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Blogger Perez Hilton Blasts Jax Taylor After Vanderpump Rules Star Called Him Out for Making Fun of People’s Looks… by Making Fun of His Looks, See How Twitter Reacted

Blogger Perez Hilton Slams Jax Taylor After Vanderpump Rules Star Called Him Out for Making Fun of People's Looks... by Making Fun of His Looks, See How Twitter Reacted

Jax Taylor took aim at Perez Hilton on Twitter days ago and faced some major backlash as a result.

After lashing out at the gossip blogger for making fun of people’s looks by doing the exact same to him, the Vanderpump Rules star was bombarded by fans who slammed his hypocrisy. Jax also faced plenty of shade from Perez, who suggested Jax was likely bisexual.

“All this dude does is make fun of peoples looks… Seriously,” Jax began.

“This should be the last man on earth ever making fun of someone’s looks, honestly…,” he continued.

“Telling people they look ugly and do drugs when you look like the way he does, I mean how can you not just laugh at this complete idiot. Is he serious?” Jax asked. “People pay him for that? I don’t even know who he is?”

Following Jax’s third tweet, fans were quick to notice that Jax was doing the exact same thing to Perez that he was calling out Perez for doing to others.

“So you attack his looks because he attacked others for their looks??” one woman wrote.

“You do realize you just did exactly what you’re accusing him of, don’t you?” another asked.

In another tweet, Jax called for the opinion of the gay community.

Following Jax’s array of Twitter posts, Perez took to his Instagram page, where he shared a message with his audience.

“[Jax Taylor] from Vanderpump Rules didn’t even have the balls to @ me! I haven’t talked sh*t about people’s physical appearance since 2010. I do have opinions, however, about sh*t people – like Jax,” Perez wrote.

“The hypocrisy of attacking my looks for the same thing he falsely accused me of is lost on him,” he continued. “No one has ever accused Jax Taylor of being smart! I would sincerely like to thank him for promoting my TikTok. It’s lit! Hopefully he listens to my new song tonight and shares his thoughts!”

Perez then suggested Jax was going through personal struggles with addiction.

“In all seriousness: please don’t send any hate to Jax Taylor. We should all have compassion for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction,” he stated.

In a second Instagram post, Perez further spotlighted Jax by bringing up rumors regarding his sexuality.

“He took the time to post about me on Instagram Story AND Twitter. Maybe the rumors of [Jax Taylor] being bisexual are true!” he wrote. “Sorry, boo. You can’t have a piece of me.”

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