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Real Housewives of Orange County

UPDATE: Kelly Dodd Feels Meghan King Edmonds is Experiencing “Karma” Over Husband Jim’s Affair, Says She Broke the News Years Ago on RHOC

Kelly Dodd Feels Meghan King Edmonds is Experiencing "Karma" Over Husband Jim's Affair, Says She Broke News Years Ago on RHOC

Kelly Dodd doesn’t understand why Jim Edmonds‘ affair has just become news.

Following reports claiming Meghan King Edmonds‘ husband engaged in an affair with another woman during her latest pregnancy, the Real Housewives of Orange County star is reminding fans that she spoke of Jim’s infidelity years ago and suggesting the betrayal is “karma” for her former co-star.

After a Real Housewives fan page on Instagram spoke of Jim’s affair and Meghan’s reaction to it, Kelly commented.

“This is old news .. I said this on the reunion years ago,” Kelly wrote on June 14.

Although Kelly said she was “not kicking [Meghan] down,” she was confused by the sudden interest.

“I just don’t understand why this is news now?” she wondered.

RHOC's Kelly Dodd Reacts to Jim Edmonds Affair on Instagram

During a 2017 episode of the RHOC, Kelly told Meghan that Jim “has a mistress” but Meghan, who was pregnant with her first child, daughter Aspen, 2, at the time, said she knew Kelly’s claims were “not true.”

“We are pregnant for God’s sake, Kelly,” she replied. “My God.”

In a second comment on the fan page’s Instagram post, Kelly reacted to a fan who suggested Jim’s affair was karma for Meghan, who was “smug” to Kelly during her time on The Real Housewives of Orange County and acted as if her marriage to Jim was “perfect.”

“She always was smug to you like her marriage was so perfect, looks like it sweetheart,” the person wrote, adding the hashtag, “#karma.”

“Totally!” Kelly replied. “#Karma is right girl!”

RHOC's Kelly Dodd Says Jim Edmonds' Affair is Karma

UPDATE: Kelly commented under Reality Blurb’s Instagram post about this story to further explain her stance.

She wrote, “Meghan came after me on the reunion years ago .. I have compassion for her of course . But this is old news .. I was wondering why is out now ?? .. I am sorry but ladies if you marry a man that has a history of cheating and a professional athlete your chances of him being faithful is very slim .. come on!!”

Kelly Dodd clarifies comment about Meghan King Edmonds

The Real Housewives of Orange County will return to Bravo TV for season 14 this summer.

Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/, Instagram


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