Married at First Sight Season 8 Couples Update: Where Are They Now?

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MAFS Season 8 Update Where Are They Now

Season eight of Married at First Sight featured four couples from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who agreed to marry total strangers on national TV.

It’s now been a year since the couples tied the knot, and below, we bring you updates on each of the MAFS season 8 couples. Find out who’s still together and what the show participants have been up to since their season aired on Lifetime.

Will Guess and Jasmine McGriff

Even though they had issues, Jasmine and Will were a couple that some fans of the show believed would ultimately find a way to make it work. However, Will surprised Jasmine and viewers when he chose to get a divorce on decision day while Jasmine had wanted to stay married to see how things would fare out in the ‘real world’ and away from the cameras. Needless to say, Jasmine was disappointed with Will’s decision.

Jasmine McGriff Update: Jasmine is currently still single and apparently living her best life! She is pictured below looking rather fab in a photo from September 2019. Along with the photo, she opened up about her life and her hope for the future in an Instagram caption.

“Regardless of the outcome [of my marriage], I have grown tremendously throughout this past year. I was never the victim, but I was always the student,” wrote Jasmine on Instagram. “I am saving myself and my heart for the right man. Patiently preparing myself for the day he enters my life.”

MAFS Season 8 Update Jasmine McGriff

A recent photo of MAFS Season 8 alum Jasmine McGriff

Will Guess Update: As for Will, he appears to be currently single and is simply staying focused on his coaching career at the moment according to his Instagram page.

Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk

The best way to describe Luke and Kate’s marriage would be a disaster from the start. For beginners, Luke told his new bride he felt “repulsed” and “dead inside” the first time they ever made love. So, it wasn’t a surprise that the two chose to get a divorce when it came to decision day. Even more, Kate admitted she had some doubts about Luke’s sexuality after she discovered he had written he was interested in both men and women on his Facebook page. Luke admitted to this but clarified that it was simply a prank that he did during his college days and that he had simply never bothered to change it.

Kate Sisk Update: During the MAFS season 8 reunion, Kate revealed she was in a two-month relationship with a new man. However, in looking at Kate’s social media pages, mainly her Instagram page, there is no mention of any boyfriend so it’s hard to know if she is still in a relationship. It’s also possible that she is and is simply choosing to keep it private following her divorce from Luke. For the time being, Kate remains focused on her career and continues to promote her lingerie line — Hidden Intimates. Below is a recent photo of Kate.

MAFS Season 8 Update Kate Sisk

A recent photo of MAFS Season 8 alum Kate Sisk

Luke Cuccurullo Update: Based on his Instagram page, Luke appears to be single and remains focused on hosting his podcast — Cuccurullo Conversations. He also recently took a trip around the country with visits to a number of different states, including Virginia, Oregon, and Washington. Below is a recent photo of Luke taken in September 2019 following a local race.

MAFS Season 8 Luke Cuccurullo Update

A recent photo of MAFS Season 8 alum Luke Cuccurullo

AJ Vollmoeller and Stephanie Sersen

MAFS season 8 did have some happy endings, and that included the love story of Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller. The lovebirds chose to stay together during decision day and we’re happy to say, they’re still going strong! In fact, AJ and Stephanie recently celebrated their one year anniversary in August 2019. Below is a recent photo of them as shared on their couple Instagram page — @Stayj_mafs.

MAFS Season 8 AJ Vollmoeller and Stephanie Sersen Update

A recent photo of MAFS Season 8 alums AJ Vollmoeller and Stephanie Sersen celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary

AJ and Stephanie continue to experience new adventures together, including a vacation to Belize in July 2019.  A photo from the couple’s trip is below as shared on AJ’s Instagram page. Steph’s Instagram page also features lots of happy photos and adventures with her husband.

Keith Dewar and Kristine Killingsworth

MAFS Season 8 Where Are They Now -Keith and Kristine Update

More good news to report as MAFS season 8 couple Keith Dewar and Kristine Killingsworth are still going strong. After choosing to stay together during decision day, despite struggling at first with expectations and gender roles in their marriage, Kristine and Keith are still married as evident by their social media pages.

The above pic was shared by Kristine on August 3 as she wished her hubby a happy birthday on her Instagram page. Keith also shared the super adorbs photo of himself and Kristine together on August 1, 2019, in which he referred to her as “the love of my life.”

When it comes to having kids, Kristine would like to wait to accomplish some of her goals first. And so, the couple has agreed they will start trying in a “few years.”

MAFS airs Wednesday nights on the Lifetime network.

Photos Credit: Instagram, Lifetime