RHOC Recap: Braunwyn Struggles with Sobriety, Shannon Preps for the Worst, and Gina Worries About Her Ex-Husband’s Plea Deal

by Julia Comments

RHOC Recap: Braunwyn Struggles with Sobriety, Shannon Preps for the Worst, and Gina Worries About Her Ex-husband's Plea Deal

On this episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, the ladies are STILL in Palm Springs for Braunwyn’s vow renewal trip…hope they enjoy every second of it because this is gonna be their last trip in a loooong time. It’s the calm before COVID.

Post Kelly pushing Elizabeth into the hotel pool (for good reason…kinda), Braunwyn, Kelly, and Elizabeth head off to the Frey House in Palm Springs. You know, since they are all so into architecture? Kelly claims she is a “history buff” and this is by far the strangest day time tour activity.  After perusing the home, the tour ends with the women plopping down with some champs to talk about all that occurred during the trip.

In the meantime, Shannon, Gina, and Emily decide they will go on a hike instead, and by go on a hike, I mean Gina and Emily hope they are just going for tacos (their words, not mine). Not 10 steps up the hill and the girls get to talking about none of their business…aka, Elizabeth and her divorce. They can’t keep track of Elizabeth’s history with her ex. The timeline does not add up and it is leaving their heads spinning.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth just keeps talking to Braunwyn and Kelly about her gag order as she finalizes her divorce. Doesn’t she have ANYTHING else to talk about?! Elizabeth seems a bit out of touch with reality. She tends to care a lot about money for a lady who claims she doesn’t care a lot about money. Kelly and Braunwyn suggest Elizabeth quit talking about her divorce. No one can comprehend how Jimmy would want to stay with Elizabeth, especially if she doesn’t STFU about her divorce…and her ex. Annoying.

Gina compares Elizabeth to Braunwyn — she seems completely uncomfortable in her own skin. Now that Braunwyn is sober, she can be her raw, natural self. Gina feels the need to explain to Shannon (because Shannon is 100% jealous of the new pals) that Braunwyn “got in her heart,” so that’s why she has opened up a friendship with her.

The coronavirus continues to surge, but the women of the OC are in their little bubble. Gina is out playing tennis and talking about her ex, Matt, in front of her current boyfriend, Travis. And then there’s Braunwyn, sharing her therapy session with the world. Braunwyn talks about her anxiety, her insecurities, and her drinking.

The one-on-one chats help Braunwyn really reflect on those moments she chooses to forget, like her miscarriage when she lived in DC. That event turned her drinking up a notch. She was admitted to a psych ward as she had a five-day blackout. Braunwyn explains that there is a “dark side” and that her husband, Sean, has been “managing” her for a long time. Interesting how the therapist reminds Braunwyn she “can’t live in a bubble…” if only she knew what 2020 living would really be like!

Shannon and her daughter, Sophie, are preparing for Sophie’s upcoming debutante ball. This will be the official entrance for young women into society and it seems like there are a hell of a lot of rules when it comes to picking out this dress! Sophie is devastated that her senior year could potentially be canceled due to COVID and Shannon is inching toward utter and complete panic mode.

Later, Braunwyn brings her son, Jacob, for a makeover. As Jacob gets beautified, Braunwyn begins asking him manufactured questions that you know they already talked about off-camera. “Why’d you finally ask me for a pair of heels?” Why is Braunwyn having this serious heart to heart with her son in front of the makeup artist? Interesting to hear Braunwyn talking about her son breaking down boxes and inspiring her to do the same. Watching Jacob express himself fully has made Braunwyn wish to be herself completely. This is def foreshadowing to Braunwyn’s real-time news: She has come out as a lesbian.

Elizabeth is already not heeding Braunwyn and Kelly’s advice. She is now talking to her damn trainer about her nasty divorce! REMIND US AGAIN, ELIZABETH. Where is her self-awareness? She’s stressed. She’s overwhelmed. She can’t talk about it, but here she is again…talking about it. Elizabeth states that with every pound she drops, she is shedding her ex. She “already feels skinnier” after a quick workout with her personal trainer (at CURL fitness…kinda wish it was CUT fitness, but I digress) and jets out to talk to her mom. Elizabeth is upset that the ladies think she’s annoying and realizes that they might be a little harder to get along with than she initially thought.

Why does Shannon just so happen to have her wedding dress ready to be worn in her garage and why does her daughter go to try it on? Imagine how awkward John must feel walking in on Shannon dressing her kid in her wedding gown. As her daughter just stands there decked in white, Shannon is freaking out over COVID-19.

Everyone handles stress differently. On the one hand, there’s Emily and Gina, who are casually perusing the Italian market right before the pandemic causes a national shutdown. The women are talking about what to do with their kids all day if schools start to close, as things are starting to get more and more serious. And then, on the other hand, there’s Shannon who is crying about her fear of using paper towels. OH, SHANNON. But, at least she is taking this seriously…as opposed to Kelly.

Kelly’s more concerned about her weird water and the recently canceled expo. She feels disheartened that her business may begin to suffer with all of these shutdowns. In her mind, this is just the flu! Kelly can’t get over the fact that they can’t get toilet paper or that this virus may actually be serious. When she shares that her water company could feel some financial effects, she giggles: “My back-up plan is Rick Leventhal.” Yuck.

When Shannon calls Kelly up, let’s be serious. Shan isn’t calling Kelly to chat. She is just trying to shake her down for meat or TP like a true hoarder. Kelly believes that Shannon is making this pandemic about her and her underlying condition. She finds it hard to keep a straight face as Shannon bemoans her potential fate should she contract the virus.

Soon after, Gina chats with her mom and tells her that she “missed the ball” with this virus prep. Schools are closed and Gina is beyond anxious. Between the pandemic and Matt’s case, she is stressed beyond belief. To make matters worse, her own mother states that Gina’s life is so complicated. I’ll say. Quarantining in that “sad and depressing” home with 19 kids would stress me the hell out, too!

At Braunwyn’s compound, her daughter, Rowan, states she is terrified.  She is afraid and depressed and Braunwyn is annoyed by Sean’s optimism. WHY. Braunwyn freaks out on Sean, but she is grateful she is now sober and able to take care of her seven children. Um, what was she doing before?!

In order to protect her sobriety, Braunwyn and Sean pour out all of the remaining booze in the house while Rowan looks on with big eyes. Rowan laments the future and then Braunwyn straight cuts her daughter off. Braunwyn tells Rowan she should come to a meeting with her. Braunwyn explains, “I’m trying to escape myself,” but it seems like the only thing she wants to do is talk about herself. Even if it means jumping down Rowan’s throat when SHE is trying to have a moment. How bout when Braunwyn tells Rowan that she is dreading staying home with her kids cuz she is gonna be bored? OUCH. It’s gonna be a long quarantine.

On March 14, 2020, production halts. Based on the midseason previews, it seems like this pandemic is going to really shake up the lives of these women…