Southern Charm’s Danni Says Madison’s Nasty Rumor is ‘Calculated’ and Slams it as “Completely Untrue” as Rest of Cast Weighs In

by Alyson Shepard Comments

Southern Charm's Danni Says Madison's Nasty Rumor is 'Calculated' and Slams it as "Completely Untrue" as Rest of Cast Weighs In

Southern Charm star Danni Baird has a lot to say in response to Madison LeCroy.

Things got a little uncomfortable during the latest episode of Southern Charm, mainly for Danni. Toward the end of an otherwise pleasant trip to Colorado, in an attempt to rile up Shep Rose, Madison blurted out that he gave Danni chlamydia back when they used to date. The big-mouthed blonde claimed her on-again, off-again boyfriend Austen Kroll was the one who told her.

While Madison was doing this after being bated by Shep, this information was ultimately most damaging to Danni. She was left wondering what she did to deserve such embarrassment.

“What Madison said was very hurtful and untrue, and I feel as though it was clearly calculated, both directed at Shep and to me,” the 35-year-old admitted in an interview with Bravo’s Daily Dish. “I don’t think that Austen is innocent in the matter. They had both, unbeknownst to me, had been harboring some underlying resentment toward me particularly.”

But perhaps Madison was still upset about Danni revealing she slipped into her ex-boyfriend Gentry Todd‘s DMs while still dating Austen.

“I think [Madison] had harbored that, and I had no idea. I mean, I had actually done everything I could possibly do to kind of protect her in that situation as it was unraveling and not have it escalate into something bigger, but I also had no idea that I had literally given Craig Conover ammunition. I didn’t know their relationship backstory, and quite honestly, I couldn’t have cared less,” she explained.

In the interview, the Southern Charm star expressed how damaging it was to say she had chlamydia without even knowing if it was, in fact, true.

“Shep and I dated almost a decade ago, and we, or at least I, did not even know Madison and Austen back then. So what she said is completely untrue and unfair. It was hurtful,” said Danni. “She was trying to target Shep, but I know good and well she threw me in there for a reason, subconsciously or not. And it’s just been really hard for me to comprehend how you can do that to somebody else. It’s not my nature.”

So how does the rest of the cast feel about this embarrassing STD allegation? “It was an attack,” declared Craig on Bravo’s After Show. “Instead of discussing what was going on, you attacked with something, just so not related.”

Danni also weighed in on the After Show, dishing that “Madison operates out of spite” and will do anything to pull other people under the bus, even if it includes an “innocent victim.”

Shep added that Madison said some “really awful, harmful things” and “would rather burn the city than bow out.” This just further proves the cast’s collective view that Madison will throw people under the bus as long as it makes her look better. 

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