her that he didn’t want to date anyone else after Bethenny.

“Dennis told me, [if] we didn’t work out, he was never going to be in a relationship again. He was going to be alone for the rest of his life,” Bethenny reveals in another confessional interview.

“It was a tremendous pressure and it kept me in. I don’t know what happened that night and I will always have to live with that, for whatever that means,” she added.

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Since Dennis’ passing, Bethenny has gone public with businessman Paul Bernon, a man who has yet to make his Real Housewives of New York debut. The two reportedly starting dating in 2017.

The Real Housewives of New York airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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  1. Wasn’t she just going on and on that they were engaged? Which is it? Guess it is easy to constantly change the narrative when the other party isn’t around to disagree.

      1. As I say below, this topic needs to be dropped. Period. She’s being asked about it under oath in her custody hearing. Everything else is just bizarre & sad.

      2. It was one big lie after another, revisionist history. Just like the rest of her life. She wants everyone to believe she grew up in poverty, raised by wolves, when in reality she grew up with affluence and 2 parents.

  2. How in the world can you break up with someone when you have a boyfriend? I hate how people buy her lies. I’m beginning to wonder if Dennis did co-propose (to her and her daughter) or if it’s another lie of FrankelJaw’s. I wouldn’t be shocked if she bought the engagement ring after Dennis’ death so she could play the grieving widow. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/72f282119c4af16df69b850948a5df758d7b60130743fcf355560e2c33686dae.gif

    1. Wouldn’t be surprised at all. I hate that she wore that monstrosity of a ring on camera, just so she brag about him “proposing” to her and Brynn. I’m sure his kids and ex wife are pleased to hear B say this on national television!

      Also, what man buys a giant ring (and another for her daughter) and then proposes if it’s not a 100% acceptance?

          1. That is very forward thinking. How could she know in advance of Dennis’ sudden demise to purchase her own engagement ring?

            Or do you think she purchased it after he passed???

        1. Right!!!! Barfenny’s reaction to Bawby’s funeral was completely self serving. She gave herself kudos because SHE was there! BF was proud of herself for showing up. And when Jill approached her, BF was pleased that Jill said the right things to HER!!!! I really wish Barfenny could experience that sort of total narcissism at her expense to understand how detached from reality it is.

          1. Can narcissists experience the narcissism of others or are they too narcissistic to notice? We should put Beth and Vicki G. into a fight cage and see who survives.

    2. Especially after finding out that she was dating the new guy/ breaking up with him in 2017, then back with him immediately after Dennis’ death.

  3. WTH? BFrankelstein claims to have loved Dennis. He had a huge impact in her life and she wanted to be with him. He proposed & she accepted the ring. But, she really wanted to leave him. According to Barfenny’s blather, Dennis was the “best person” to be around her. Yet, she wanted to be “away from that dynamic”. I DO NOT GET HER. I don’t understand one word of her “story” – which she is milking pretty good. I truly hope she gets off the RHONY ride after this season. She’s either insane or taking meds that aren’t helping with her OCD & Hyper-mania issues.

    1. I can see why her and Pyle are besties, they’re both emotional idiots. Always looking for attention in all the wrong ways and places.

      1. YES! Their “kinship” makes sense, being very similar in their wants, needs & reactions.
        They really are emotional vampires AND they need to be the center of attention.

      2. Typical conversation.
        K: Lisa hurt me today.
        B: Jason hurt me today.
        K: I tried to make up with Lisa but she’s such a bitch.
        B: I tried to co-parent with Jason but he’s such a dick.
        K: Life is hard. It’s Lisa’s fault.
        B: Life is hard. It’s Jason’s fault.
        B and K: I’m so glad we had this little chat. Next time I’m in town we’re have to talk about you. Mwah!

  4. More on-camera “therapy” for ‘I coulda been a widow’ Frankel. Most people go into therapy to better themselves. Bethenny uses ‘therapy’ as just another opportunity to babble on about her favorite subject-Bethenny.

    1. I hope we don’t have to watch too many of her therapy ME sessions. It’s bad enough when she’s with the other women but having the camera focus solely on her isn’t something I want to watch again. We had enough of that however many seasons ago.

      1. Where do they find these on-camera therapists who all seem to have the same office? Notice she never has a woman therapist.

