Below Deck’s Heather Chase Reacts to Fraser Olender’s Diss, Calls Jessica Albert a “Bad Apple,” Plus Teases What to Expect Next

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Below Deck’s Heather Chase Reacts to Fraser Olender’s Remarks Behind Her Back, Calls Jessica Albert a "Bad Apple," Plus Teases What to Expect NextBelow Deck’s chief stew Heather Chase recently sat down for an interview, and she is revealing all her thoughts on the current season thus far. Nothing is off the table, and Heather is sharing everything from how she feels about castmate Fraser Olender’s shady mumblings to a looming “breaking point” that’s on the horizon.

When asked what has surprised her the most this season, Heather was quick to respond by telling ET Online, “I think the thing that surprised me the most was seeing how much Fraser talks under his breath! I had no idea that was going on.”

Heather was genuinely surprised at his side shade as she only saw who he was in front of her. Watching the show back, she said she would have handled certain situations in a much different manner.

“I just saw who he was to me. Now, I’m looking back and I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, I think I would have handled that a little differently if I had heard all of that,’” she continued.

Heather says she’s also shocked and disappointed in her interior crew’s comments about her management style as “trust and loyalty” are especially important to her within the industry. She also added that she would never talk about a chief stew in the way Fraser did.

“I look to my interior crew [in] the way I was climbing the ladder. And I’m just a little disappointed, like, I would have never said that about my chief steward in the past. It’s all about trust and loyalty and hard work and coming together as a team,” she continued. “So, when I see characteristics that divide that it’s shocking, obviously.”

However, it appears that Heather and Fraser have made amends and are on good terms currently. When asked if they had spoken since the season’s end, she said they had traded words, and at the end of the day, it’s all love.

“We definitely trade voice notes and at the end of the day I love him dearly,” she stated.

Heather went on to say that the craziness of a charter season takes a mental toll on everyone, and they all handle it differently. Looking back on everything, she believes she and Fraser all learned things, and they eventually bonded over castmate Jessica Albert’s lack of work ethic.

When asked if she could tease any upcoming spoilers regarding Jess, who has been trying to “choose to be happy” all season, Heather had some ominous words regarding her potential future aboard the ship.

“You know, I think she definitely hits a breaking point. And how she handles that you’re just going to have to wait and see. And how I handle that? Oh god, we’re just going to have to wait and see,” she said.

Continuing on, she added, “No one wants a ‘come to Jesus’ moment!’ And also, no one wants to have to be stern. But when you’ve literally used every tool in your tool bag you get to a point, like ‘what is it going to take?’”

“I’ve given you every option. I’ve taken you out of laundry, taken you to a beach picnic so you can get some fresh air. Like, I have no more tools to give you from my bag and now we’re all pulling the weight,” Heather lamented. “Now you’re not working, you’re grumpy, you’re just a bad apple.”

“Maybe let’s focus more on being team players and not drama stars,” she added.

She continued on saying that the audience is going to be surprised and shocked at what’s to come.

“I think the audience might be a little shocked at how Jess handles her ‘come to Jesus’ moment. I think they will definitely be surprised at who falls in love, out of love, or who and who all decide to hook up. And I think we’ll be most shocked by a crew interaction at the end of the season. I think everyone will have a jaw-dropping moment.” She then added that there’s also more “juicy drama to unfold in that envelope” regarding Jake Foulger and Fraser’s potential romance.

Heather concluded by playfully saying, “The ship’s a rockin’ and I don’t know who’s knockin’. Stay tuned for a juicy season.”

Below Deck is currently airing Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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