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RHOD Recap: Dr. Tiffany’s Party Ends In Disaster As Brandi Falls Ill After Eating Tiffany’s Crickets Pizza

Dr. Tiffany’s Party Ends In Disaster As Brandi Falls Ill After Eating Tiffany’s Crickets Pizza, And Stephanie Goes Over Budget On Charity Project

It’s super fitting that Tiffany’s pizza party airs on National Pizza Day (yes, that IS a thing!). She seemed to have everything planned out perfectly, but on this episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, she learns the hard way that things don’t always turn out how you want them to…

Tiffany, the mother who desperately wants to spend more time with her kids, sends them away so she can talk to her husband. The two chat about Tiffany wanting to get closer to this “girl posse,” and she explains that she wants to know these women better. Fun Tiffany proposes a pizza night at her house with the ladies. Somehow, her hubby, Daniel, gets stuck setting up the whole event. Never fear, though, Tiffany proclaims she will type all of her ideas and directions into an Excel spreadsheet. LOL.

D’Andra is back at her Shaman’s house and they continue to pretend that COVID is not a thing. They embrace and sit maskless throughout the session. D’Andra explains how she wrote a letter to her brother but has yet to hear back from him. The Shaman gives general advice and listens intently as D’Andra rants about her recent conflict with the other women. She appears to have confused the Shaman with her therapist. She tells him that she believes Kary is jealous of her, the Shaman calls her a queen, and then she gets covered with flower petals.  Trust me. I was just as confused.

So it seems like training Fanci is going well, huh? Kameron is having a hard disciplining Fanci cuz she’s “so cute,” but it looks like Kam is gonna be given the business when the trainer arrives. Which brings me to my next point. Could it be that Kam is purposely sabotaging the training so she can see that babe of a trainer more often?

As they wait for the trainer’s arrival, Kam’s hubby, Court, explains that they must lower the price of their current home. Court states he is purposely leaving Kam in the dark about the house because, according to him, Kam cannot handle the disappointment when things don’t work out. Not sure how I feel about Court getting the kids involved… I mean, he’s making her look pretty bad, but I digress.

The dog trainer knows that Kam is full of baloney. Even Kam’s kids call her a pushover when it comes to Fanci. Kam is told she needs to buckle down and be consistent with her pup, but let’s be real… Kam is in NO hurry to stop seeing her hottie dog trainer. Wink, wink.

Tyler, Stephanie‘s brother-in-law, helps her out more than her own husband, Travis. The stupid bet they have in place is making Stephanie work pretty fast. I mean, I wouldn’t want to massage Travis, either. But when she blames UPS for not delivering her office furniture in time during a pandemic, it is hard to root for her.

Travis, bringing flowers does not excuse the fact that you did not lift a finger to help your wife with her new office and endeavors. Talk about belittling. There is a bit of a snafu as Stephanie has gone over budget… big time. Travis, ever the jokester, lets her know, “Stephanie, you might have to go out and sleep with some people.” Yikes.

What the heck does “pizza party chic” mean? Tiffany is thrilled to have people over, but it is very clear that she is not used to hosting at her house. She sends a text out to the women setting expectations and letting them know they need to be out by 10:30 (she IS a doctor and she DOES have to be well-rested… cut the girl a break). Party girl Kary is so p*ssed about Tiffany’s text. She doesn’t like feeling as if she has a curfew.

Even though Tiffany is still in hair and makeup, her guests begin trickling in. Luckily, Tiffany’s husband is a gem and invites the women inside and hands over shoe coverings because #safety. Kam comes prepared with a piñata, a leftover from Kary’s 50th birthday party. Kam explains, “a piñata is like a treasure.” Although something tells me Kam thinks Tiffany’s closet is more the treasure… she ogles that thing and is def trying to think of a way to smuggle out a few of those Birkin bags.

The party is already awkward as Tiffany blurts out, “Oh my gosh, my party looks so good!” Once Brandi and Kary arrive, Tiffany stands and proclaims, “I shall make an announcement!” Who talks like this?! Tiffany begins demonstrating why she doesn’t have a whole lotta girlfriends when she begins spitting out the rules for the evening. The ladies look at her like she’s got three heads as Tiffany rattles off what they can and cannot do, up to and including no lying and no fighting. Her bossy pants are on big time.

Tiffany even goes as far as stating what occurs should there be an infraction! I think she is trying to be funny, but her humor is lost on these women. Because Kary’s birthday celebration wasn’t long enough, the piñata holds a note that explains the ladies are continuing the party in Austin. Girls’ trip! Wait, how old is Kary again????

When it’s time to make the pizzas, Tiffany shows the women all of the toppings and decides, “I just really want this group of women to expand their culinary palate.” Tiffany whips out some crickets and it’s like she is trying to have them hate her. It doesn’t help that she essentially squirts hand sanitizer all over the ladies before they dig into the rest of the toppings.

The women are in a competition for the best pizza, so they all concoct a variation and take their seats to chow down. Tiffany continues to make announcements throughout the party and is being an absolute try-hard when she calls people out for their adventurous, 10-year-old palates. Also. Brandi doesn’t like pizza? WHO DOESN’T LIKE PIZZA? She redeems herself when she explains why D’Andra represents the mushrooms on her pizza because sometimes D’Andra is toxic and sometimes she’s good. Ha!

Tiffany can hardly hold in her laughter as the ladies eat her pizza. Turns out that Tiffany sprinkled in some crickets as part of the topping and didn’t tell anyone. And here we go… cricket-gate. This has taken a front seat and has bumped chicken-feet-gate to the backseat. What is this, Fear Factor? Why is Tiffany insisting they all eat these things? That really wasn’t cool of Tiffany to add crickets throughout the pizza, particularly because she was just so apologetic for forcing chicken feet on the other women. Hasn’t she learned her lesson? For such a smart girl, that was a pretty dumb move.

Upon finding out what exactly was on Tiffany’s pizza, suddenly, Brandi is about to throw up. COME ON. Tiffany is left apologizing as Brandi heads off to vomit. But, ya’ll better get your shoe covers on before running to the toilet. Kary is loving this and could barely wait to let Tiffany know that Brandi is yakking. Interesting that Kary is throwing a fit about the prank involving crickets yet thought throwing Tiffany into a pool when she can’t swim is totally okay!

Tiffany apologizes profusely to Brandi, but Brandi reveals she’s not too sure about Tiffany. Hmmm… Tiffany can forgive Brandi when she posts an insensitive video about Asians, but Brandi’s gonna hold a grudge over crickets?

You can always count on Kam to change the mood…. She totally forgot she set her alarm to go off at 10:22, as a reminder to pack up and get out of Tiffany’s house “before Tiffany melts.” LOL. All of the women nearly scatter for fear that “bombs are gonna go off” if they don’t evacuate Tiffany’s premises before 10:30. I am pretty sure Tiffany won’t be hosting the ladies any time soon… and that no one will be taking her pizza home for leftovers.



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