        1. Bethenny with a female therapist:

          Therapist: “Good morning Betheny. Today we will……
          Bethenny: “Shut Up bitch.”

    2. Hey Mikeycat!!! It’s good to see you! Barfenny isn’t finished milking this SL. I bet BFrankelstein writes a book about this: “I Was a Would-Be Widow So YOU Don’t Have To Be”

        1. Thanks, Mikeycat!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s a good idea. She’ll steal it from you, like she stole her original Margarita drink.

          FYI: When Dennis first passed, she posted that she lost weight because she was on “the Skinny Widow Diet” or “The Grief Diet”. Nice branding there.

    1. Hehehehehe *running to get Mais a barracuda*

  5. “…she does feel guilty about his death.”

    How about feeling guilty about his wife? His family? Involving her daughter? Her simultaneous boyfriend? Leading him on? Taking advantage of him? But, no, she feels guilty about his death. Why?

      1. But that would be ugly manipulation if he actually stated if she left him he would never again be in a relationship.

        1. People frequently say they’ll “Never Love Again” (thanks, Lady Gage & Bradley Cooper) in the midst of a breakup starting in about middle school. How alone could he be given that he was still legally married? He’d not taken one step toward legal separation much less divorce, they were on/off since 2016, & never lived together. We saw a few cameos of him on RHONY & have no idea whether he was manipulative or not. He did manage to have a wife, GF, & other women to date when he & B were “off” just as she dated others.

    1. Remember several Reunions ago when LuAnn brought up the fact that he was still married & B aggressively got in LuAnn’s space (face) and called her an “F’n Liar”?
      Who is the real liar? That’s up to the individual to decide. I find Bethenny disgusting.

  6. ‘I had just said the Saturday before he died “I have to exit from this dynamic’. ‘Dennis told me if we didn’t work out he was never going to be in a relationship again.” “I don’t know what happened that night and I will always have to live with that, for whatever that means”. What is this trick trying to insinuate?

  7. Does anyone else see how many times Bethenny says “I” and “Me” when talking about Dennis. It’s all about her all the time….

  8. How dense and unperceptive can Bethenny be? She is giving a world of harm to so many others with her self-indulgent blathering and her needful demand to control everyone. She won’t leave Dennis Shields alone, nor his grieving family. She won’t stop trying for full custody of Bryn against the child’s father. It is sickening. How can she not see it?

  9. She needs to stop pimping his death.
    Incidentally, remember a few Reunions back when LuAnn revealed B’s boyfriend (Dennis) was still married and B violently got into LuAnns space (face) & called her a “F’n Liar!”?
    …that didn’t age well did it.

  10. What are the “issues/dynamic/merry-go-round” that Dennis had to change before she’d consider a permanent relationship?

    She hinted from her 1st conversation w/Carole during Fibroid Dying Season that she was re-thinking her stance on never marrying again because it was important to Dennis. She said at the reunion that he had some steps he had to take first. Last spring, she told Dorinda that she was on a 90-day break from Dennis. This season, she tells Dorinda it wasn’t a perfect relationship – he still had things to do – even though he had proposed w/rings on April 25. Dorinda, like the rest of us, didn’t even know they were still dating.

    Next week, she tells the therapist that the dynamic wasn’t healthy & the only way she got off the merry-go-round was his death. I don’t believe for a second she’s incapable of getting off a merry-go-round; she’s never had a problem ending things when she was done w/people.

    So, if it wasn’t that he was legally married or addiction (as she testified under oath last week), what was so awful about their dynamic? Why is it such a secret?

    1. The “unhealthy dynamic” to which BFrankelstein “had to get off” was exposed to her young daughter on an ongoing basis. BF inadvertently admitted to being a selfish, uncaring mother. She put HER needs & wants above what was best for her only child.

    2. The “unhealthy dynamic” to which BFrankelstein “had to get off” was exposed to her young daughter on an ongoing basis. BF inadvertently admitted to being a selfish, uncaring mother. She put HER needs & wants above what was best for her only child.

  11. Dennis was going to be alone for the rest of his life if she didn’t stay? When he had a wife he talked to every day, went out with & vacationed with?

    What were the terrible pressures of being in a relationship w/Dennis? Considering she turned to him for EVERYTHING.

