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VIDEO: 90 Day Fiance’s Fernanda Flores Accuses Ex Jonathan Rivera of Physical Abuse and Cheating, Jonathan Responds

VIDEO: 90 Day Fiance’s Fernanda Flores Accuses Ex Jonathan Rivera of Physical Abuse and Cheating, Jonathan Responds

The divorce between 90 Day Fiance stars Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores was finalized earlier this month, and now Fernanda is making some shocking allegations against her ex-husband.

In a shocking YouTube tell-all, the 20-yr-old reality star accused Jonathan of cheating on her and physically abusing her during their short-lived marriage.

First, Fernanda revealed she had tried to come to America, upon meeting Jonathan in Mexico, after he invited her to attend his brother’s wedding as his date. Fernanda tried to get a visa, with the help of her father who is an American citizen. However, due to her father undergoing a divorce, he wasn’t able to sponsor her because his wife was suing him for child support.

Despite the disappointment, Jonathan returned to Mexico and proposed to Fernanda.

“After a long year, my K1 visa got approved. We were so happy,” she shared.

Shortly after, Jonathan, a realtor, informed her about participating in the TLC series – 90 Day Fiance.

“He [assured] me, ‘it’s going to be good. It’s going to be good for my business. It’s going to be good for you too. You can go to school out there. You can do whatever you want. We can move,'” recalled Fernanda.

Fernanda said she wanted to be close to her family, who lived in the U.S., and Jonathan promised her they would move away from North Carolina after a year to Chicago so she could be near them. She said she agreed to do 90 Day Fiance due to Jonathan’s promises.

Upon her arrival to the U.S., Fernanda says she was disappointed right away as she found women’s underwear, adult t-ys, and movies in Jonathan’s home, which he had just moved into two weeks before her arrival to America.

Another issue she experienced was having to depend on Jonathan “one hundred percent” as she couldn’t drive and had no car.

“When I came, my English was literally zero,” said Fernanda, adding that Jonathan had to translate everything for her, and that she started going to community college to learn English.

Following their wedding, Fernanda said “things went from bad to worse and worse everyday.”

“He wouldn’t let me have my own money [or] account,” Fernanda explained. “If my family sent me money, my family had to send money to him and he gave it to me. So he literally had control of my money, where I go, what I do, with who I talk, everything.”

According to Fernanda, things got worse once 90 Day Fiance started airing as female fans started to hit up Jonathan on social media, adding that he became obsessed with his newfound fame and started corresponding with the women on there.

“I was in a really abusive relationship,” she shared, adding that she fell into a deep depression as the alleged “mental abuse became verbal abuse.”

Fernanda then accused her ex-husband of physical abuse.

“There were a couple of times that Jonathan put his hands on me,” she alleged.

She described one incident when she found a used condom in his office.  Fernanda admitted to flipping out by “yelling” at him, and claimed that Jonathan reacted by getting violent.

“His reaction was to grab me from the neck and push me into the wall,” alleged Fernanda.

Another incident, she claims, occurred after a party where she had been engaged in an innocent conversation with another man. Fernanda says a drunken Jonathan dragged her into the car by grabbing her arm and wouldn’t stop driving even though she begged him to. She also alleges he “pushed [her] face out of the window.”

She said he acted like nothing happened the next day, claiming that he couldn’t remember.  Eventually, Fernanda decided she’s had enough and decided to leave Jonathan to go be with her family.

“There was nothing left… Plus, he cheated on me. Like, that was my future? A 24/7 stay at home waiting for a man that is working all the time and doesn’t care about you that is cheating on you and is treating you bad and is abusing you?” Fernanda asked.

Following Fernanda’s bombshell video, Jonathan released a statement to Us Weekly to defend himself.

“These allegations are completely false and my attorney will now be handling the situation. Clearly, she will do whatever she has to in order to stay in this country,” he stated.

Below is Fernanda’s full 44-minute video.

Photo Credit: TLC


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