RHOSLC Recap: Whitney Accuses Lisa of Sabotaging Angie’s Party, Jen Apologizes to Meredith and Promises to Talk to Brooks, Plus Jen and Mary Make Amends

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RHOSLC Recap: Whitney Accuses Lisa of Sabotaging Angie's Party, Jen Apologizes to Meredith and Promises to Talk to Brooks, Plus Jen and Mary Make Amends

…Picking up right where we left off. Jen is on thin ice, literally and figuratively, with Meredith, and it doesn’t seem like their relationship can ever be repaired. Does Jen continue to be in the hot seat on this episode of The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City or does someone else start taking the heat?

Lisa tries her darndest to keep Meredith from running away from Jen. Meredith can simply not understand why Lisa seems to be on Jen’s side even after all the horrible things Jen has said and done to Brooks. Meredith is baffled by the way Lisa continues to have Jen’s back, yet Lisa appears to understand the pain Meredith is experiencing courtesy of Jen. Lisa is stuck in a tough spot loyalty-wise.

In the meantime, Whitney lets Jen know that it seems like she is going against Heather, Whitney, and Brooks. Naturally, Jen cannot handle being called out. She wants Meredith to “own her sh*t,” whatever that means, and she attempts to turn the focus away from her as Jen usually does. As the argument continues, Heather stays on the sidelines and refuses to get up because, “I am not going to the weak side of the ice cuz I lied about my body weight.” LOL.

The Jen Shah deflection is real. She is busy trying to defend her “f*cking vagina,” and she is done being the person who keeps getting the blame. Gotta say, Lisa is a helluva friend trying to find Jen’s tennis bracelet in the snow after Jen tantrum-throws it off in a fit of rage.

Whitney wants to know why Lisa feels like she needs to protect and defend Jen. Meredith states that “they both need peace,” but Whitney is seeing through the BS. Who knew Jen’s assistant Stuart would be the one to try and get through to Jen? Jen hates the fact that she has to say sorry *again*… but after MUCH ado, Jen storms over to tell Meredith sorry and states that the last thing she ever wanted to do was to hurt Brooks. The ladies hug it out, and it seems like all that therapy work may actually be working for Jen. Meredith lets Jen know that she should absolutely say sorry to Brooks, and it seems to me that Meredith let that go very fast, no?

Lisa heads over to her friend SaraJane’s house. Also there is Lisa’s friend, Angie. The girls have bonded over their love of fast food, and they discuss upcoming plans. Angie has invited the women to an Encircle fundraiser event supporting the LQBTQ+ community since it is a cause near and dear to her heart. Angie has a transgender child, but also just said she loves Chick-fil-A… soooo??  Lisa is irked that Angie and Whitney are now super close because they have recently realized that they are cousins, but despite Lisa’s recent shakeups with Whitney, Lisa promises to be on her best behavior at the event since Whitney is also on the guest list.

Mary and her son have a very awkward exchange that lasts about 11 seconds. Luckily, it is interrupted by Meredith ringing the doorbell. Meredith just had a vampire facial that Mary cannot wrap her mind around. Both women plan on going to Angie’s casino night, but this will be Mary’s first time seeing Jen since the reunion. Mary thought the ladies could move forward, but Jen continues to show Mary unpredictable behavior based on her posts.

Meredith tells Mary that Jen took “partial accountability” for all the hurtful comments about Brooks on social media and that Jen would like to say sorry to Brooks, but they both know they cannot trust Jen. Only time will tell if Jen is honest in her apology.

Whitney and Angie (aka cousin sisters) are having lunch. (Time out: Why does Angie look JUST like Sarah Paulson?) Whitney claims she is related to everyone and wants people to be aware so as not to date second cousins. Super important PSA. Also, does this mean that Angie and Heather are cousins, too??? Angie shares that Lisa is not terribly happy with her since she has forged such a close relationship with Whitney, but Whitney just shrugs it off.

Angie asks for Whitney’s opinion about a recent text that she received. This text came from the catering company (that happens to be very close friends with Lisa) and stated that they could no longer work the Encircle party. Angie is left scrambling and questioning if Lisa is really sabotaging the event all because of her friendship with Whitney. Seems a bit next level, but nothing would surprise me.

It’s the night of Angie’s casino party, and here’s to hoping there will be food served. Angie has gone all out, right down to the jewelry you could wear around for the evening. Where do these people come from? (Besides Whitney’s family line.)

Coach Shah actually attends the event, and everyone is avoiding Jen like the plague. I mean, Whitney is CLIMBING over a railing to stay as far away as possible from Jen. Jen can hardly believe that despite being two blocks away from Brigham Young University there is booze, crap tables, and a whole lotta rule-breaking going on.

OMG when Lisa walks right past Whitney and pretends, she is not even there… totally awkward. Whitney suggests she wear a name tag, and it is foreshadowing how the rest of the night will unfold.

Later, Jen finds Mary and she plops down right next to her. Jen suggests a grill-off, but Mary shuts it down fast. She reminds Jen that she hates Mary, but Jen thinks everything is just fine. Jen continues to play the part that everything is all good and asks Mary to have “faith” that they are moving forward. Mary explains that the door is open to their friendship, but there is also a screen in place… for safety purposes, of course.

Angie does a costume change and pulls Lisa aside to go talk somewhere. She has a bone to pick with Lisa and wants to know what her part in the whole catering issue is — if she’s part of it at all. Angie confronts Lisa and questions if the cancellation had anything to do with her. Lisa states she is “feeling weird right now,” but Angie makes it clear that Lisa’s name was said in the text.

Lisa, unsure how to get out of the hot seat, deflects just like Jen Shah. She turns the topic to Angie’s friendship with Whitney and fake cries about how that hurts her. Angie calls Lisa out for not staying focused on the real issue at hand, and Lisa runs off to grab Meredith and Jen.

Meredith is confused about this drama with the caterer, and it is wild that Lisa called in her reinforcements. Lisa continues with the alligator tears and claims that she feels accused of something she did not do.

The back and forth continues until Whitney silently enters the room and finds a seat on the sofa mid-fight. Lisa stops what she is doing to yell, “Whitney, why are you in here?” Shots fired by Lisa. Lisa wants Whitney out because she has nothing to do with her relationship with Angie. Lisa spits out that she wants Angie to come to her directly instead of asking Whitney (out of anyone) her opinion on a situation.

Whitney reminds Lisa how strange the timeline of the cancellation was as it was only five hours after Angie told Lisa they were friends. Lisa does not like to be challenged and tries her hardest to squeeze out tears that MIRACULOUSLY disappears the minute she walks out of the room…