Below Deck Med Recap: Captain Sandy Critiques Mathew’s Food and Malia Calls Out the Deck Crew Over Rookie Mistake

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Below Deck Med Recap: Captain Sandy Critiques Mathew's Food and Malia Calls Out the Deck Crew Over Rookie Mistake

On this episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, Katie and Courtney scramble as the interior duo and Chef Mathew seeks constant validation. All of this stress is bound to leave the crew tired and more likely to make a mistake… or two.

“Stop making excuses, Malia!” Oh no. Are Malia and Captain Sandy having their first fight?? Sandy is livid that Malia did not let her know about Daves “serious” bruise, and therefore, she can no longer trust Malia. There isn’t much time to worry about this issue as new guests are about to board, and Katie and Courtney are hauling a*s to make sure everything gets taken care of.

Chef Mathew (aka Mat the Cat) has escaped being fired like nine times, and he has not even felt the total wrath of Sandy. Yet somehow Captain Sandy rips Malia a new one for not reporting the incident with Dave. Captain Sandy is still not done with Malia, and she reminds her that she is very upset. Malia attempts to explain that the incident occurred after hours, and Sandy recognizes this as true. Sandy tells Malia, “I trust you 1,000%,” and they make up much like a quarreling couple would.

Side note: Interesting that Malia felt responsible to report Hannah’s *drugs* to Captain Sandy last season, but it slips her mind to tell Sandy about the massive bruise on Dave’s thigh…

In the meantime, Lloyd and Mzi will have to step up their game while Dave gets the chance to heal and deal with less manual labor (like laundry — hey, somebody’s gotta do it now that Delaney and Lexi are gone!). The new charter guests are full of smiles, but Captain Sandy finds out that three of the charter guests will be joining the rest of the guests a bit later as they are awaiting their negative COVID test results.

As everyone gets settled in, the interior is starting to get nervous. There are only two stews and it’s a big job to take care of. Katie and Courtney are running around like chickens without heads, tag-teaming this charter. Bet Katie wishes she kept Delaney once she heard she must set up a beach picnic. Malia is now getting the brunt of this lack of help because she must give up some of her exterior to help the interior. Although things are getting a little hairy on board, the vibe is def better now that Lexi is gone.

Mzi and Malia are stuck heaving the beach picnic chairs up a massive (albeit beautiful) hill. Their arms are likely going to snap off and they could really use an extra hand, but alas, THERE IS NO ONE TO SPARE. Thanks, Katie! At least Katie has inherited limpy Dave as her third stew…

Courtney gets a solid 13-minute break before she has to hop back up to pack the food and beverages for the picnic. Malia returns to pick up the guests and bring them to their hike… I mean picnic. Lunch is build your own poke bowls, which sounds delicious. While they chow down, Malia is back on the yacht making sure it is ready for the guests’ return.

Things are a tad awkward between Mzi and Courtney since she friendzoned him after the flowers, but at least they are hopeful that they can keep their friendship intact.

It is post picnic lunch, and the crew is breaking down the area. Why is Dave carrying anything? Isn’t he supposed to be resting and, like, ironing or something? Katie and Courtney have been working nine hours straight without a break, but how dare Katie state that she is tired when she was the one who decided to ditch the extra help Delaney would have brought? Also, Courtney — what is this? Amateur hour? You should NEVER complain to the guests about how tired you are. Yachts are supposed to be magical places where guests never know how things get done — they just happen.

The water toys make their debut, and Malia advises the guests to stay away from the shoreline. However, two jet skis went under the bridge and into town. The yacht is definitely going to get a ticket, but at least the guests had a good time, amiright? All about that tip!

After 12 hours and still no break, Katie is stuck chatting it up with a charter guest. “Harmless flirting” is what she calls it, but Katie def has other things she should be doing right now… like helping Courtney set the dinner table. When Courtney asks if she is now considered second stew, Katie lets her know that Courtney has grown big time throughout the process. The reality is, Courtney had no choice but to work twice as hard. As Katie puts it, Courtney got thrown into the deep end, but she certainly is not drowning.

Needy Mat is essentially sweating into the Italian dinner he is serving to the guests and Captain Sandy. This is Sandy’s first dinner with the guests and her first time having Mat’s food for real. He holds his breath and hopes it is up to her standards. The guests, and Sandy, are legit eating up Mat’s food, and it seems like this is a successful dinner service. However, I can see why no guests invite Sandy to the dinner table. All she does is talk and talk. I think she put the guests to sleep.

After her meal, Sandy privately picks on Mat for some dark fish, and you can visibly see Mat deflate. So much for impressing the captain, huh? At least Mat realizes that there was a reason for disappointment. He complains and whines to Katie and Malia about how he let down the captain, and Katie states, “I’m not his f*cking mother” regarding Mathew’s constant need for positive reinforcement. Ouch.

The next morning, Mzi gets ready for his first morning shift while Courtney and Mathew prep for the guests. Mzi completely forgot about the paddleboards, and of course, a guest is up early to venture out. Naturally, Captain Sandy (aka Captain Creeper) notices Mzi’s mistake. Malia is forced to address the mistake Mzi made, and he is willing to apologize and do better next time.

If Chef Mathew asks Katie what the “vibe” is one more time, I am going to lose it. If you are so concerned about their reaction to your breakfast service, walk yourself up those steps and question the guests. The interior clearly does not have the extra time to coddle you, Mathew.

Malia believes that people are getting tired and they aren’t doing a thorough check of their work. Malia is not happy, and she yells orders to her crew to swiftly change into their whites and get back on deck. I am stressed just watching this, especially because the guests are watching this sh*tshow unfold. It’s also not helpful when Captain Sandy is yelling to hustle into the radio. I am sure that would explain why Mzi messes up and makes a rookie mistake, leaving the crew looking unprofessional and racing against the clock to dock the yacht without damaging any property.