RHOBH Recap: Crystal Calls Sutton “Jealous” as Sutton Calls Her Pants “Ugly” and Storms Out of Garcelle’s Birthday Luncheon in Anger

by Julia Comments

RHOBH Recap: A Bolognese Luncheon Leaves the Ladies in Shock as Sutton Storms Out in Anger

The line of the season for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills comes from this episode by none other than Sutton Stracke: “Jealous of what?! Your ugly leather pants??” To get to this tipping point, we have to rewind to three days earlier…

We are treated to an intimate trip to the grocery store with Harry Hamlin and Rinna. Rinna explains that Harry is the domestic one in the relationship, cuz let’s be honest, ya’ll know she isn’t doing any cooking (or eating). Harry is preparing to host all of Rinna’s friends and he plans to wow them with his famous Bolognese. How in the world did they spend $310 on four bags of groceries?! Must be very expensive pasta!

Having a friend like Kathy Hilton means you can just borrow her tennis court whenever she isn’t using it. Erika agrees to play a quick match with Crystal, but Erika doesn’t even feign that she is awful at tennis. Crystal, on the other hand, pretends like she is Serena Williams. Competitive Crystal shows off her skills, and the ladies end the match with a quick visit inside Kathy’s house.

Kathy greets the duo in her jammies (ah, to be Kathy Hilton!) and she hears all about Erika’s new “cute” house. Erika further explains that her (soon-to-be-ex) Tom did not give her a whole lot of independence as she was not in charge of the finances. Curious timing to out that information, huh? Erika appears to be the victim in this split according to her version. Although she should tell that tale to the people Tom owes millions to…

Kyle is having her family holiday photos taken (yes, matching silk pajamas for all — even you, Mauricio!), and Kathy breezes in. She unloads the contents of her purse, which includes everything you could possibly need up to and including sandals in case she decides to get a quick pedicure. Kathy shares that their sister Kim has changed her phone number, but this is news to Kyle. Kyle and Kim are not talking again (surprise, surprise), but the sisters hope to see Kim soon as she has been quarantining alone for the last nine months.

Rinna pays a morning visit to Erika’s quaint little house that costs a cool $9,500 a month. (Cry me a river, Erika. You’re driving around in a new Range Rover and paying close to $10,000 each month to live in a house that may only have street parking but is still bigger than most people’s homes. And something tells me her Shoe Dazzle line ain’t funding this lifestyle…)

Rinna does her best acting job pretending that she likes Erika’s place. Sutton arrives with a signed Dolce and Gabbana “Queens” book as a housewarming gift for Erika, mainly because Sutton’s picture is in there… twice. Erika shares with the women that she is happier now because she wasn’t being heard and felt pushed out in her marriage. She scoffs a bit when she talks about being depressed because what does she have to be depressed about?? Hmmm… The topic changes to the Sutton/Crystal violation conversation. Sutton makes it clear that as much as she tries to put it in the past she cannot move on.

Garcelle does a wonderful job of showcasing life as a mother to two teen boys. It is hard, especially during a pandemic. I mean, there’s one kid attempting a Japanese class via Zoom and another kid going through mood swings. Garcelle’s home life is def preparing her for what’s to come with these emotional women, that’s for sure!

Too bad Harry Hamlin is stuck cooking for his family on the reg… those skills are certainly not put to good use with that group. Luckily, Rinna has invited the ladies and Harry can cook his heart out. Plus, it’s a good excuse for Rinna to make good with Garcelle again and celebrate her birthday.

Dorit and Kyle share a car over to Rinna’s, and Dorit shares some exciting news with Kyle. Since she has worked in fashion and design for over 20 years, Dorit has decided to do a collab with cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and most importantly, wedding gowns. Dorit claims she is confident as she has even designed a restaurant. However, designing a restaurant is not quite the same as designing a bridal gown unless you want to get married covered in lemons.

Harry greets Dorit and Kyle and he lets them know that Rinna did NOTHING to help with the day’s event. For some reason, Harry seems like Rinna’s awkward butler, just bringing the ladies to the table. Rinna must feel his eyes burning in the back of her head, so she finally gets up and pretends to be a hostess for .5 seconds. When Sutton arrives, Kathy greets her with a quick, “Hi, Tomasina!” Anddd we are off. Sutton is at a breaking point with this joke and I don’t blame her.

The ladies make their way to the table where Harry serves them some delicious-looking Bolognese. Rinna and Harry share that they will not be spending Thanksgiving with their children due to COVID, but luckily, Scott Disick won’t be spending the holiday with their daughter, either. Rinna claims that the press coming at Amelia and Scott is A LOT, but we all know that Rinna is LOVING the attention. Harry explains that he can’t even be angry at this age difference between Scott and Amelia as he also dated a woman 14 years his senior.

Harry has one more surprise for the ladies — he has made Garcelle a cake for her birthday. What a guy! Garcelle appreciates this olive branch that Rinna is extending, but as she begins to open the gifts that the women have brought for her, Sutton grows more and more furious. Sutton is angry when she finds out that all the women brought gifts for Garcelle and she did not. She was left out of group gifts and is once again feeling like the outcast. Interesting considering Sutton ALWAYS brings gifts! And the ONE time she doesn’t come prepared…

Not sure if Kathy’s “Tomasina” comment set her off, or the fact that she came gift-less, or if she was just p*ssed staring at Crystal’s face, but Sutton silently broods at the table. When Kyle quietly asks Sutton what’s up, Sutton states she doesn’t like being where she doesn’t like people. Kyle forces Sutton up from the table and she gets Sutton talking. Sutton is losing her marbles over Crystal. She is tired of looking at her smug face and she still feels weird being around the one she “violated.” Sutton has had it, but Kyle feels that she is being “irrational” about the whole situation. Quick — grab Sutton her face roller ASAP. Maybe that would calm her down from spiraling.

Unfortunately, it is too late to reel Sutton back in. Some of the women gather around a very upset Sutton and Garcelle reminds her that they are all done with the topic. Sutton is fuming, but leave it to Kathy for comedic relief, “Who is hunky-dory?”

Crystal walking over to Sutton during her rant and stating, “Me again??” is not really helping the situation. Sutton snaps at Crystal and Crystal essentially laughs in her face. When Sutton asks, “What crazy planet do you live on?” Crystal retorts, “Not yours.” COME ON, CRYSTAL. It’s like she is enjoying driving Sutton crazy! Crystal apologizes for making Sutton upset, but Sutton refuses to accept it.

Crystal appears to have had enough of Sutton when she blurts out, “You’re upset because you’re jealous. Period.” Sutton STORMS away from the women. Watching these ladies chase after Sutton in their heels is a hoot. Sutton, unable to control her anger, gives the lowest blow to Crystal that she can think of. She makes fun of Crystal’s outfit with the line heard round the Bravo-universe: “Jealous of what?! Your ugly leather pants??” LOLOL. And to production zooming in on Crystal’s pants, you’re the real MVP.