Thomas Girardi’s Pasadena Mansion Price Slashed to $8.9 Million as Erika Jayne Appeals Judge’s Decision to Allow Attorney to Remain on Bankruptcy Case, Plus Attorney Responds

by Emily Campbell
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Thomas Girardi’s Pasadena Mansion Price Slashed to $8.9 Million as Erika Jayne Appeals Judge’s Decision to Allow Attorney Remain on Bankruptcy Case, Plus Attorney Responds

The price on the Pasadena mansion Erika Jayne once shared with her estranged husband Thomas Girardi has been slashed yet again just as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star rushes back to court in a desperate attempt to get attorney Ronald Richards off her back.

It seems the trustee in Thomas’ bankruptcy case is still struggling to unload Thomas and Erika’s massive 10,277-square-foot home because the price has just been reduced by over $1 million.

As fans well know, the disbarred attorney was forced into bankruptcy months ago after being accused of owing millions of dollars to creditors and his clients. As a result, the couple’s mansion was placed on the market in May for a whopping $13 million as the bankruptcy trustee is trying to garner as much money as possible to distribute back to the creditors and victims that Thomas allegedly owes.

However, the four-bedroom, nine-bathroom home hasn’t exactly been a hot commodity, so the price was reduced to $11.5 million in June. Unfortunately, it seems there still hasn’t been any interest in the home following the price reduction as the property is now listed for $8.9 million.

Meanwhile, while Erika and Thomas’ mansion remains stale, the former Chicago star has reportedly informed the court that she plans to appeal the judge’s ruling regarding the attorney hired to investigate her in Thomas’ bankruptcy.

If fans recall, Erika asked the court to remove attorney Ronald Richards from her case after she accused him of “harassing her on social media,” but the judge shot the motion down, calling it “meritless.”

Now, according to Radar Online, Erika has filed a notice of appeal of the decision, which is the first step in an attempt to overturn the judge’s stern decision. Nevertheless, Ronald isn’t concerned because he believes the reality star’s appeal won’t go anywhere.

“The appeal has no chance of winning as Erika has no standing to appeal, no right to appeal, and would be subject to a motion to dismiss,” he told the outlet. “Erika’s attorney have advised us not to do any work on the appeal at this time.”

Ronald added, “It was filed just to preserve their rights but in this case, the 35-page opinion denying the motion for reconsideration is so thorough and so well written, and is subject to a clear error standing, that pursuing it is the equivalent of a legal suicide mission and would only further waste Erika’s money.”

Erika is seemingly panicking after being hit with a $25 million lawsuit by Ronald and the bankruptcy trustee. They are demanding that she return the money, which is the amount they claim she was fraudulently loaned from Thomas’ Girardi Keese law firm over the years.

So far, she has yet to return a penny as she claims any money or assets she received from Thomas were “gifts.”

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