RHOD Recap: Dr. Tiffany Experiences Racism in Hospital Amid COVID as D’Andra Reveals New Family Feud, Plus Tiffany Butts Heads With Kameron

by Julia Comments

RHOD Recap: Dr. Tiffany Experiences Racism in Hospital Amid COVID as D’Andra Opens Up About Family Feud, Plus Tiffany Butt Heads With Kameron

This episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas picks up right where we left off last week on Brandi‘s apology tour. Stop #1: making things right with Tiffany, except Tiffany doesn’t really want to hear it. Will Tiffany be able to move forward with Brandi after her racist remarks?

Tiffany hits Brandi with her backstory and shares all the details of her childhood. She lets Brandi know that people made slanty eyes at her in elementary school, the same way Brandi did in her video.

Tiffany explains that the racism did not stop there for her — she still has “that sad girl” inside of her. Just recently, even in the hospital, she was asked to stop treating a patient because of her Asian ethnicity and told to get another doctor who does not have the coronavirus. Tiffany wants America to get a reality check… it’s time for us to do better when dealing with race.

After the girls hug it out, Tiffany excuses herself, and Brandi runs for Stephanie. Typical. When Tiffany returns to the table, the ladies nosily ask how it went. Tiffany calls her conversation with Brandi “cathartic,” and of course, Kameron does not even know what that word means. Are you kidding me?

Stephanie continues to quote what sounds like self-help books as she tries to help Brandi feel better. She states, “Everyone has forgiven you, you just have to forgive yourself.” Brandi is still beating herself up even though Tiffany makes it clear she wants to move past this.

The for-sale sign is finally going up in front of Kameron’s house. Odd that SHE is putting it in the ground, and not her realtor, but I digress. She is not thrilled about putting a sign out front since she fears what her neighbors may speculate. Leave it to Kam to worry about the gossip!

Court, her husband, lets Kam know that they have received a low-ball offer on the house, but he tells her that he plans on *not* telling Kam any house business until it closes. Kam is borderline offended by this and begs Court to be a part of the process. Court claims he is just trying to “protect” Kameron from the highs and lows of the real estate world, but she desperately wants to be involved.

D’Andra and her Shaman may be the duo 2021 needs right now. She is DEAD serious as this strange man either blows or sucks stuff out of her nostrils, and all I am thinking is, girl, COVID! D’Andra really opens up to this guy, who seems to me like a therapist who gesticulates way more. D’Andra tells him about her father’s suicide and how he had two different wills. This caused familial angst and D’Andra lost most of her family during the legal battle. Recently, D’Andra’s stepmother has reached out to tell her that her stepbrother had a baby. Mr. Shaman is egging D’Andra on to make contact and smooth over the relationship on that side.

OMG — Tiffany’s private label winery. Also, the wine cellar under the ground. I cannot. Tiffany is giving a tour to Stephanie and D’Andra and her home is outrageous. Her daughters have a WING. I mean, Tiffany has a fingerprint lock (that *sometimes* works) for her CLOSET. Her FLOORS are heated in her closet. As insane as this all is, I have to agree with Stephanie… this is a bit obnoxious (though I secretly love living vicariously through Tiffany).

Stephanie, D’Andra, and Tiffany toast and discuss what went down between Tiffany and Brandi. Tiffany explains she wants to move on and have fun with Brandi; however, a friendship with Kary seems a bit more uncertain. Kary tends to be a bit pushy when it comes to alcohol, and although Tiffany doesn’t have the same definition of fun as Kary, she has decided to put that aside for now.

Tiffany has come up with a great way to let the women into her culture and has decided to host a dim sum event. Something tells me the ladies are not going to be open to trying new things… especially the chicken feet. Stephanie actually said, “I’d rather eat Travis’s a*shole.” WHAT.

According to Kary, her world is much better during quarantine. She is much closer with her children and they are all under the same roof again, including her daughter, Olivia, who was in LA for quite some time. Olivia opens up to Kary and explains how much more educated she has become about the BLM movement.  She states that living in LA has been eye-opening for her, whereas in Texas, people still use the N-word. Disgusting. Olivia has clearly had her world expanded for the better, but she is struggling to fit back into the lifestyle in Dallas, which does not appear to be progressing as much culturally. Kary tries to keep the lines of communication open between her and her daughter in the hopes of helping her through these times.

D’Andra talks to her husband about the family drama that goes all the way back to 2004. D’Andra is really beating herself up about losing her relationships with her stepmother and stepbrother, but she states her feelings about the situation quite eloquently. Jeremy suggests D’Andra follow her heart and contact those she wishes to make amends with.

In the words of Kam, it’s time for some “Dim Sim.” Tiffany is excited to show the ladies her culture, but D’Andra shares her COVID scare with the ladies. Luckily, D’Andra tests negative, which explains why she was able to attend the event. Little does D’Andra know, Kary is calling her a hypochondriac behind her back…

Once Kary and Kam arrive, they jokingly try to stay away from D’Andra despite her negative results. Kam even calls her “COVID girl.” Kary really digs into D’Andra and keeps making fun of her for feeling sick. Instead of ribbing her, Kary should be happy D’Andra went and got tested. How p*ssed would Kary have been if D’Andra just showed up to dim sum sick?

As the food floods out, Kameron looks on a little skeptically. This is the same woman who calls a typhoid shot a “typhoon shot…” Over the meal, Tiffany whips out a red envelope game that sounds like fun. It’s sort of like a drinking game, but with chicken feet and no shots.

Tiffany opens the first question envelope and shares how she feels like she isn’t giving her kids the best version of herself. Stephanie lets the women know she is starting her own charity foundation. Kary believes she is a great, loyal friend, and D’Andra explains that she wants to be a softer, more tender version of herself. All of this is eye-opening… ha!

Interesting that Brandi is off in Florida during this cultural deep dive. SHE certainly could be schooled in this. When the chicken feet hit the table, Kam can hardly look at them, but Tiffany is so bossy that everyone is scared into it. Kam basically refuses and will not be bullied by Tiffany. She is more concerned with the fact that there is no centerpiece on the table at this restaurant.

Tiffany teaches the women some fun Chinese terms, and they even cheers with some Chinese liquor. When Kary asks Tiffany where she stands with Brandi, Tiffany explains that she hopes to have a clean slate with Brandi. All seems well between these women… that is until Tiffany realizes Kam is hiding the bowl of chicken feet under the table. LOL.