RHOP Recap: Candiace Attacks Mia’s Mom Again During Heated Exchange as Mia Tosses Salad in Her Face

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RHOP Recap: Candiace Calls Mia’s Mom “Low Budget” During Heated Exchange as Mia Tosses Salad in Her Face

This week on the Real Housewives of Potomac, we are headed to the beautiful Eastern Shore with our ladies, hubbies, baggage, etc. They will be tossing salad and not in the sexual sense since there is nothing pleasurable about what transpires. Let us see what waves they can make amongst this group, shall we?

Mia and Gordon are getting ready for their trip to the Chesapeake Bay. Gordon is not happy about going on this trip since he barely knows this crew, but he will take one for the team. He admits he can be a little extra when he parties, and based upon future clips, he goes off the rails a bit. Mia tells Gordon if Candiace keeps up her shenanigans she will shut her a*s down and put her in timeout. She is going to leave the kids with her mom, Valerie, for the first time, so it appears they are making progress in their relationship.

Candiace and Chris are having snacks outside, and he is already partaking in a cocktail. Is production focusing on this since it will be a future storyline? Candiace likens herself to an indie artist. She has confidence in herself, but will the record industry buy into this? Candiace has hopes of signing with the same label as Usher. She will be baring her areolas during this whole journey to stardom, and in order to make it in this competitive industry, she will have to do it literally and figuratively.

Candiace shares with Chris what happened with Mia questioning Dorothy. She is not intimidated by Mia with her botched clitoris and size 14 shoes. Methinks Miss Candiace is threatened by this newbie since I think Mia hit way too close to home with her comments about her marriage to Chris.

Candiace likens Mia to a projector, and she thinks she projects all of her insecurities onto others. She is trying to get Chris to buy into this theory, but even he can recognize that she went too far regarding Mia’s mom. They then discuss the couples’ weekend and who will be attending. Chris thinks he will be the loudmouth of the group unless Michael is coming — then he deserves the honor. He may have lost his title based upon this episode showing how Gordon morphs into G.

Ashley is headed over to Robyn’s house to be able to earn some filming credits. Robyn is happy they are moving into their new home within two months. She is not vibing with Wendy and she feels like she keeps being dismissive to her. Gizelle sends out a text to Wendy saying she is not interested in attending the girls’ trip and she will keep her luggage home with her. Based upon next week’s previews, she must change her mind about that.

Wendy and Eddie are chatting about their couples’ trip. She tells Eddie about her shady invite to the ladies. Wendy is pleased as punch that she was able to use her words to jab at Gizelle and Robyn. She may be uber educated, but she is an amateur at dealing with the likes of Gizelle.

Robyn thinks Wendy has an intense dislike for her. Ashley is trying to convince Robyn to go since she has Michael staying home with the baby and watching the nanny on the nanny cam. Have you all noticed that Michael has been pretty nonexistent this season?

Karen is taking Ashley with her so they can gossip about the other ladies. Ray is going to join them the next day. Karen hilariously surmises that Robyn does not need Juan around since Robyn does an excellent job of “thumbing” herself.

Wendy and Eddie arrive at the Eastern Shore, and it looks beautiful. She is wearing some short fluorescent yellow coat over what appears to be black lingerie. Wendy is letting it all hang out there trying to hang onto her beloved Eddie. The home has seven bedrooms, and no one is being relegated to a cottage down the street. Gordon and Mia arrive, and he wants the valet to bring in his bags. He looks to Eddie for assistance, but he is not interested in being his helper.

This couples’ weekend is about good vibes only. They decide to chant GVO, and they are taking some shots and Gordon is slowly evolving into G. Gordon is a teddy bear at home, but he gets “turnt up” away from home. Wendy hears about Mia’s mom’s past, and you can see that she has empathy for her. She asks Wendy if Candiace’s comments were troubling her, but Mia acts like she is nonplussed by Candiace’s below-the-belt dig. Mia has found a better way to deal with Candiace — she sees her as just a spoiled brat who she has to tolerate to earn a Bravo check.

Karen and Ashley discuss her wedding, and she has even decided to invite Gizelle with production prodding. Ray thinks that Gizelle will bring her hairdresser as her plus one. He makes a good point since we know Pastor Holy-wh*re won’t be making an appearance as her date.

Candiace and Chris arrive, and she is already dissing Mia. She has a hard-on for her and she is still smarting over what was said to Mama Dot. Candiace thinks people who cannot be in GVO should just GTFO. She might want to retrace her steps back to her car and head back to Potomac then.

Gordon is mentioning how he is a strip club connoisseur. He shares that Mia picks out the strippers and has a preference for the white girls. Candiace does not understand why he goes there when he married one. Gordon then starts dry humping and licking his lips and it makes the other ladies a bit uncomfortable. Side note: He did warn Mia that he likes to get a little freaky when he goes out, and he does not disappoint… unfortunately.

Askale and her husband Dre arrive, and they walk into a scene that I do not think that they were expecting. She and Dre are good sports, so they start throwing back some shots. Wow, they are going to be toasted with all of these vodka shots, and I haven’t seen any food yet.

Gordon is now outside chilling, and he gets a call regarding a new car for Mia. He wants her to have a customized G wagon for their wedding anniversary.

Gordon brings the phone inside and puts the call on speaker so everyone can hear. Mia tries to grab the phone, and G takes this opportunity to tell her to shut the f*ck up. The other ladies look appalled at his comment, but Mia does not react at all. Wendy wants to know what else is said behind closed doors. Candiace thinks that Gordon is like Michael, who has been known on many occasions to act out when he has been drinking.

Candiace and Mia talk out what happened with her mom. She really is throwing some serious shade at Mia, and some would say, “She is acting all ugly!” Askale tries valiantly to shut this conversation down, but they ignore her again.

Candiace is going in on Mia so hard, and it is literally painful to hear and watch. She is lucky that Mia has a lot of restraint since these other ladies would not tolerate this crap. Candiace is calling her a nightcrawler and continuing to insult her mother. Didn’t she learn anything from last season and how words can escalate into violence? Mia walks off, and she speaks with another friend and calls these ladies some broke b*tches. Askale takes offense to that statement, and rightfully so since she appears to be one of the few on this show with money.

And Candiace once again attacks Mia’s mom by responding to Mia: “Your mama’s a broke b*tch.” This is even after Wendy made it known earlier that Mia had a history with her mom that she had yet to share with some of the ladies. Makes you wonder if Candiace already knew about Mia’s mom’s history and simply didn’t care. #LowBlow. Leave the moms out of it.

Karen and Ashley finally pull in while this sh*tshow is playing out. They might want to hightail it out of here once they see what is transpiring.

Wendy, the host, gifts everyone with her new candles. Karen and Askale get the first choice of rooms since they were relegated last time to the cottage house. Ashley is next and then Mia. Maybe Candiace can put a blow-up bed in the broom closet or something since she gets last dibs other than Gizelle and Robyn, who probably won’t come?

Candiace is now telling Mia why she has provoked her by acting all high and mighty. She is calling G her pimp and shouts for him to come control her. Candiace then starts throwing lettuce at Mia. Mia then picks up the whole darn bowl and we have a full-blown food fight. WOW, Mia has definitely found the hot button to push with Candiace and set her off, but can she handle this little vicious spitfire? Time will tell…

Next week, Robyn and Gizelle arrive, and Gordon starts really misbehaving. Chris has to restrain Candiace again since she loses it. Have a fabulous week, Blurbers, and let me know whose side are you on?