Brielle Biermann Dishes on ‘Tons’ of Celebs Messaging Her and What She’s Looking For in a Man, Plus the Don’t Be Tardy Star Responds to Backlash Over Pic With Stepdad Kroy

by Cynthia Cook Comments
Don't Be Tardy's Brielle Biermann Reveals 'Tons' of Celebs Have Messaged Her and Talks What She's Looking For in a Man, Plus She Responds to Backlash She Received Over Stepdad Kroy's Birthday Photo

Credit: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Brielle Biermann is looking for Mr. Right, but so far, the prospects haven’t been great.

In a new interview, the Don’t Be Tardy star dished on the details of her dating life (or lack thereof) and also revealed how some high profile people have hit her up.

“There’s a few guys that I talk to but everyone’s just, like, boring,” Brielle told Us Weekly on September 26. “I need some excitement, you know?  I told my makeup artist, like, an hour ago that I have a date tonight and she was like, ‘You’re just so unexcited about everything aren’t you? And I was like ‘Yeah, I don’t really care.’”

The 23-year-old went on to explain that she was looking for a special someone outside of her hometown, ideally to get away from it all while in love.

“See what I’m looking for is somebody who doesn’t live in Atlanta, so I have a reason to travel and get out of my house,” she stated. “So, until I find that, it’s not happening.”

Although she may be somewhat bored about her current prospects, the KAB Cosmetics co-founder still has a lot of suitors who try and approach her — including several celebrities.

“Oh yeah. All types of peeps [slide into my messages],” she said. Her mom, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, also added more about how much attention Brielle gets — even if it’s a little…inappropriate at times. 

“I’ve seen more d–k pics on Brielle’s phone in a day than I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star said. “It’s like mind-blowing. They’re, like, Facetuned… And we just cry laughing every day.”

Brielle then confirmed that “a ton” of the messages she receives come from celebrities, adding, “I feel like that’s really the only people who reach out to me. They’re all weird.”

In addition to dodging the worst of her DMs, Brielle has also had to dodge the various trolls who criticized a recent photo of her and her stepdad, Kroy Biermann, on his 35th birthday. In the photo, Brielle was sitting on Kroy’s lap when their family was out to dinner, and fans felt it to be inappropriate — to say the least.

“My mind doesn’t go there,” Brielle stated. “He’s my father. It’s disgusting.”

The reality star also called the remarks “honestly appalling” and said those people “need help.”

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