    And, of course, Bethenny no doubt caused his death because she has power over life/death.

    This topic needs to be dropped. It’s only been 6/7 months – more like 2 at the time of filming. She’s probably still in shock to some extent. This release of little bits of news don’t help her or his family and confuse viewers. In court last week, she said under oath that she thought he died of a heart attack because he’d had heart problems in the past & knew nothing of his pain med use.

    1. Does it seem like she’s kinda capitalizing on his sudden death just for attention? Ick-I’m disgusted for just writing this!
      But her stories keep changing, and that usually means lying.
      Knit, you’re a young widow IIRC, and you have my respect ?.
      We know everyone grieves differently. If you don’t mind, What’s your take on this? If you don’t want to share, I understand. Happy Friday ?! Naomi

      1. Ah, thanks. My take is that the death of a husband is almost unbearable if you loved him & completely different from the death of anyone else such as parents. I imagine the death of one’s child is awful. Early grief is a time when I, at least, changed from minute to minute in feeling okay to not. It’s not a time of stability or good decision-making for any other widows/widowers I know.

        Bethenny isn’t a widow. We don’t know what she was – GF, former GF, semi-fiancee. She’s always maintained this mystery about Dennis & things he needed to change if she was going to be in a relationship much less married to him. What was the merry-go-round that made him so awful?

        The marriage proposal seems ludicrous to me given that he & his wife hadn’t taken ANY steps toward a legal separation after two years of living apart & dating others as well as each other. I don’t see how she could’ve considered herself engaged to a married man nor that Bryn would be – I don’t know what – promised that he would married her mom some day?

        IMO, the entire topic should be dropped – on RHONY & media. RHONY should edit out anything about Dennis other that what’s been shown. I don’t think Bethenny is thinking clearly about Dennis & it’s not entertaining to watch her in therapy talking about how she might’ve killed him.

        Given that she testified under oath in the custody trial last week that she DIDN’T know the circumstances of his death 1st hand, had been told he died of a heart attack & thought he had a heart murmur, & hadn’t seen NARCAN in his apt, I assume that’s the truth. She’s not going to perjure herself when Bryn is at stake. All factual from authorities info would go to Dennis’s widow & she apparently hasn’t shared anything w/Bethenny.

        So, to answer your question, I don’t believe anything Bethenny has ever said about Dennis except what was under oath. Whatever she says on RHONY is fantasy or lies or hysteria.

        1. Bravo doesn’t care, the more salacious, slanderous and intrusive they can be the better. Look at what’s happening with RHOBH, they’ve brought us a storyline of 5 hags going after a grieving LVP because Dorit dumped a dog. How ridiculous is that?

        2. Thank you for sharing, Knit.
          You have a unique point of view (unfortunately due to the death of your husband and your young age), and I always keep this in mind when you comment.
          Your responses here make much more sense than what B is presenting on the show.
          I hadn’t thought about what a brain fvck this proposal was to Bryn. Poor kid! ?❤️

      2. She’s been using Dennis from the minute he died. We saw it all summer long. Every time she farted it reminded her of Dennis and she had to tweet about it. FrankenHag needs to give it a rest.

          1. She was with this guy before Dennis died. She’s a liar. Her lips are moving, she’s lying.

          2. I see her as a female Donald Trump. She’s a carnival barker, 3 card monty & bullsh*t artist rolled into one package. She’s all about her “brand”, slapping her name on every product. She never shuts up. She incessantly LIES, but proclaims she speaks the truth. She’s FOS. She needs to overpower everyone in every situation. She can’t commit to one person. She has narcissistic personality disorder.

    2. I have a feeling he was deep into a drug addiction. That may have been part of the problem but BF would never admit to it because it means she has to face her own addictions and troubles. Eating disorders, drinking, Adderall, attention whore, make believe ailments etc.

      1. BFrankelstein cannot admit to Dennis’ drug use or abuse for a different reason. It would show her unfitness as a parent, giving her Sperm Donor more ammo to keep the custody agreement as it is.

      2. Under oath in the custody hearing, she denied it. I don’t think she’d perjure herself when she’s desperate to win this case. I’m beginning to think she didn’t even date Dennis as much as she claimed.

