RHONY Recap: Sonja and Bershan Have an Altercation as Ladies Confront Sonja Over Drinking Issues, Plus They Get Emotional at Psychic Reading

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RHONY Recap: Bershan and Sonja Have an Altercation, Leah, Luann and Ramona Confront Sonja Over Drinking Issues, Plus Ladies Get Emotional Psychic Reading

We are back this week after another to-be-continued with our Real Housewives of New York. What will happen when Bershan and Sonja face off? Let’s watch and see!

This episode, of course, has some production-fed storyline — AGAIN. Our mediums have some pretty specific information on our NYC divas. The communications that are revealed are so relevant to their current storylines on the show, which makes them obviously suspect — except Bershan and goats. That literally made no sense. Let’s go back into the dark and see what happens when Sonja provokes the wrong person.

Sonja is losing her sh*t since she thinks she is being treated like a doormat by Bershan. Ramona tries to get Bershan to lay off Sonja since she is broken. She is left in charge of Bershan since she invited her.

Bershan thinks they are all enabling her kooky behavior. Yep, they sure are along with production. Eboni is tapping out since she gave her all of the extra “black points” that she had in her book. She acts like SHE has taken the time to get to know the other ladies before coming for them. The difference is that Eboni came in hard and fast, but she very articulately used her words to drive her point. (I still think being articulate isn’t a derogatory thing to say — I take it as a compliment.)

The next morning, Leah calls Luann and tells her that Sonja and Bershan got into a physical altercation. Now, what we should all ask is why did production not properly film this highly teased piece of drama? Why do we have to learn of this story from production pet Leah?

Bershan apparently went to Leah’s room to get a melatonin, and Sonja was there stumbling around the room spouting out utter nonsense just like any other day. Bershan then incites the clown-hoe Sonja by suggesting she is a drunk.

We then have lots of finger-pointing and screaming. Sonja starts screaming that she is a real person but with behaviors reserved for a person that could use a straightjacket. Leah is more worried they are going to break her nose when she is trying to separate them. Production, who is lurking in the hallway, has to come into the room to escort Sonja out of the room. We then hear glass breaking, and the clips made it sound like Sonja and Bershan were in a literal battle. Sonja was really throwing a temper tantrum and broke the glass on the fire extinguisher. Maybe it was innocent so she could have a hot fireman come put out the perpetual fire in her pants?

While in her room the next morning, Bershan is chanting, “Bershan, you are amazing, Bershan, you are beautiful!”  Bershan is giving herself some encouragement to get through this crazy trip. Honey, you are going to need a lot more than inspirational sayings to survive this raucous group of ladies!

Ramona is given the task by the other ladies that she needs to have a chat with Bershan. She brought her, and it is her job to tell her to dial it back. Luann thinks that Ramona created this problem by telling Bershan that this is a group of party girls. Well, isn’t it?

Ramona and Leah talk about Sonja’s drinking. Leah thinks they need to do an intervention since it is irresponsible not to do something about it. No duh — you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to come to that conclusion. Leah’s personality is a huge problem and no one is forcing her a*s to address that.

They recruit Luann to help out with the difficult task of forcing Sonja to face her issues with alcohol and water pills laced with something stronger. Leah thinks they need to break down the denial since breaking glass has now become dangerous. Yep, along with a lot of her other behaviors while drinking.

Ramona is now having a sit-down with Bershan about her antagonizing Sonja. Bershan felt that Sonja crossed a line by getting in her face. She is willing to apologize to the other ladies for the grandma comment. Bershan thought the other ladies were like Ramona and she let her boundaries down.

Leah then calls Eboni and fills her in about the incident. Eboni is shocked at their behavior. She doesn’t think it is appropriate for classy ladies. What she wanted to ask is why wasn’t she there in Leah’s room to provide her commentary on this dramatic event?

The ladies now head out to lunch in a van, which is very spookily quiet since no one wants to aggravate the warring parties. At lunch, Bershan apologizes to the group, and Sonja should have had to as well! She is sorry that she acted familiar with them before truly knowing them. Eboni jumps up from the table to get on camera so she can show her sympathetic side when Bershan is crying. Bershan then apologizes to Sonja specifically. There are no apologies from Sonja for acting like a total a*s-clown!

