Kelly Dodd Served With Court Papers After Dog Allegedly Injures Multiple People as RHOC Star Claims Poodle is “Gentle And Loving”

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RHOC Star Kelly Dodd Hit With Court Papers After Poodle Allegedly Injured Multiple People, Did She Blow Off Hearing?

Credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Kelly Dodd and her ex-husband, Michael Dodd, were hit with court papers in 2020 after their poodle, Chloe, allegedly attacked multiple people, but the Real Housewives of Orange County star insists Chloe is “gentle.”

Kelly star is known for saying some pretty outrageous things, but this time it’s not her mouth that’s causing the trouble — it’s her dog’s. The small animal apparently has a history of attacking people along the beach, and the city of Newport Beach seemingly had enough.

In court documents obtained by Radar Online, Kelly and Michael were served papers by the city on September 8, 2020, as they wanted to determine if the poodle was “potentially dangerous” after the dog was accused of biting multiple strangers.

According to the filing, Chloe had been involved in more than two incidents where a person was forced to use “a defensive action to prevent bodily injury when the person and the dog were off the property of the owner.” However, though the strangers attempted to fight off the dog, it seems Chloe still caused several injuries.

In 2015, the first alleged victim actually contacted the police and said she suffered bruising and several red marks. Then, in 2017, a man named Dean Joseph Turner was forced to call the police after the animal “inflicted an injury” on him “in an unprovoked and aggressive manner.”

Dean alleged that Kelly and her mother, Bobbi Meza, were walking two dogs on a leash on a Corona Del Mar beach sidewalk, and both dogs attacked him. He says that once he complained, one of the women told him that her dog would “never harm anyone.” Then, when authorities arrived at Kelly’s home to investigate the incident, her mom Bobbi denied the entire ordeal.

Nevertheless, Dean was eventually transported to a nearby hospital and Chloe was subsequently placed on a 10-day quarantine by Animal Control.

But, unfortunately, Chloe obviously didn’t learn her lesson as she attempted to bite yet another man in 2019. On this particular occasion, she ripped the man’s pants and didn’t quite make it through to his skin, but he claims the dog bit his wife a year before. Therefore, he says he told Kelly to control her dog, and she allegedly replied, “It’s crazy, Chloe only bites you two!”

Following the multiple attacks, a virtual hearing was scheduled in March, but Kelly and Michael were not required to attend. Nevertheless, the court found the dog to be “potentially dangerous,” which means the court could force the former couple to take out insurance on the dog, but it’s unclear if they have done so.

Sources close to the reality star told Radar Online that the 10-year-old dog is still living with Kelly, but she’s suffering from Addison’s disease, which has seemingly changed her aggressive behavior. According to the insiders, Kelly told them, “Chloe has aged peacefully since the alleged incidents and is a gentle, loving dog.”