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Vanderpump Rules Editor Calls Jax Taylor Out for “Lies” and Reveals “Intense” Encounter With Him, Says Raquel is Everything People “Thought Brittany Was” and Teases Pump Rules Spinoff

Vanderpump Rules Editor Reveals "Intense" Encounter With Jax Taylor, Calls Him Out for Lies and Hints at the Potential Exits of Him and Brittany Cartwright, Plus Claims Raquel is Everything People "Thought Brittany Was" and Teases Spinoff

The drama surrounding the chatty Vanderpump Rules editor who admitted to intentionally looking for ways to embarrass Scheana Shay on the series isn’t over yet.

In a recent post shared online, Bri Dellinger reportedly confirmed she had been fired following backlash for her comments about Scheana Shay. But before her apparent firing, she addressed more topics, including her “very intense” encounter with Jax Taylor, his and Brittany Cartwright‘s future on the series, her thoughts on Raquel Leviss, and the potentially upcoming Pump Rules spinoff.

“[Jax] is very hot and cold,” Bri said earlier this month during a now deleted episode of the Twisted Plot Podcast. “He hasn’t been super friendly to me. And then at one point, he was like, ‘I’m going to buy you a tequila shot. Please don’t make my girlfriend cry with the way you edit her.’ And it was very intense.”

“People were up and down on the show and they were really dreading the wedding and now the wedding has passed and we are in the aftermath of Jax and Brittany no longer being the center of attention, which people seem to be enjoying. In fact, we had an episode without them in it all together and we’re just sort of testing it out, seeing how we like this show without a couple of these cast members.”

“He claims to know all the editors and he doesn’t know a single one of us. Any tweet you’ve ever since where he says he knows all the editors, he doesn’t know any of us. Lies,” she added. “It’s a little awkward. It’s a little thirsty. And he thinks he’s more suave than he is and it’s a little uncomfortable to watch on camera sometimes.”

When it comes to Raquel, Bri had much kinder words about the girlfriend of James Kennedy.

“I truly believe she is innocent and wonderful. If there’s anything bad in Raquel, I’ve never seen it in the footage,” she admitted. “I think she’s everything everyone thought Brittany was, as far as innocent and sweet. I think Raquel is so much more of all that.”

Bri, who previously stated that Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark were being given a “special heroes” edit on the show, also teased a possible Vanderpump Rules spinoff.

“I hope I’ll be editing both Vanderpump Rules and the spinoff of Vanderpump Rules, which has not been greenlit but I hope it will be. As much as everybody, most everybody, hopes there will be a spinoff, we also hope there will be a spinoff.”

Also during the episode, Bri took aim at Katie Maloney.

“She’s been living the quarantine life for the past year. I would love to see her have more purpose and direction because I think she’s an interesting, thoughtful person.”

Following backlash from Bri’s two podcast interviews, which included this one, Bri reportedly confirmed she had lost her job as an editor for Pump Rules. She blamed “critics” who had called for her firing in a deleted online post.

Photos Credit: Startraksphoto, Instagram


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