Sonja thinks that Bershan breached her trust. She hears Ramona talking and tells her to shut up. Sonja said the way Bershan mimicked her really affected her. They decide to hug it out. Bershan warns Sonja about getting in people’s faces and how it can go wrong. That is some truth there, and she is lucky Bershan didn’t take her crazy a*s down!

The ladies are now getting ready for their big night out. Sonja is teasing the hell out of her hair and using way too much hairspray. Is she trying to look like the Bride of Frankenstein? Leah arrives first, and she looks like she is wearing a d*ck panel in front of her atrocious outfit. Bershan has some sexy thigh-high blinged-out boots and is giving me some Thunderdome vibes! Sonja is now sporting a long ponytail, and I don’t know how she arrived at this look after the mess we saw in the previous scene.

In their ITMs, the ladies discuss their feelings on conducting a séance. Sonja isn’t afraid of speaking to the dead since she still keeps in touch with John-John. Leah hopes it won’t be a sad one where her grandma appears. She would prefer Kurt Cobain.

Bershan and Sonja decide to order espresso martinis. These two know how to make things right after their alcohol-fused brawl the night before. Luann is right! It is a zoom and a boom all in one and a very wicked combination for Sonja that will be sure to bring out some evil spirits.

Leah, Luann, and Ramona try to come up with a game plan to approach Sonja. Why would they plan an intervention while they’re at a bar? Ramona then grabs Sonja’s drink so she can get her attention.

Sonja finally sits down totally unaware of what is going to happen. Leah starts by telling Sonja that her drinking has become dangerous. Sonja looks rather perplexed hearing this? Luann is all like, “I only got drunk in someone else’s room,” but I think she forgot the part where she kicked the cop and wanted to kill him.  Sonja defends her drinking by saying it is strictly social. She thinks telemedicine is going to help with her drinking problem. She thinks they are being judgmental, and that was the worst intervention scenario ever.

Since the intervention wasn’t productive, let’s pivot and talk to the dead! There is now a loud ominous crash and the ladies are scared sh*tless — literally. The light came off of the ceiling and now the mediums are going to open up the communications with the dead!

Bershan has a reading from her grandfather, and the medium claims she is seen as a “regular goat.” She can’t hide the fact that she isn’t buying this nonsense. Neither are we, and production dropped the ball in not giving the medium something to share.

Luann’s reading is really convoluted and includes something about an uncle. He asks if she has a moody man in her past. Luann isn’t buying what he is selling because who doesn’t have a moody man in their past?

Leah has a woman coming through (obviously grandma), and this person wouldn’t approve of her being involved in a séance. Grandma allegedly tells her the Jewish faith is good for her. I now know for sure this is some convoluted bullsh*t since isn’t Leah’s family staunch Catholics?

Eboni is now hearing from her grandma (of course she is) who is very proud of her. Grandma Bravo says Eboni has a strong message for women and she needs to keep repeating this message. Oh no, she is getting more encouragement to continue with her mission designed by Bravo.

Sonja is told that she has a man, who they think is her dad. He wants to apologize for what he did to her. Sonja gets really emotional hearing this. Her dad also had a drinking problem and was an absentee parent. The medium with production’s input tells Sonja she needs a whole heck of a lot more than a healer! I think this was a better intervention for Sonja than the absurd one that was conducted at the bar.

Ramona has a man coming through who could be her brother. She mentions that he was self-destructive. Ramona’s brother is sorry that he hurt her. She had to push her brother away since he was so troubled.

OK, now that you’ve heard the readings for all of these ladies, you’re going to say, “Did production give these people a script to follow?” They obviously didn’t plan on Bershan coming since there was some bizarre reference to her being just a regular goat.

Now everyone is happy and enjoying themselves after they cried it out. LOL, Eboni tells Leah that her dress is on backward! Leah decides to hike it up and flash her skinny a*s. This obnoxious troll has a glam squad helping her get ready and she can’t even put her dress on the right way? At least the episode ends on a happy note until next week…

Next week, the ladies all do impersonations of each other. That should be fun to watch! Eboni is also trying to find out who her birth father is. I wish everyone well, and Happy Hump Day!