Ramona Singer Responds to Backlash Over Judging Leah’s Drunken Behavior on RHONY: “I Drink Responsibly,” Plus She Claps Back at Luann’s Shade About Uninviting Leah’s Sister

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Ramona Singer Responds to Backlash Over Judging Leah's Drunken Behavior on RHONY: "I Drink Responsibly," Plus She Claps Back at Luann's Shade About Uninviting Leah's Sister

Ramona Singer is responding to some backlash over last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City.

The reality star took to her Twitter page to respond to many fans (and even Luann de Lesseps) for being so controlling over the guestlist for the Newport, Rhode Island trip and for being overly critical of Leah McSweeney‘s drunken antics.

In the May 28 episode, Leah grew anxious and upset over her “pita guy” who stood her up, and she wanted her sister there for support. Ramona, however, agreed to allow Leah’s sister on the trip only to then ultimately reject the idea and rescind the invitation, causing Leah to completely break down … and then some.

While live-tweeting along with the show, Ramona responded to some fan support (and backlash) over her “no guests allowed” restrictions.

“Everyone knows @ramonasinger likes to have complete control over the guest list. She’s not a fan of randoms. #rhony,” a user tweeted.

“Exactly,” Ramona retweeted.

Ramona then reacted to fans calling out her hypocrisy over drunken behavior. She noted how she’s had her moments, but nothing like Leah.

“I am never drunk, I never slur my words And I never fall down…, I drink what is called responsibly,” Ramona wrote in response to a fan who said she should be the “last [one]” to monitor anyone’s drinking. 
A user also called her out for her “turtle time” slur from the past, reassuring her that “we all” have had our drunken moments.
“Yes and that was 10 yrs ago lol,” Ramona replied, “and nothing since #celebrating my renewing of my vows lol which since ended.” 

The RHONY star also fired back at her co-star, Luann, who wondered why Leah inviting her sister was “such a big deal” and told her to “#becool.”

“You said tonight yourself on the show it was not right thing to do or time,” Ramona fired back in her post

Ramona then went on to defend herself to a fan who wondered if she “deserves an apology from Leah” even if she “doesn’t remember” what happened the night before, implying Ramona was too tipsy to recall the events from dinner.
“I did remember but was so horrified I didn’t want to remember,” she wrote.
Moreover, Ramona retweeted two fans who defended her for not wanting to bring Leah’s sister along on the trip and against Dorinda Medley for saying she was being too hard on Leah.
“@DorindaMedley saying @ramonasinger was hard on Lea [sic] when for years she was been hard on poor @TinselyMortimer Are You Kidding me! #RHONY,” a user tweeted, calling out Dorinda’s hypocrisy of bullying.
“I hate that I am this way but I kinda get why @ramonasinger didn’t want leahs [sic] sister on the trip ????????  #RHONY” another user tweeted in support of Ramona.
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