RHOP: Nicki Minaj Shades Mia and Robyn as Mia Claps Back, Plus Chris Bassett Defends Candiace Against Nicki Again as She Reveals Wendy Cut Her Off

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RHOP: Nicki Minaj Shades Mia and Robyn as Mia Claps Back, Plus Chris Bassett Defends Candiace Against Nicki as She Reveals Wendy Cut Her Off During Conversation

It is no secret that the fourth installment of The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion hosted by the one and only Nicki Minaj has caused quite the drama.

Initially, all the women seemed ecstatic to have Nicki come in and read them. However, since the show’s airing, the claws have come out. In particular, the feuds between Nicki and Mia Thornton and another between Nicki and Candiace Dillard’s husband Chris Bassett.

Recently, Nicki has been giving her “Next Day thoughts #RHOP” commentaries on Twitter. She goes on to give her thoughts on everything from Wendy Osefo’s disrespect for reading her cue cards to her thoughts on the housewives’ husbands.

More notably, in a series of very recent posts, Nicki has touched a petty nerve with newcomer Mia Thornton. She basically straight up states that Mia and fellow RHOP housewife Robyn Dixon are two-faced.

Nicki tweeted, “Mia & Robyn r the friend that’s gon amp a btch like me up all day by just sittin there, lookin’ cute & laughin…I’ll keep goin just to keep making them laugh. Plus I know when I tag them in they gon roast TF outa you too.”

Mia, who was clearly unhappy with the remarks, let her opinion be known. She said that she doesn’t play “those games” and doesn’t “care who you are.”

“Let me be nice. I just don’t like it when peeps be making statements that aren’t true. I don’t play those games, I don’t care who you are. #RHOP, ” Mia responded in her follow-up post.

In another series of tweets, Nicki said that she had really gone in on Mia’s “ass” during the reunion, but ultimately, it didn’t make the show. And she then proceeded to shade Wendy again.

Not one to back down, Mia took another stab at Nicki. She tweeted that Nicki was a “typical female,” and she said that she’s said “NOTHING but positive things about this girl in ALL of my press interviews. Play the tape back.”

Also taking issue with Nicki is Candiace Dillard’s husband, Chris Bassett, who left some choice words for the rapper after seemingly shading his wife’s singing abilities. During the reunion, Nicki repeatedly tried to get Candiace to sing, making her visibly uncomfortable. Chris called it “shady” and “foolery.”

Chiming into BroughChat, Chris went in hard on Nicki, commenting, “If @nickiminaj  was an actual singer and not a rapper…I may understand the argument about her NEEDING or HAVE TO sing….but she was coming from a place of shade and foolery…and DriveBack is not an acapella song to be singing just cause someone said so! Not to mention, at this point they had been talking and yelling and screaming at each other for 12 hours!!!”

No word on if and/or when the iconic rapper and these Bravolebrities will make up. Maybe by the next reunion?

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