RHONJ Star Joe Gorga Responds to Joe Guidice’s Social Media Diss! Confirms Teresa’s Started Divorce Proceedings and Shares if She’s Dating

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RHONJ Star Joe Gorga Responds to Joe Guidice's Social Media Diss! Confirms Teresa's Started Divorce Proceedings and Shares if She's Dating

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey house husband Joe Giudice wasn’t too happy after the third installment of the reunion that aired a few weeks ago, when Joe Gorga and wife Melissa Gorga insinuated the cheating rumors about him were … more than just rumors.

Following the reunion, Giudice posted about Joe and Melissa: “My reality vs their words don’t match. If [you’re] going to speak about my life speak truth don’t spill lies!”

On the April 2 episode of Watch What Happens Live, Joe and Melissa sat down with Andy Cohen to discuss Giudice’s shady social media posts and Teresa Giudice‘s divorce status with her estranged husband.

“Joe Giudice made some veiled comments on social media saying, ‘A person’s mouth can lie but their eyes always tell the truth.’ Do you think this was directed at you because of your comments about him at the reunion?” asked Andy.

Joe responded, “Yes, definitely,” adding how his blunt honesty at the reunion is likely what set Giudice off.

“I’m being honest, the truth hurts, he doesn’t like to hear it,” Joe explained. “I never spoke up, I always kept my mouth shut over the years. But [Teresa’s] my sister, I have to speak up. I’m her only brother — it’s all she has.”

When asked if he knows if Teresa has started dating yet, Joe said, “not yet,” laughing about the bad timing to hit the dating scene amid the ongoing chaos in the country.

Although the timing is not great, Teresa did note at the reunion that she’s ready to date and looking for a “nice Jewish man” for her next prize.

As far as divorce proceedings go, Joe also emphasized at the reunion the importance of his sister moving fast with the process, lest her ex try and drag things out. Did she take his advice?

Joe and Melissa confirmed Teresa is going through with the divorce and that “the paperwork’s almost done.”

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