90 Day Fiance Star Ashley Martson Files for Divorce from Jay Smith Again Over Cheating Claims, Plus Is Jay Getting Deported?

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90 Day Fiance Star Ashley Martson Files for Divorce from Jay Smith Again Over Cheating Claims, Plus Is Jay Getting Deported?

It’s splitsville for Ashley Martson and Jay Smith… again.

Months after the 90 Day Fiance couple called off their first divorce and admitted to faking the split for a storyline, Ashley has once again pulled the plug on her marriage. Even more, it appears Jay is in danger of being deported after receiving a letter from Immigration telling him he has overstayed his visa.

90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates was the first to break the divorce news as he shared the couple’s latest divorce filing on April 24.

As for the reason for the split, Ashley recently lashed out at Jay online for taking her car to a strip club, while, at the same time, a woman named ‘Britney Jones’ accused Jay of getting her pregnant and even posted a sonogram online.

Woman Britney Accuses 90 Day Fiance star Jay Smith of Cheating and Getting Her Pregnant

Not surprisingly, many fans of the show were skeptical of this latest fiasco as it was only back in February when Ashley admitted she and Jay had faked an earlier split, which had her going as far as to file for divorce in January, only to withdraw the filing less than two weeks later.

Back then, Ashley blamed pressure from the show producers for why they felt the need to create fake drama. The timing of this latest divorce filing is also a bit suspicious as it comes just days before the new season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After is set to premiere on April 28.

Also this week, John Yates shared a letter the Department of Homeland Security sent to Jay which required him to appear in front of an immigration judge on May 8, 2019 as they accused him of remaining “in the United States beyond June 3, 2018 without authorization from the Immigration and Naturalization Service or its successor the Department of Homeland Security.”

This might be an indication that Ashley did not file the paperwork for Jay to get his green card. If that is the case, it is unknown if that was intentional or just an error.

For the time being, Ashley appears to be moving on as she shared a photo of herself with another man in New York.


As for Jay, he also shared a photo of himself with another woman on his Instagram Stories on April 26. That photo is below.

90 Day Fiance Jay Smith New Woman

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