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Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Contacts Police After Threat From Instagram Troll, See the Shocking Messages Sent to Her

Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Contacts Police After Threat From Instagram Troll, See the Shocking Message Sent to Her as She Reminds Audience That it's Her Job to Entertain

Lala Kent was met with a series of hateful messages from one of her followers earlier this week on Instagram and ultimately contacted the police about a threat made against her.

After someone took aim at the Vanderpump Rules cast member, her fiancé, Randall Emmett, and Randall’s kids while also slamming her for being mean to Raquel Leviss and labeling her a “gold digger,” Lala shared screenshots of the messages she was sent on her Instagram Stories and revealed her reaction to the person’s hateful words.

“[You] act so tough to soft little Raquel [you] ugly [wanna] be gangstah!! Wait til I see [you] in Hollywood I will show [you what] a tough girl is… [You] and [your] ugly husband can go f**k each other and die with his kids [you] ugly plastic looking gold digger dad f**king b*tch,” the person wrote.

“Yikes! Someone is angry,” Lala replied.

Then, in a caption on her post, Lala reminded her online audience that her job is to entertain.

“Just a taste of what is in my DM’s. Reminder, I’m on TV, y’all. My job is to entertain, your job is to enjoy. It ain’t that serious man. Get therapy @tee_newo. You have mad issues, bro,” she said.

Vanderpump Rules Lala Kent Responds to Gold Digger Diss on Instagram

In a second screenshot, Lala was seen informing her Instagram troll that her threats had been sent to the police.

“LAPD has your message to me and your info. Just a friendly heads up that you may get a phone call & a pop up. Depending on how I’m feeling about it,” she warned.

“Okie Lala,” the person replied.

In a message to her fans and followers, Lala commented on the hater’s messages, saying, “This person makes me sad. Imagine having to BE this person! Miserable.”

Vanderpump Rules Lala Kent Threatens Instagram Troll Will Legal Action

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