Heather Gay Admits She Was “Terrified” During Jen Shah’s Arrest and Details Scary Encounter With the FBI

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Heather Gay Admits She Was "Terrified" During Jen Shah's Arrest, Is She Defending Her RHOSLC Costar?

Heather Gay is sharing new details about Jen Shah‘s arrest while opening up about her own frightening encounter with the F.B.I agents who took her Real Housewives of Salt Lake City co-star into custody.

As fans well know, Jen was arrested for allegedly running a yearslong telemarketing scheme, but her co-stars have remained fairly tight-lipped about the wild ordeal. However, it seems Heather has been waiting to get a few things off her chest as she spilled some new information on Thursday.

“I mean, I’ve been, like, dying to talk about this publicly,” Heather began while guest hosting alongside Porsha Williams and Gizelle Bryant on Bravo’s Chat Room per E! News. “With you ladies this is like an exclusive tea. It all happened live time, real time, active filming. We were all together, Jen was there. We were getting ready to leave for a cast trip, we were just sitting at Beauty Lab getting our last minute things, making sure everything was squared away. And Jen had to leave, and then everything happened.”

Gizelle wanted more information, asking, “But Heather, isn’t Beauty Lab your place of business? Did the cops come to your place of business? Were you feeling like you were going to get arrested?”

That’s when Heather revealed how she was feeling in that moment, sharing that she was absolutely “terrified.”

“Oh girl, I knew I was holding and I was pinned against the wall. I thought they were coming for me. I was terrified,” she said.

Porsha asked the mother-of-three if she’s discussed the scary event with Jen or if she’s mostly “stayed quiet.”

“No, I talked to her about every single detail,” Heather dished. “I have one job and my job is not to defend her, it’s not to judge her, it’s not to prosecute her, it’s not to make her feel bad about what she’s done. It’s to be her friend.”

Heather also discussed sticking by her friend on the So Bad It’s Good with Ryan Bailey podcast in June.

“We are in it with her,” she declared. “We are going through it as friends, [and] as people who for the first time in [our] lives are public figures.”

She also added, “I think that good people can do bad things, and she is claiming she is innocent. Even if she gets…wrongfully convicted, she can make things right. She can redeem herself.”

Jen has pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit money laundering. But if convicted, she’s facing up to 50 years in prison.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season two premieres Sunday, September 12, on Bravo at 9/8c.