RHOD Recap: Brandi Confronts Tiffany About Feeling Uncomfortable Around Her As D’Andra And Kary Bury The Hatchet

by Julia Comments

RHOD Recap: Brandi Confronts Tiffany About Feeling Uncomfortable Around Her As D’Andra And Kary Bury The Hatchet

On this episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, things have gotten awkward… really awkward… at Kary‘s 50th birthday party in Austin. D’Andra has stormed off and threatened to head home, and Kary leaves the table, not to comfort D’Andra, but to get another drink. Mix in Brandi and her guilty conscience and it’s gonna be a rocky ride!

At this point, Tiffany falls into the hot seat, left alone at the table with Kameron and Stephanie. They remind Tiffany that they do not particularly enjoy her rules and her show-off nature. Stephanie explains how confused she was after Tiffany’s party, leaving Tiffany trying to justify her behavior. Tiffany muses, “Rules actually make me feel welcome…” and seems legitimately confused by this surprise barrage of hate.

On top of everything else, Kameron is irked that Tiffany corrects her over and over again. Tiffany is really taking all of the critiquing pretty well and asks the ladies to call her out any time she reverts to her old ways. Kam won’t let it die and claims Tiffany belittles her when she corrects her language. It’s more like she is trying to help you, Kam, but whatever…

This is all occurring while D’Andra is pouting in her room. Perhaps she could be a doll and come out to save the conversation. I certainly don’t need Captain Dick as comic relief… (thanks, Brandi). Luckily, Kam takes one for the team and checks on D’Andra. D’Andra cries on her shoulder and listens to Kam’s advice. Kam appears to be team Kary, but she wants to explain to D’Andra that she has been absent in Kary’s life and the only way to fix this is to have a conversation with D’Andra.

Not sure if this is a ladies’ trip or a fraternity house. Check out the state of the house the next morning! Sheesh. Naturally, Brandi and Kary stayed up all night and Kary partied like she was “21.” But reminder: you’re 50, Kary. You’ve only had 19 parties celebrating that fact! D’Andra is feeling pretty great this morning, as she went to bed early post fighting. As she meditates, she attempts to figure out her friendship with Kary, which seems way more complicated than a little deep breathing.

The women roll out to the lawn to do a hula hoop exercise and Kam outshines the group. She blows the other women out of the water with her hidden talent, and even Tiffany was impressed. Tiffany states, “I did not know that giraffes can hula hoop!” Seems like someone is jealous she isn’t the best…!!

After that super tough workout (lol), they all get ready for a day out on a houseboat. As they prepare, Tiffany stares in wonder at D’Andra and her medications. It is blowing her mind! She cannot get over D’Andra’s stash o’ pills… and tinctures… and oils… etc. Here’s to hoping they all bring D’Andra good luck during her chat with Kary later.

Once again, the ladies are donning the visors, I mean face shields, as they set foot on their boat for the day. For fear of having motion sickness issues, Kam and Tiffany take some meds supplied by Brandi. Brandi shared with them on the bus ride, so they knew what they were getting into… or did they? Tiffany points out that this medication is different than the one Brandi gave out before, and ultimately, this offends Brandi. Why? Because Brandi is hyper-sensitive with anything relating to Tiffany.

Tiffany muses, “Is Brandi implying that I think that she’s just giving out random drugs to people?!” I am SO CONFUSED. Brandi needs to get out of her own head, especially if she wants to have a friendship with Tiffany…

As the Kary and D’Andra fight continues, Brandi suggests the duo do something she learned while in treatment. The women look on awkwardly as D’Andra and Kary hold each other’s breast, er… hearts, and share one thing they love about one another. It’s great and all, but I am not sure this is the venue. Talk about a buzzkill! D’Andra cries and Kary hugs it out with her. The women remember that they are like sisters. Hopefully, after all of that, Vacation D’Andra comes out to play!

Later, while watching the sunset, Brandi talks to Kary and Stephanie about how she has been “hyper-aware” around Tiffany, for fear of saying something rude or disrespectful. Kary advises Brandi to just ask Tiffany outright if she is offending her. Also, silly, fun, Brandi sounds like an apology tour waiting to happen… being offensive is not fun. If you have to ask the audience if it’s okay to say, you probably shouldn’t say it…

After the boat ride, the women are told to put their jammies on so they can tell ghost stories as if they are 12. Kam takes it a step further by getting one of the house staff involved. She asks him to wait for the code words (“GUUUURL, that is so frightening!”), and she then proceeds to pop out with the supplied mask and chainsaw, ala Texas Chainsaw Massacre, to prank the women.

With the plan in place, the ghost stories ensue, and Kam talks about the girl who was apparently locked in the attic of her childhood home. Brandi shares a spooky tale about her childhood home as well, and with that, the code words come out… after Kam repeats them three times!

When the chainsaw man pops out, the ladies lose it. Kam shrieks, “I’m the Queen of the Pranks you B’s” and I’d have to agree. Stephanie peed herself cuz she couldn’t “prepare her vagina,” and Tiffany, well Tiffany maaaay have pooped herself. Whoopsie. It’s gonna be kinda hard for Tiffany to talk down to the women after they just witnessed THAT.

The day after the “incident,” the women split up. Kam, Tiffany, and Stephanie decide to go for a hike, and Kam shares that they should stick with her, as she went to an outdoor school back in the day.  Wait, WTF IS OUTDOOR SCHOOL? And who knew Kam is this wilderness lady?!

In the meantime, the booze crew (D’Andra, Brandi, and Kary) take a pause to actually *talk* to each other. Look at D’Andra being a good friend and all! She asks right away about Olivia and her mental health. Kary opens up to D’Andra and Brandi and then Kary asks D’Andra about the newest on her brother. It seems a little contrived as they “take turns” sharing chunks of their life, but nevertheless, this is a step in the right direction for the two women.

The bonding continues on the hike. Kam shares how annoyed she is with Kourt and the house situation. She feels in the dark and just wants to be in charge. Stephanie chimes in how she is also looking for independence and a voice in her marriage. Note: Tiffany stays quiet during the SAH mom talk. She confides that she is jealous of Kam and Stephanie and is exhausted over her workload. Tiffany lets them know she plans on cutting one day of work out of her schedule, despite any reservations she may have. It seems like real friendships are forming out here in the woods!

That night, there is a dinner party at the house. As they sit quietly over fajitas, Brandi decides to cut the tension and straight-up ask Tiffany, “Do you feel awkward around me?” Tiffany looks taken aback by this question. Brandi wants to make it about herself because she can’t figure out how to move on. She shares that she doesn’t feel like her authentic self around Tiffany, and Tiffany reminds Brandi that she never thought she “intended” to be hurtful with her offensive commentary. Tiffany doesn’t want Brandi to hold back, but it’s very simple. Just don’t say offensive, rude things, Brandi. Tiffany rattles off a list of nice things about Brandi, and when she asks Brandi what she thinks about her, we are slapped with a “to be continued…” Seems like we are just buying time for Brandi to search for some adjectives in a thesaurus…