Did Sheree Whitfield and Boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams Break Up? Couple No Longer Speaking After RHOA Filming Drama

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RHOA Sheree Whitfield and Boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams Are No Longer Speaking Amid Season 14 Filming

Uh oh, it looks like there’s trouble in Atlanta… and, well, Philadelphia too. It’s being reported that OG Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield and boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams are currently not speaking after a trip to Philadelphia with Bravo camera crews in tow to capture a “visit” between the couple. A visit that reportedly could have had a catastrophic effect on Tyrone’s freedom.

According to a TMZ report, the couple has not spoken since a November 6 incident when Sheree told Tyrone (who is currently sentenced to home confinement after being released from prison for committing wire fraud) that she was flying to visit him in Philadelphia.

Sources close to the situation say the problems began to arise shortly after Sheree’s arrival in Philly when she finally divulged to Tyrone that she had a camera crew with her. She asked that he meet and film a scene with her having lunch at a restaurant.

Obviously, Tyrone would not be able to attend the lunch date with Sheree or risk being thrown back in jail. However, it looks like producers may have actually planned for this as they allegedly told Tyrone’s attorneys they would edit the scene to make it appear like Tyrone actually stood up Sheree.

Unfortunately, photos began circulating online of Sheree filming the scene in question. In it, Sheree is seen sitting alone at a table but with two menus presented before her. This led many to speculate that Tyrone was, in fact, filming with the RHOA star. Though he was not, Tyrone feared that it still would not look good with the courts.

Due to the bad optics, it seems the situation has put a strain on the duo’s relationship as neither side has apologized or spoken. Still, this could be good for the upcoming season of RHOA. Sheree has previously told TMZ that she wanted her relationship with Tyrone to be a big part of her storyline. Though this may not be the one she had originally envisioned.

Season 14 of Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently in production.