Open Post: Brought to You by Ramona Singer’s Runway Walk!

by Ashlee Mason Comments

Open Post: Brought to You by Ramona Singer’s Runway Walk!

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With that intro out of the way, let’s talk about Ramona Singer’s catwalk skills! Once upon a time, way back in 2009, a pale, willowy woman named Alex McCord held an edgy, all-the-frills fashion show in the town of Brooklyn, New York. Ms. McCord was in charge of selecting the fashions and models for this modish affair, and in her infinite wisdom, decided to enlist some of her quasi-celebrity friends as models – not only as a tribute to their everlasting friendships – but also as a way to declare, “Hey, world! Brooklyn fashion is ON THE MAP!” 

Alex toiled over every little detail of the show, including taking her very good friend Kelly Bensimon’s measurements. “Please, oh, please let this strapless dress accentuate Kelly’s broad shoulders,” Alex prayed to the fashion gods. “Everyone loves a good shoulder!”

On the day of the show, the townspeople gathered in the high school gymnasium, hotly anticipating all the fashions that would march down the long, black wrestling mat. There was excitement in the air that day, my friends. I’m pretty sure BELLA Magazine even sent a reporter to cover all of the grand designs!

After several models strutted their stuff to ‘Tik Tok’ (or whatever the kids were listening to in 2009), out she came… the true STAH of the show, in all her glory!

Just look at that gazelle-like gait. It takes a very special woman to pull off a strapless pin-striped dress with a frontal, full-length zipper that puckers and bends with every movement, and Ramona was more than up to the task! I just love how she COMMANDED the audience with her eyes to take in every little detail of the frock, all the way down to the busy design elements that enhanced her paunch. 

My favorite part of this trip down Memory Lane was watching the hater, Jill Zarin, writhe in her chair with jealousy over Ramona’s “I’m going to kill you in your sleep” eyes she was serving. Sure, Jill said it looked like an alien invaded Ramona’s body, but that’s just code for “I WISH I HAD THAT POISE.” 

TELL US – What are you watching this week? Are you at all interested in these throwback Housewives tales? How DARE Scott Kluth Dump Tinsley! 

Photo Credit: lev radin/Shutterstock