PHOTOS: Meet the Cast of MAFS Season 14, Plus All We Know About the Couples

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PHOTOS: Meet the Cast of MAFS Season 14, Plus All We Know About the CouplesWell, here we go again! Married at First Sight returns in January, this time in Boston, Massachusetts, and the new season brings with it five new fresh couples that we just can’t get enough of.

As we say goodbye to the season 13 couples, we finally get to meet the brand new crop of season 14 newlyweds — a whole new group of hopeful former singles who were willing to risk it all for love.

Let’s meet the brand new couples.

Michael and Jasmina 

Credit: Courtney Hizey Photography

29-year-old Jasmina has a big heart and a passion for helping children, which led her to a career in early childhood education. After a childhood of witnessing infidelity in her family, followed by her own dating life, which has also been riddled with infidelities, it’s no wonder Jasmina has been a little gun shy of marriage. But after working through her past traumas and putting in the work to heal, she feels she’s finally ready to hand her hope over to the experts to find her lifelong partner.

The experts have paired her with 28-year-old Michael, a dating app daddy that has had less than success using conventional dating methods. After a heartfelt discussion with his sister, Michael was convinced that Married at First Sight was the right choice for him. Will he be right?

MAFS Michaela and Jasmina pose on the couch with a puppy.

MAFS Michael and Jasmina Credit: Lifetime


Alyssa and Chris 

Credit: Courtney Hizey Photography

30-year-old Alyssa is a lover of animals and follows her passion both near and far as she rescues animals from all over the globe. But with her busy lifestyle, she hardly has any time left over for dating. Not to mention the devastating blow of her last relationship’s rough end, which has left her lonely and looking.

The experts have paired her with 35-year-old Chris, a serial monogamist who has been in back-to-back long-term relationships since he was in high school. But now, he is ready to find someone for his forever and a romance that will continue past the honeymoon phase.

MAFS Alyssa and Chris pose.

MAFS Alyssa and Chris Credit: Lifetime


Mark and Lindsey 

MAFS Mark and Lindsey

MAFS Mark and Lindsey Credit: Courtney Hizey Photography

34-year-old Lindsey has long since admired her grandparent’s 70 years (and counting) marriage and dreams of finding her own forever person. Will Mark be the man her dreams are made of?

37-year-old “Mark the Shark,” as he is affectionately known among friends, has been eager to be married for some time now. He even applied for the show back in season six when MAFS rolled through Boston the last time. While Mark has tried all the traditional methods of dating, he has not been successful and feels he keeps finding women who just aren’t ready to be a wife. Well, no worries about that with this show, Mark! Will his Married at First Sight experience be worth the wait?

MAFS Mark and Lindsey pose for pictures.

MAFS Mark and Lindsey Credit: Lifetime


Noi and Steve 

MAFS Stephen and Noi on their wedding day.

MAFS Stephen and Noi Credit: Courtney Hizey Photography

33-year-old Noi knows how to love and isn’t afraid to show it. Unfortunately, her freewheeling and free-loving ways have gotten her into a little bit of trouble in the past. But now Noi is ready to settle down and put the past behind her as she starts her newest venture as a bride-to-be.

38-year-old Stephen is no stranger to arranged marriages, as his grandparents revealed their marriage of 60 years was in fact arranged. With so many happy and long-term marriages in his family, Steve is hoping to join in on the family tradition and find his forever wife by matchmaker-perfected traditional means.

MAFS Stephen and Noi pose with their puppy.

MAFS Stephen and Noi Credit: Lifetime


Katina and Olajuwan 

MAFS Katina and Olajuwan pose at their wedding.

MAFS Katina and Olajuwan. Credit: Courtney Hizey Photography

29-year-old Katina has spent the last two years in a long-term relationship… with herself. Katina has spent the last few years on a serious self-love journey and now finally feels ready to share all that love with someone else. She is hopeful that the Married at First Sight experts will be able to find her perfect mate to benefit from all her hard work.

29-year-old Olajuwan is a “reformed playboy” who found Married at First Sight through his former college friend and confidante — none other than Jephte Pierre of Married at First Sight season six. Jephte married his wife Shawniece Jackson through the show and the couple has been together ever since. They are a MAFS success story and fan favorite as they now star in the show’s spinoff, Couples Cam, and they have one daughter together with more children possibly on the way.

Olajuwan hopes to follow in his former friend’s footsteps and find the love of his life through the MAFS process. Here’s hoping, Olajuwan!

MAFS Katina and Olajuwan pose on the bed.

MAFS Katina and Olajuwan Credit: Lifetime

So there we have it. The five newest contenders for Married at First Sight marriage success stories. Who will walk away from the show with a spouse and who will walk away with a divorce?

Only time, and hopefully some very exciting episodes, will tell!