Vanderpump Rules’ Katie Maloney Responds to Husband Tom Schwartz Saying He Doesn’t Want to Sleep With Her as Tom Admits He Was “Out of Line” and Explains Outburst

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Vanderpump Rules' Katie Maloney Responds to Husband Tom Schwartz Saying He Doesn't Want to Sleep With Her as Tom Admits He Was "Out of Line" and Explains Outburst

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney are both speaking out about the drama on the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules during which Tom lashed out at Katie… in front of their co-stars.

On the show, Tom was shown responding to Katie’s complaints about an “arrest” prank against Tom Sandoval by telling her to shut up and claiming he’d “never been more turned off” before turning to Sandoval and saying: “That’s why I don’t have sex with her.”

During the Vanderpump Rules After Show, Katie responded to Tom’s shocking comments about their sex life.

“It kind of reminded me of when I said your d*ck doesn’t work,” admitted Katie, bringing up the moment she lashed out at Tom during season five.

“We go for the jugular a little bit,” Katie continued. “We just say outlandish mean sh*t that we don’t mean. And we don’t take it seriously… It’s f**ked up. We hear it and we might react to it, and it might hurt but [we] don’t believe it…. His d*ck does work and he does sleep with me.”

Tom also reacted to his shocking comments after he was reminded of what he said by a producer. He called it “horrible” and insisted that his claim about a lack of a sex life is “not true at all.”

While Katie has forgiven Tom, she still has some choice words for him, stating that “he was being a f**king a**hole” that night.

And during his Tuesday night appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Katie, Tom confessed he was “way out of line” with his statements before explaining what prompted the outburst.

“[I was] way out of line, way douche-y” Schwartz admitted to Andy Cohen. “Yeah, I was hammered. We had been drinking all day, which is usually a recipe for disaster within the confines of our relationship. But, I don’t know. It was something about how she responded that just rubbed me the wrong way.”

“I know I was wrong, but in that moment, I saw her as the embodiment of a YouTube commenter, like, recreational outrage,” he continued.

Then, in a statement directly to Katie, Schwartz said, “I’m sorry. I love you. I was way out of line.”

According to Schwartz, who also addressed the drama on the WWHL: After Show, he was in the doghouse for days after his outburst against Katie but was ultimately able to win her back by apologizing to her privately.

“I went on a mini-apology tour for sure but I think I won her back in like three or four days, maybe less,” he shared.

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