Braunwyn Windham-Burke Wants to Remain in ‘Open Marriage’ With Sean Burke Despite Coming Out as a Lesbian, Reveals If Girlfriend Kris Will Appear on RHOC and Offers Update on Kids

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 Braunwyn Windham-Burke And Sean Burke Reportedly “Happy” In Open Marriage, Plus Braunwyn Offers Update On Their Kids And Reveals If Girlfriend Will Appear On RHOC Next Season

Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Sean Burke are “happy” in their open marriage as Braunwyn offers an update on their children and dishes on whether her girlfriend Kris will be featured on season 16 of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Braunwyn and Sean are doing their best to work on their “modern marriage” while dating other people at the same time. After a recent report surfaced alleging that Braunwyn is “done” with Sean after catching him in bed with another woman, a source is claiming that although the couple’s relationship is unconventional and strange to most, they are actually in a good place and truly “happy.”

“Both are allowed to date people and are happy,” the source revealed to Us Weekly just days after Braunwyn confirmed Sean is dating other people.

After a great deal of backlash, the reality star recently clarified what she meant when she revealed she’d be “heartbroken” when Sean moved on and began dating.

“Dating someone and falling in love and starting a new life are two very different things,” she explained. “If Sean dated someone, that’s great. I support that. I think he should be.”

Braunwyn’s feelings are now being put to the test as Sean is reportedly “smitten” with his new girlfriend, who he was recently photographed with.

As of now, the couple still has no plans to divorce, and though they’re “happy” and enjoying their new significant others, Braunwyn admits they’re still trying to get to a “healthy” place in their relationship.

“We do want to stay together,” she explained. “We want to have an open marriage and we want to be able to do it honestly. And, you know, not have our feelings hurt. I am very open with him. You know, I have big fears of abandonment for how I was, as a child. So my jealousy, my things we’re working on, that I know they’re not great. We’re working on them so that we can get to a healthy place. And I do think we’re going to get there. I really do because we have the communication, we have the trust, [we have a] great therapist and we both have a similar goal for our future, which is sitting there in Hawaii, watching our grandkids play,” Braunwyn described.

In a separate interview with Daily Pop on E!, the star says their younger children do not understand the new dynamic, but the two eldest children certainly do, and she claims that as long as she and Sean are “happy,” the kids are also “happy.”

Jacob and Rowan, they are sexually and gender fluid. They go to an art school and they are surrounded by very open-minded people in their own lives,” she explained. “So for them, they were like, ‘Okay. If you’re happy, if dad’s happy, that’s all we care about.'”

The mother-of-seven recently claimed that she does not plan to return to the show if her co-stars continue to attack her, but if she does return, there’s a good chance that fans will get to see her 28-year-old girlfriend, Kris.

“Yeah, I think she’ll film with me,” Braunwyn, 42, shared. “Not a lot. The women can be a kind of tough crowd, so I think I would like to keep it a little to myself.”

Part one of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion is set to air Wednesday night on Bravo at 9/8c.