50 Cent Officially Ends Feud With Lala Kent and Randall Emmett After Getting His $1 Million, Shares New Text Messages as Faith Stowers Calls Out Lala

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50 Cent Officially Ends Feud With Lala Kent and Randall Emmett After Getting His $1 Million, Shares New Text Messages

50 Cent has officially ended his feud with Lala Kent and Randall Emmett.

After mercilessly ranting for days about the way Lala was suckering Randall into buying her vehicles and giving her movie roles, and also poking fun at Randall’s apparent heart attack fears, the rapper took to his Instagram account and confirmed his intentions to end the drama between them.

“I got my money, so I have no problem with [Randall Emmett]. In fact I’m wishing him and his family a very blessed day,” 50 Cent wrote on April 29 in the caption of the latest text messages sent between him and Randall.

“Positive vibes now guys. LOL,” he added.

On Monday morning, Randall texted 50 Cent in hopes that he would “stop posting” and promised he would give him the $1 million he owed by the end of the day.

“You made this f**king mess, when the money hits the accounts everything comes down,” 50 Cent replied. 

Then, hours later, 50 Cent sent another text to Randall, which read, “Ok I just got the wire a**hole, back to my regular scheduled program.”

50 Cents gets his money from Randall Emmett

While 50 Cent is done feuding with Randall and Lala, and has since deleted all of his posts about the couple from his Instagram, the drama between them actually paid off in more ways than one. In addition to getting his $1 million from the Vanderpump Rules star’s fiancé, the rapper also made an additional $300,000 off of T-shirts poking fun at the online dispute, and at the nickname Randall accidentally gave to the musician.

According to an April 28 report from The Blast, 50 Cent sold more than 10,000 T-shirts on Sunday, which included a text message conversation between him and Randall.

“I’m sorry FOFTY,” Randall’s message read. “$1,000,000,” read 50 Cent’s reply.

In addition to launching a collection of T-shirts, the rapper also created a 50 Cent-themed promo shot for Vanderpump Rules, which he has since deleted from his Instagram page (along with all of the other digs he made at Lala and Randall).

Amid their feud this past weekend, Lala slammed 50 Cent for allegedly trying to “diminish the validity” of the Me Too movement with a clip featuring her admitting to receiving gifts and a movie role after she began sleeping with Randall. In response, Lala’s former co-star, Faith Stowers, slammed Lala for mentioning the movement when she’s actually “encouraging” abuse.

“#MeToo against men taking advantage of women trying to make it in the entertainment industry and #metoo against women encouraging those same monsters to sexually abuse them by making it an ACTUAL #fetish. #foftycent,” she tweeted.


Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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