        1. She’s giving a lot of “I don’t know” & “Maybe” answers for things they have documentation on. So I can see her lying and saying she didn’t know that a man she was sleeping with for years took pain meds. His wife and kids knew.

          1. She gave those answers for old stuff – 2014-15 that were in her divorce transcript.

            She’s not going to perjure herself, end up in jail, & giving Jason primary custody. Jason raised Dennis’s OD the week after his death & the judge shot him down saying it could wait for the trial so she KNEW it would be raised. The daughter who told her Dennis had died said it was a heart attack & that’s what Bethenny is sticking to.

      3. Also, Jason would totally use this in the custody case. She will forever deny it. I think that is why she keeps coming up with these fairytale stories

          1. EXACTLY!!! BFrankelstein is a con woman. She talks fast so nobody can interrupt or understand her.

        1. Jason would be totally right to do so. BFrankelstein has played fast & loose with the selection of men she exposes to her daughter.

          1. I absolutely agree. That is why she will always deny and makeup some ridiculous fairytale instead.

          2. You’re right. However, here she is online, in print & on television giving away her secrets. Can’t Jason use this story & her onscreen “performance” as evidence? It defies her court testimony.

          1. I was reading something about Hoppy bringing up the fact Dennis died of on od and alleged that he was often alone with Brynn and drove her around. I don’t blame him for being upset about that. Even if she really didn’t know about his substance abuse I still question her judgement.

      4. And because of her own history, I’m fairly certain she was aware of Dennis’s struggles and how they were negatively impacting all areas of his life including his marriage which I believe was strong but dealing with the understandable strain that happens with addiction.

        I think Bethany was predatory as she knew there was addiction and entered the proverbial arena anyway. Why no intervention? Why no collaboration with his family? Probably because she had sights on using this “relationship” in any way that best served her main objectives. And because this is Bethany, it truly is unclear what her actual ‘relationship ‘ was with Dennis but I suspect she is taking every advantage of him and the situation, which is tragic because he was married and had a family.

          1. Aww???. THANK YOU! That is such a nice compliment!

            There are so many well thought out and witty comments here! I’m so glad that I found this site ???

      1. I used to be Bethenny neutral & not watching the show this season because what I find appalling is Lu’s theft of $4mm from her children 10 years ago that she’s lived on & lied about as well as her unwillingness to even attempt to understand the consequences of her arrest.

        I think Dennis’s death unhinged her. Whatever he was to her, he seemed to be the only reliable man in her life & his death left her reeling. She’s pretending she’s fine, but she’s clearly not. I said at the time I hope she skipped the 1st 3 months of filming RHONY because she’d be too raw/unpredictable given the sudden loss & her IG has been filled w/insanity like the grief diet, dying from airplane fumes, & commenting on the OD’s of celebrities/entertainers she didn’t know.

        Frankly, I think his family has shown remarkable silence w/her antics. I’d have filed an injunctiion to prevent her from speculating/talking about Dennis at all other than maybe a TH that said “my dear friend Dennis died suddenly & I’m deeply saddened. I’m not going to rehash it on camera” for entertainment.

        1. Exactly but that would only happen if BF had a shred of decency and we all know she severely lacks that. What Lu did is really despicable. Do they think of anyone besides themselves? Not even their own flesh and blood.

        2. Exactly but that would only happen if BF had a shred of decency and we all know she severely lacks that. What Lu did is really despicable. Do they think of anyone besides themselves? Not even their own flesh and blood.

  12. “Bethenny also talks about the pressures of staying in a relationship with Dennis, as he told her that he didn’t want to date anyone else after Bethenny.”

    That is only because how awful you are. You probably turned him off of women, with your leaky gut syndrome and leaky mouth syndrome. You certainly moved on quick though, skinnyhag.

    1. She was building her “bench” while she was accepting the ring from a man she didn’t want to be with? That’s chutzpah.

  13. Can this evil shrew ever stop exploiting Dennis? Marriage is only “until death do us part,” but I guess dating BF is eternal.

    Note: Paul Bernon, you’ve been warned.

    1. Yeah, I don’t know why he’s showing up daily at the custody hearing. It’s none of his business. I think she just wants a man to flaunt to Jason. Not sure the judge would find that laudable.

