RHOBH Recap: Erika Accuses Costars of “Torturing Her” and Slams Sutton for Saying She Lied About Tom, Plus Kyle Calls Out Sutton

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RHOBH Recap: Erika's Threats Reach a New Level as She Butts Heads with Sutton Once AgainOn this episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, emotions reach a tipping point as feet are held to the fire and two-faced personalities get outted.

It’s Dorit’s big day. No, not her wedding day. But the day her “designed” wedding dresses have arrived. She calls PK the “visionary,” but I think he is just the money behind the project. Therefore, she must go along with whatever he suggests, although Dorit claims that “ultimately” she’s the boss. The conversation between PK and Dorit turns to marriage and infidelity, which then leads to a chat about Erika and her current issues. Dorit explains that things are not great within the group of women, particularly with her and Garcelle. I mean, if Garcelle thinks Dorit talks too much, perhaps she should sit down with PK for a bit…

Kyle is more excited that Sutton’s home is still not done because that just means, as her landlord, Sutton just keeps paying that rent. After a tour of Sutton’s under-construction house, the ladies sit down and chat. Sutton did not appreciate Erika’s “doo doo nail pointing at my face and calling me Miss Small Town.” Sutton realizes that Erika ain’t as fragile as she is pretending to be. Furthermore, she explains to Kyle that she is planning on having a real-talk convo with Erika. Sutton is over Erika’s lies and is tired of her changing her stories.  It’s time to find out Erika’s truth.

Crystal is hosting a few of the women, and Erika is the first to arrive. Erika hears about Crystal’s children and how she is trying to keep the Chinese culture alive in their family. Kathy is a bit late, as she was busy preparing for her big party tomorrow. Garcelle finally joins the ladies, and she states that the likes that it is a smaller group gathering as she is still reeling from the Dorit bullying implication.

The girls explain that Dorit is very sensitive, but Garcelle makes it known that she, too, is sensitive, despite her hardened exterior. Erika jumps all over this and naturally makes the conversation about her. Erika is fired up about Sutton making her legal woes about her. Erika states that the Sutton she knew was always so caring, and then when she “flipped” on Erika, it left a bad taste in her mouth. Kathy, the voice of reason, explains that everyone has a skeleton in their closet.

Because Garcelle is a good friend, she does her best to defend Sutton. When the ladies get all Mean Girls about Sutton, Garcelle can hardly stand it. So just because Erika and Crystal are members of the same country club and never heard of Sutton before this show that’s supposed to mean something?! What they are insinuating is that someone is not important if you don’t know them… #teamSutton.

It’s Mauricio and Kyle’s 25th wedding anniversary and it’s quite romantic. Mauricio does a good job of keeping Kyle calm… it probably helps that he is always stoned, but I digress. Kyle ruins the moment by rambling about relationships (who did she learn that from, Dorit?), and she keeps repeating that she is so impressed that she doesn’t even know what to say. But she certainly has A LOT to say. Kyle discusses Erika’s messy divorce and lawsuit and is so happy that her marriage lasted longer than Erika’s 20 years, but even Mauricio is over her incessant chatter.

It’s the day of Kathy’s party and everyone is primping and prepping for the event. Sutton talks to Garcelle before heading over and states that the two of them need to “stand up for each other.” Garcelle reminds Sutton that she has her back and we know that to be true (see: Crystal’s luncheon).

Kathy inspects and fluffs everything at her party, and David Bowie, I mean, Rinna, strolls right into her home. She runs into the “old school hospitality” at Kathy’s and reminds the world just how rich Kathy Hilton is. Kyle complains that Kathy shows up late to her own events, and as the girls pile into her home, Kathy eventually makes her entrance, but not quite like Garcelle does in that leopard ensemble!

Can we discuss how Dorit explains she feels like she is in her “element” at Kathy’s? Girl, you could only dream to have a life like Kathy’s. Everyone seems to be in a good mood, and it’s exceptionally funny that Kathy’s butler does not know Kyle, her sister.

Hold up — who put Erika and Sutton next to each other? The women plop down and Sutton takes that opportunity to chit-chat with Erika. Erika retorts, “What are you trying to do?” Erika claims she knows Sutton’s position and that she has zero interest in talking through their issues as Sutton’s opinion of her does not matter to her. Erika states that she has enough problems. Erika excuses herself, and the rest of the women stare wide-eyed trying to figure out what happened.

Dorit steps in and lets Garcelle know that she doesn’t like confrontation, but she does like to stick up for herself. Kathy interjects and reminds the women that they are aiming to have a nice dinner. If that is the case, then someone please take the bell away from drunk Rinna. She has this great idea to play “pass the bell,” and whoever has the bell needs to clear the air. Of course, Sutton gets the bell first.

When Sutton begins to clear the air, Erika reminds Sutton that her opinion of her does not matter. And so begins the back and forth. So much for Kathy’s nice dinner party. Bet they all wish they let Dorit talk… and talk… and talk. How embarrassing that Patrick the butler is mortified by these women and their behavior?

Sutton is annoyed that Erika called her Miss Small Town and explains that she worked very hard to get to where she is today. Erika is perplexed about how HER life could possibly impact Sutton’s. Dorit jumps in, and she reminds Erika that every time an article is written, the names of the Housewives are dragged into it. Erika threatens that she will remember those that are with her and those that are against her, and I think I saw Dorit shudder.

Garcelle tries to shut it down and suggests that it’s simply human nature to worry if you could be implicated through association. Erika turns on the waterworks, but if looks could kill, man. She pulls away from Garcelle as Garcelle tries to wipe her tears away, and she demands that Garcelle let go of her. Anyone else catch Garcelle telling Erika, “I don’t like the way you are looking at me!”

Erika reminds the women that she feels a lot worse than they do about the situation and questions, “Why are you torturing me about it?” Jeez, Erika. You are not the victim. Did you forget about all of the people owed millions and millions of dollars? She gets all soap opera-esque as she demands Dorit to look at her and look at her life.

Erika cannot stand to hear one more question or one more statement about her troubles, and she even tells Rinna to can it when she starts saying that they all should “love thy neighbor.” Erika tries looking for support and compassion, and of course, Kyle tries to be there for Erika… by throwing Sutton under the bus.

Kyle tells Sutton that she is not being honest and she is looking two-faced. She demands Sutton come clean and talk to Erika the way she told Kyle she wanted to. Sutton slightly balks and states that she has softened about the point of view she had. But Kyle jumps in and reminds Sutton that she said she did not believe Erika.  Kyle sure likes to stir the pot, and now Rinna jumps in, helping to focus their energy on throwing Sutton to the wolves.

According to Garcelle, Sutton has suddenly become the scapegoat in this whole thing, and I bet she is wishing she never spoke to Kyle about anything in confidence. Sutton tells Erika, “I don’t trust that 100% of what you told us is the truth.” Sutton points out that when you find one lie, there’s gonna be a lot more. Erika forcefully states that she is not a liar and that Sutton has a “lot of f*cking nerve.” As Erika gets more and more livid, she gets nastier to Sutton. Sutton tells Erika not to talk to her like that, and to that, Erika threatens, “…or what?”  To. Be. Continued.