  14. She didn’t seem to care too much about Bryn “loving” Dennis as she repeatedly brought him in/ kicked him out of their lives & dated other men. That poor kid.

      1. That’s way she hates Hoppy so much-he won’t let her use Bryn in the show. It’s like he stole her SkinnyCrap..

        1. Right you are. She sneaks Bryn through the back door by talking about Bryn’s feelings over losing Dennis, etc. I agree with Jason. No good can come of Bryn being filmed. She would lose her privacy & perhaps friends.

          1. Wish Bethenny would understand having a revolving door of men that Brynn gets attached to is wrong. Team Jason all the way.

          2. …..yes, absolutely! Creates an environment that is unpredictable and inconsistent and therefore not secure or structured, which is what children need in order to feel safe. It also sets Brynn up for attachment issues later in life.

          3. I agree! Brynn is too young and does not even have the capacity to understand the short and long term ramifications of being filmed. She is a child, for goodness sake! As a child, she has basic human rights including privacy!!!!! I respect that Jason is looking out for his daughter and refusing her involvement in such madness.

  15. I must ask the obvious question.
    From the beginning of her return to RHONY, the SkinnyBitch has proclaimed that she “knows it all”, can “B Strong” under all circumstances; and “doesn’t mind living alone.” Why does she state that Dennis was the only person she would lean on for all matters of her life??? Either she can handle her business & personal life on her own (as she has insisted); or she can’t (as she now says.)

  16. I can’t describe how vile and selfish B*tchenny is. Even if it were true that Dennis professed B*tchenny was the love of her life, there are certain things that should not be revealed publicly.

    1. I understand that these shows are supposed to be about their “reality,” but at some point, it becomes disrespectful to Dennis’ family to keep discussing him on the show. For me, that point has been reached.

  17. She needs so much therapy for all the lying she’s doing to herself! Dennis would never date again?? So what he’d just stay in his marriage in that case which is what he was already doing? Beth only sees others as a vehicle to getting her somewhere. She seems to have no concept of real intimacy. How is she said that Dennis wouldn’t be in a serious relationship with her by the way right around this time? That’s the truth bc that’s what she was saying while he was still on this earth to refute her tall tales.

  18. I have only seen the first episode, but didn’t I hear or read that Beth said he didn’t have an opiod problem, but I swear she has stated in the press that his opiod problem was one reason she didn’t want to marry him? I could be wrong but I could’ve swore she said both of these statements.

  19. Last night there was some Housewives storyline review show on Bravo. During it, Bethenny was shown yelling at another NY housewife; it was during a fight she had with Luann. Bethenny bellowed, “do I go out with married men? No! I don’t!” And blah blah screeching blah, finally calling Luann a slut, etc.

    Bethenny compartmentalizes her own mind and completely ignored the truth about Dennis Shield being married. Evidently, SHE did not consider Dennis to be married. The truth be damned. I found this to be very telling. And narcissistic. It is as if anyone in any relation to her becomes her possession for her consumption, and if they don’t respond or behave as she demands, she makes sure that there is hell to pay.

    And yes, she is laying the groundwork for her own daughter to cast her aside one day.

    Plus, what can her current lover feel about Bethenny going on and on about Dennis? Not to mention her custody campaign. That guy can simply look at all of this and foretell his own future with Bethenny.

  20. “He was really someone that I went to for everything. So him being gone is just a massive void”.

    Dennis dying is so hard on HER, ya’ll! I mean, she’s going to have to find a new personal financial advisor and everything. And whose going to fix her toilet now? My god, this woman is insane. It’s all about her, every second of every day. Remember last year and her comment to Jill, just widowed at Bobby’s funeral? “I’m alone, too”….equating Jill’s husband dying to her being single. IN sane.

  21. The session w/the therapist – who apparently makes house calls – is total BS. He should’ve called her on everything:

    1. She’s never had a problem ending relationships before; she just cuts people (men & women) off. The merry-go-round didn’t exist.
    2. What does she care if Dennis The Married Man never dated again?
    3. Although she may think she’s superhuman, she actually doesn’t have the power to cause people’s death. No guilt.
    4. She doesn’t get to know the details of Dennis’s death; his wife got the official word. She can live w/that.

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